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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here! got.cr/Watch-REVENGE9

    2. FruitsbootG

      I can't believe I didn't connect Yugiri's neck scar with how she died until this episode. But other than that these last two episodes were straight up phenomenal. Easily pushed the score up to high 9's

    3. Tokidoki302

      This two part episode has been the best so far.

    4. NowiFate

      This episode revealed so much. And I noticed two other things, that guy reminds me of the detective and in the photo of Tae she seemed to be sitting weird Tae-style already so it's probably genetic thing and she was actually like this in real life.

    5. Adam Ray

      We should know that when you reffer to Idol stuff, you really do not reffer to idol stuff peko

    6. MrTexaspreacher

      I'm just here for all the people who still think this is an idol anime. It was never an idol anime.

    7. Just a Floating Coconut

      that blade inside the shamisen is the coolest thing ever; also the song Saga Jihen has so much depth in its lyrics i'm loving it

    8. Thur Anz

      Since she still has the hair comb, I wonder if that's the same shamisen she sometimes uses when performing with Franchouchou.

    9. Furion Max

      Anybody know what this "sheathed Kichiemon" is? I'm trying to find some info I can find is the name Demon of Hibiya. I'm turning up squat.

    10. TV Blue

      Yugiri never ceases to amaze.

    11. Shrodu

      Yugiri was the first idol for sure

    12. HentaiXKamen

      Yugiriland Kiichi Saga. That's the title during 2 episodes I loved.

    13. Riah Thompson

      This show has skyrocketed to my top three and I’ve watched 50+ animes over the course of several years! I LOVE IT!!!

    14. F4llenAngel777

      Anyone else loved seeing Tae in that carriage? She must have been something like a feudal princess I think.

      1. F4llenAngel777

        @riemaennchen you're right. I wonder why lily and saki were together? This story is so fun and interesting!

      2. riemaennchen

        The others were there aswell. Probably just their ancestors.

    15. Derka Der 89

      It would be hilarious if in one episode they get a stage crasher and Yugiri just floors them.

      1. Thur Anz

        Honestly, she could very well go toe-to-toe with Saki and win considering what we've learned of Yugiri.

    16. ゆき「alone」

      i love the va of yuugiri

    17. julian ramirez

      Doesnt the song at the end sound an awful lot like the sad song in Naruto

    18. warhawk9566

      I was expecting this to be the scene where Yugiri got her head cut off

    19. Aya ya

      I'm not crying.

    20. M.a.D _T3

      Episode 8 and 9 really put me into a loop. It’s like I was watching a different anime. And that’s awesome.

    21. DM

      Ok ... Only I find it strange that he knows how to use the sword? It doesn't seem to me that the first things they teach courtesans are fighting.

      1. NightBread24

        On the past episode she told something about the guy who bought her freedom, and she says that him taught her some stuff to survive being free.

    22. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      History lesson

    23. GrimShock

      Don’t smile after you do an attack like that! It will get you killed! 1:06 BAKA

    24. Глеб фон Рамус

      damn i killed you but you gotta live

    25. MGhammer123

      Goddess Yugiri with the smoke card 😤

    26. Steven Lee

      This is why Zombieland Saga is a completely different show from the normal idol anime. This and the last episode say it all.

    27. Mark McMahon

      That was an oddly serious episode. It’s usually more of a comedy anime.

    28. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      This is the second time in my life I've gone somewhere and said "They're supposed to be idols, right?"

      1. Andrea De Luca

        @Sae Kashiwagi The Peko WHAT.

      2. Ben Purcell

        Oh no.

      3. Adam Ray

        Kotaro is Yagoo animated

      4. Sae Kashiwagi

        Now, go back into the Peko hole !

    29. Larson Racing.

      Second best girl

    30. Nabugo

      0:56 I was legit waiting for yugiri's head to fall on the ground

    31. Remi Ogunsanya

      This show really is it. This is peak anime.

    32. Ozzyman314

      Don't mind me, I'm just laughing at all the people that scoffed believing this was "just another Idol anime" .

    33. 騨 美

      the best idol anime, my bois

    34. jaysol191


    35. cyechan

      ..and better than the other samurai shows running this season..

    36. Drowsy Senpai

      I thought this was a whole different show

    37. Kogasengaha Hishoshi

      WOOOOOOOO U know he dead. 0:53

    38. Chris AngFlo

      I hope Yamada Tae backstory would be more light-hearted

      1. HylianJayAppears

        Um taking a guess just from how Zombieland Saga Gaiden starts, don't get your hopes up. But if she wakes up, Kotoro and her might fight.

      2. Olya290795

        Ha-ha, no.

    39. Hamz Bar

      what just happened, she killed him and asked "why..." ...like... you killed him

      1. plowplum

        He told her that he was going to take her seriously then allowed himself to be hit without much resistance that’s why she was confused

      2. Hamz Bar

        @Diego A. oh ok ty this explains

      3. Diego A.

        Because the guy let himself be killed

      4. Hamz Bar

        lol btw guys i havent seen the show this prbbly why im confused

    40. Threcmay Gaia

      Wait wait wait! Are you telling me that this is An Idol show?🤯🤯😳😳

    41. Ame-chan *

      Truly a woman worth *simping* for

    42. Maddy Lee

      Man, let's just admire how hard that guy tried

    43. HOliveira

      This Episode sad and, very theories up cloud

    44. Marcos Guilhen

      This episode. Geez, how awesome it was. She's really the best girl.

    45. Erik Grimaldo

      She had a awesome story

    46. Cococrash11

      Awesome Zombie Land Saga Revenge Video.

    47. Joe snchz

      The realization that the credit song for this episode is the same song used to promote their album.... Or was the album pv a teaser/sneak peak for this episode/season?

      1. Joe snchz

        @Emerly Nickel Yeah I did not know it existed until a few weeks before that episode aired, there's a PV in youtube and they are using the same outfits in the episode. So I got hyped when I saw the red hats lol.

      2. Emerly Nickel

        @Joe snchz The song was never used in the show before and is very fitting to the story. I'm glad they used it because I didn't even know it existed before.

      3. Joe snchz

        @alexthao06 well yeah but I am like why use the same song, why not make a different song starring her since most of the people in the group got 2 songs by now. Well I ain’t complaining, it’s a great song and they gave some sort of story to it so I’m satisfied

      4. alexthao06

        I think this song was use to just simply promote Yurigi some more since this was her episode and the song been out for a year now.

    48. plxtv

      My soul is burning and my face is crying and you too

    49. Geo Gomez

      I completely forgot that I was watching a show about zombie idols. Yugiri is beyond legendary and I love her

    50. Ciel Araragi

      Remember the good ol' times when zombieland saga was still an idol anime ?

      1. Steven Lee

        Well, it is still an idol anime. At least, that is what they told us. But this and the last episode don’t look like anything an idol anime has and I have watched quite a lot of them.

    51. Allan Noe Muñoz


    52. Otakuyaro

      Crunchyroll you better add this series to the anime awards this year in some categories!

    53. Karlos1234ify

      I swear this is anime about idols

    54. imperia 420-69

      I dont watch this series but wasnt this supposed to be about zombie idols?

      1. da_confused_panda

        gotta learn about the girl's back story and how they died at some point 🤡

      2. João Felipe de Miranda Nunes

        Just wacth it and you will understand.

    55. Ximinnie

      If this doesn't get her to Best girl position, I'll restart the Saga revolution.

      1. Kuuga

        @TheKewlPerson Kotaro is best boi

      2. TheKewlPerson

        But Kotaro exists...

      3. Yusei 5D's

        That title belongs to Saki.

      4. Alex Brown

        @Look at the picture no no no he has a point

      5. Look at the picture

        She's not best girl She is best *woman*

    56. Mateo Colegial


    57. Videogamelover58

      Best Episode of the whole show!

    58. riemaennchen

      I thought she got hanged based on the marks on her neck and not that she got decapitated.

      1. plowplum

        @Thur Anz on the other hand, beheadings by sword weren’t quick and clean kills considering depending on the sharpness of the blade and the strength of the person wielding it could take quite a few chops before the head was completely cut which was why the guillotine was invented as a faster and less painless method of execution. Meaning Yugiri could’ve still suffered a bit before she died

      2. Thur Anz

        Probably better for it. Not sure if Japan was using the long drop method at this point in time.

    59. HibiscusPetals

      Yugiri canonically killed a man and knows swordfighting

      1. Lemuel Delvalle

        It was her first time that she cheated death..

      2. Illumisepoolist

        Do you think she should tell the other members of Franchouchou?

    60. Nyron Arnold

      Ah great, another typical samurai duel.

    61. Andi Mason

      I love the way this scene was shot with the vibe of a classic Samurai movie. Once again, how does an Idol show be this Epic!

      1. ShebaFr

        Someone need to edit that scene with black and white filter like in Kurosawa movies, with Enka music.

    62. Pekora Tenshi

      Yugiri san truly is a legend !!!!!!

    63. rolando oses

      Poor Keichi, he never was able to tell Yugiri how he fell about her...

      1. Geo Gomez

        @Shrodu She was, probably, blamed for the signs of revolution in Saga too

      2. Shrodu

        @Geo Gomez she took the fall for the murders...the one she caused and the others she didn't.

      3. plowplum

        @Geo Gomez he probably tried to track her down hoping to reunite with her unaware that she was already dead

      4. Corn Kopp

        I think the mutual affection between them was obvious even without it being spoken aloud.

      5. Geo Gomez

        And he spend the rest of his life thinking that she managed to leave Saga when in reality she sacrificed her life for his sake and Saga’s future

    64. Aura dragon1

      "Full counter!"- Yugiri probably

    65. Jayvees

      A true legend indeed.

    66. Alex Brown

      She is truely the best girl. She wears the biggest burden and life

    67. Ziggy K. Stardust

      I came into this expecting idols. Somehow I got a historical drama. I'm not complaining but this show literally has everything

      1. X10CREEPER

        yea, I'm a tiny bit confused right now

      2. LORD PVT


    68. Grid

      Now I fully understand why she is so legendary

      1. Ahmed Noseir

        Now one more past to be revealed legendary girl is next hope she speaks soon lol

    69. Jackeel13 x

      Will I see this anime all the time I never watched it so idk whats going on but how did he die so fast

      1. The Chase

        You better give this anime a try

    70. Frederick Grandison

      This episode is awesome

    71. Dio Brando

      I'm happy they finally added Saga Jihen in an actual episode

      1. kiwisinner

        Dio likes Romantic drama zombie idol anime?

      2. Lucas Ho

        We waited so long for this moment

    72. Phantasm Star

      wait this is still an idol anime!?

      1. Alex Brown

        A show that provides us with so much more

      2. dämonenfürst666


      3. Frederick Grandison


    73. Shadowstrike

      Rurouni Yugiri

    74. game shark 95

      Her guitar is a blade? Dope

      1. game shark 95

        @Angel cool

      2. Angel

        It's a Shamisen, and back in the time there were swords and blades hidden in everyday objects like combs, chopsticks, earrings, jewelry, etc. Her Shamisen being a sword too is historically accurate.

    75. The Erkenbrand

      At 0:45, he be like: _"Well, when does a timely trigger element start this fight?"_

    76. Lelouch vi Britannia

      Looking at the first scene, thought i was watching demon slayer

      1. plowplum

        Funnily enough the spin off focusing on Tae’s backstory actually does involve demons and a group of people who hunt them

      2. Corn Kopp

        Yugiri would probably be part of the same generation as Tanjiro's dad if she was a demon slayer.

    77. furstenfeldbruck

      They coulda just played Rock Paper Scissors

    78. IverUchiha

      he died in one hit dam

      1. DuoFurey

        Humans are quite fragile, major artery being cut can easily bleed a person to death in a couple minutes.

      2. Don Williams

        It only takes one, especially from a master swordsman

    79. thomas the dank engine

      I don't understand how yugiri is alive like her body should be reduce to a skeleton unless someone did something to her body

      1. Otakuyaro

        I'm pretty sure the grandpa had something to do with it. Romeo (the dog) is there and in the present the grandpa knows how to make zombies he probably passed it down or something all for saga

      2. warr malaski

        @Elias Cristerna To further the point. Often the ash was sent down the river to join the ancestors in the sea.

      3. Elias Cristerna

        the girls mention that all bodies in Japan are cremated rather than buried so the means of their resurrections might have been magic based since all of them would have been jars of dust this whole time.

    80. Jimi

      Not only the Legendary Courtsan, but the Demon of Hibiya as well. Her backstory was the saddest out of all them.

      1. plowplum

        @Team Peg Leg she also got to see her lover’s dream of a new saga come true showing that his efforts weren’t in vain and is now currently helping to save saga with others who share the same goal. With that in mind it’s no wonder Yugiri would be better well adjusted and calmer compared to the rest of the group

      2. Team Peg Leg

        I disagree, she chose how she was going to die. And died protecting someone that she cared for. That is better than most of the other girls that randomly got cut down in the prime of their lives.

      3. Furion Max

        Who's this demon of Hibiya? Some kind of manslayer? Or a legendary swordsman?

      4. Geo Gomez

        I think the Demon of Hibiya is the guy that bought her freedom. Itou asked her who set her free and she answered with that

    81. Isabel UJ

      damn and i thought this was just a anime about idol zombies

      1. Juan Mar

        You can't say that out loud without expecting unexpected things

    82. Ainat Negron


    83. Orbit

      "I'll get serious" now I know this isn't gonna end well

    84. Demonslayer 64

      This episode really makes this stand out from other animes

      1. Alex Brown

        Especially other idol anime

    85. Just a Random Weeb

      0:56 when characters do stuff like this, it looks so cool, and no matter how many times i see so hung similar, i can’t get over how cool it looks

      1. Steven Lee

        But it is actually accurate tbh. Normally, in the past, in the show down between two samurais or swordsmen, it didn’t last long. One or two move and the battle was finished. Stuffs on shonen anime or Hollywood movie are just used to make it look flashy and cool. I can even tell where she cut him from the position of her sword after the slash.

    86. Dominion Arewa

      I can't be the only one wondering what the hell just happened?

      1. PIKA PIKA NO MI

        Nope you arent

    87. Croco

      Read the title as "yugis duel"

    88. ArmorMedic

      Petition to have a actual zombie anime

      1. ArmorMedic

        @Dawn - PUBG MOBILE yes I know, its the only 1 of the 2 out there and its unfinished because the creator passed away

      2. Dawn - PUBG MOBILE

        Highschool of the dead

    89. Allen Walker


    90. TakaoKinomiya / HyperDarkSonic

      Hes going to the shadow realm

    91. takeshi kovacs


    92. IverUchiha

      Yugiri really set the whole story into motion

      1. Kingo545 _Roblox


    93. Otaku_GameFan

      That voice. Cloud Strife? So Yugiri is like Setsuka from Soul Calibur?

      1. Isaias Cañete

        @ShebaFr also Inumaki (tuna mayo) of Jujutsu Kaisen, the protagonist of Shiki, Shigaraki from My Hero Academia. Smile from Ping Pong the animation, Rui from Demon Slayer....I love this seiyuu and some shows I only checked because he played an important character haha

      2. ShebaFr

        Cloud Strife is Takahiro Sakurai aka Merlin in FGO, Griffith in Berserk movies and 2016 series, Rohan in Jojo part 4, and plenty of other roles. This guy is voiced by Kouki Uchiyama, best known as Amakusa in Fate Apocrypha, Meruem in Hunter x Hunter and Razor in Genshin Impact.

    94. Warm Lillie

      All it take is one mistake that why you should never miss a beat

    95. Ben Dover

      Bruh I thought it said Yugi’s duel

    96. Raph A.

      A better love story than Twilight.

      1. Jean C. C. Soto

        Romero have better backstory than Twilight.

      2. Jasiel López

        All of the zombies have better backstory than Twilight

    97. THE OMNI Slayer

      "I'll get serious" Every fkng time a character says that he actually doesn't get serious at all..

      1. Emmet Val

        @Caio Skei *cough* serious consecutive punches *cough*

      2. David Miller

        It's implied that he threw the fight due to his shame and guilt over his current circumstances.

      3. Caio Skei

        “I’ll get serious” Instantly bodied

    98. Warm Lillie

      Can I learn and challenge her a duel?

      1. Chronic64

        You can't, she could cut you in a split second

    99. Luffy

      Oh k

    100. HikariDesu

      This episode was awesome. Yugiri really set the whole story into motion

      1. Ya boi Sain

        @TheChiog Lily's heart actually stays out of her body to reflect her death

      2. TheChiog

        ​@Frederick Grandison All of the girls have their deaths reflected on them. Lily's died of a heart attack and is therefore without injury. Sakura has a big scar of her forehead from when she hit the concrete. Ai got fried by lightning and is therefore wrapped in bandages. Junko is covered by stitches because the plane crash tore her into shreds, and Saki's injuries are a combination of Junko and Ai from her bike exploding. Once you noticed that you pretty much expected Yugiri to be beheaded in her story. It is also the reason why many think that Tae suffered an extremely gruesome, painful death (for example through some sort of torture) that also took a heavy toll on her psyche, because she is the only one that is still not awake and falls apart way more often than the others.

      3. Frederick Grandison

        @Andurea i didn't notice

      4. Andurea

        @Frederick Grandison it also makes soooo much sense actually because you can see that zombie yugiri has a big scar that surrounds her neck.

      5. Frederick Grandison

        She's been sentenced to death, I was like "damn!"