You Put WHAT in Me?! | To Your Eternity

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    Ep 8: Gugu discovers Gramps has been experimenting on him! Watch To Your Eternity on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 8 here!

      1. Minato Uzumaki

        I will when you fix the sus title

    2. churya

      a joke, no a manifestation of humor and inspiration

    3. 0ZeroTolerence

      At least the old man was honest.

    4. Victor Strang

      I hope Gugu doesn't die.

    5. LORD PVT

      this is sad man

    6. Lâck ♕

      These titles becoming more and more sus by the day

    7. لُٓ خَاْلِدْ

      This is so cruel boy don’t deserve this

    8. Jason Canizalez

      That is what many would call a Mad Scientist

    9. Derk_Mage

      Brhh, they used FMA vibes

    10. nik

      Rip gugu

    11. Sulam01

      A lot of creeps out there would pay big money for Gugu juice

    12. ThatOneDoge

      That whole episode was a rollercoaster. Gugu could have had it all but he gave it to his gutter trash brother who abandoned him. I kinda wanna see Gugu's face.

    13. Otaku_GameFan

      Was he trying to get him drunk?

    14. Secret Agent

      What’s with his head? I know nothing about this show.

    15. jaysol191


    16. Miao Lin

      SPOILER: he will die but revived at "end" of the series

    17. MGhammer123

      Don't experiment on my son Gugu 💀

    18. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      My dude actually gave "It was a joke" as a legitimate answer.

      1. Waffle Ratta

        Just a prank bro

      2. LORD PVT

        lol yeah

    19. Anonymous Ace

      I wish I had a Gugu dispenser

    20. Jakethe Snake

      This guys so ungrateful im pretty sure he can make some good money with that.

    21. Kimberly

      I am the oddball who is highly disappointed.... I just wanted a boy and his dog story that survive in impossible odds

      1. Just Korbii

        Oh sorry this won't have an overused trope

    22. Asta Is A Beast!

      *Loving the clickbait titles but it actually is true most of the time so it gets a pass.* 😂

    23. ArmedOx31


    24. Brandon Broadhurst

      Need them to release the OST for this show ASAP 😭 even the casual background music is awesome

    25. Craig Bennett II

      Something I couldn't figure out is the reason for his gut sticking out due to this thing the old man put in him? Or is this thing the old man added in the kid's head?

    26. Cococrash11

      Awesome To Your Eternity Video.

    27. Game Watcher

      I wonder if its just a neck in there with a throat sticking out

      1. Just Korbii

        He has a face, just messed up badly

      2. Game Watcher

        @Just Korbii lol no

      3. Just Korbii

        Did you not watch this show?

      4. Just Korbii


    28. The Granduer

      Crunchyroll. Give whoever named this video a raise. -Sincerely Your Entire fanbase

    29. Yusuf Kha

      this title really made me think something was wrong.

    30. Ziggy K. Stardust

      To anyone who read the title What are you doing step br

    31. GTA5film

      Im still mad at the fact that he gave the ring to his brother

    32. fransuke12

      Gugu will be popular at parties!

    33. Just Korbii

      Fix the title holy hell 😦

    34. Foxy- 101

      Lol does that mean he's always drunk?

    35. Quentin Jones

      Interesting title

    36. TheBlues32

      Oh, c'mon. Let the old man have his fun. The kid is fine.

    37. The Baka Lord

      We had to click on this instantly the moment we see the title

    38. natalie

      hi just came here to say that i love this anime

    39. WEABOOF

      These titles tho lol

    40. GameboyJN

      Tbh I’m a little mad that their dubbing this I can already tell the English voice is going to be garbage

    41. Rhodri •

      drink up

    42. Olafemi96

      That's what she said.

    43. Squid Boi

      Ight crunchyroll who is making these titles

    44. alconnow

      Poor Gugu :(

    45. Ad As

      gugu unlucky

    46. Mateo Colegial


      1. Foxy- 101


    47. Aura dragon1

      *sees title* "Oh this is weird" *sees thumbnail* "OH YEA! this definitely weird"

    48. Zepper Man

      *sniffles* Senku would be proud

      1. Foxy- 101

        Doctor stone?

    49. Errupt

      Crunchyroll has been wildin with the titles recently 😂😂

    50. Jojowa 1203

      0:53, I was waiting for the old man to say, probably. That would have been hilarious.

      1. Foxy- 101

        Same lol

    51. First Last

      The last words of Socrates before he died from hemlock poisoning.

    52. TheWarriorofDestiny

      Whoever titled this video knew what he was writing.

    53. TurtsTurtles

      Crunchyroll can’t get away with this one

    54. Labry bam

      The guy who titled to your eternity clips: now....reality can be whatever i want

    55. Viszoid

      interesting title choice

    56. Kaito Edits

      Aye this title makes me feel some type of way.😌

    57. I’m a bad Guy

      Whoever makes these titles has my full respect

    58. Thicc Luigi

      That title can be taken out of context faster than the speed of light

    59. star killer

      Context please

    60. XDknights

      Now him breathing fire in the opening makes sense

      1. Nahinalau

        His disappointment with Fushi not being able to replicate fire is great foreshadowing. Not everyday I see great writing in anime. This show is so good.

    61. Lelouch vi Britannia

      Crunchyroll is becoming too cultured for its own good.

      1. Animator Aoi

        You gonna use your geass on them?

    62. Captain Jack Sparrow

      What is that white stuff?

      1. Just Korbii

        The subs are right there

    63. ChillvibesHD2 I lost my account lol

      These titles man

    64. Ron

      I really want to know what his face looks like

    65. ياسر سعيد


    66. Dediu Alex

      Mid show

    67. Just a Random Weeb

      cruchyroll titles keep getting weirder and weirder

      1. HOLYbots

        better and better!!

    68. Edward Elric


    69. YahirChan

      I’m glad the *Old Man saved Gugu…* but man, that’s *fu*ked up using Gugu* as his own experiments. Like *Gugu too pure and precious,* he doesn’t deserve that!

      1. ItsJustVin

        @Ashley and good thing he didnt otherwise Rean dies

      2. Ashley

        @ItsJustVin Obviously what gugu did was wrong but 1. Hes a child so ofc hes immature, 2. It was a temporary thing that had no permanent effect on fushi, 3. he later apologizes for it and stops when fushi tells him to. As for the whole alcohol thing, the old man has yet to show any remorse or signs of planning to remove the thing. i wouldnt put thr two on the same level

      3. Skeet Svar

        @ItsJustVin Hmm, anime made it seem more like he just had disturbing interest in what Fuushi could do. It actually felt like it came outta nowhere.

      4. ItsJustVin

        @Skeet Svar did you not catch why he did it? Guess the anime didnt mention how he did it out of spite during the whole Rean situation

      5. Skeet Svar

        @ItsJustVin yeah, I even said the lack of hesitation on Gugu's part was disturbing.

    70. Licht

      The D!!

    71. Track Boss

      That's so weird lol

    72. Spirit

      That title Crunchyroll 👀

    73. ThunderVr


    74. Just a Random Weeb

      without context this looks horribly wrong

      1. Strawberry Milk

        With context its even worse

    75. Buncen2209

      OK crunchyroll I'm gonna ignore the title

    76. THE OMNI Slayer

      Gugu:"How did it came from me??" The old man:it's for science ok Kinda

    77. Fireboy7739

      Title: You put WHAT in me!? FBI: *Keep a close eye on this anime*

      1. LORD PVT

        @S T Ξ Λ L T H.....

      2. Shayne

        @John Van nobly us adventurers would understand

      3. John Van

        @S T Ξ Λ L T H Arthur Fleck voice you wouldn’t get lol

      4. Undenied Storm

        @S T Ξ Λ L T H Think.. less pure.

      5. Just Korbii

        @S T Ξ Λ L T H Because Gugu is a kid

    78. takeshi kovacs


    79. Matthew Miller

      Gugu didn't wanna be the old man's personal keg.

    80. Minato Uzumaki

      You didn’t need to do this. You knew it was sus

    81. Keebe The Kirby plush

      It could be any

    82. Trey

      The title is a certified hood classic.

      1. Donald Henderson

        @Minato Uzumaki wow Minato watches this how is it in Heaven Minato?

      2. Minato Uzumaki

        @Aedos lol

      3. Aedos

        I was too pure to understand it at First sight

      4. WEABOOF


      5. Minato Uzumaki

        @Viszoid NOOOOOO

    83. Arike gamer

      I’m just really confused how did he get alcohol in Gugu?

    84. Nicolas M

      Hooray for monsters🥂🎉👹

    85. Jimi

      Whoever comes up with titles for these crunchyroll videos needs a raise XD

    86. Shoto prince

      العنوان يوسوس

    87. Dragon Fire

      The title is why people came😈😫

    88. Oppai-sama

      Yeah, sometimes I forget how bizarre and strange some ancient traditions were. Especially in regards to cures and medicines

      1. Antagonist

        Yall little sussy bakas gonna make me act up 👁️👄👁️

      2. MrTigracho

        That's funny coming from you and your sauces.

      3. Foxy- 101

        @Minato Uzumaki lol

      4. Diluc , the owner of McDonald

        Ho it's you again, i see you everywhere.

      5. Minato Uzumaki

        Sussy title and now sussy pfp. ITS ALL COMING TOGETHER

    89. TheGuavaKnight

      Looks like crunchyroll has been doing their research 😳

    90. Fraxl Growtopia


    91. Drixp

      You def knew what you were doing with that title 😬

    92. Blabby

      Title kinda sus

    93. DerpBoi568

      Ayo whatchu tryna get into Crunchyroll 🤨🤨😏😏

    94. RoseyZoe

      The title..

    95. M celag bluestaeマルセラ

      Those experiments!!?

    96. Anyways I’m lonely


      1. Joseph Werner

        Good for you

    97. Ryan:0

      Anime pog

    98. AeronProbably


    99. MrYyntek


    100. Anyways I’m lonely


      1. Syntarius

        This is why you're lonely

      2. DerpBoi568

        Far from it