Ten Tails | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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    Ep 202: Sasuke discovers the Ten Tails at an Otsutsuki ruin! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-Boruto202

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 202 here! got.cr/Watch-Boruto202

      1. ahmed raza

        @Sasuke Is better than you But after pandemic it is 202 ? HOW??

      2. ahmed raza

        @Sasuke Is better than you bro i remeber before 1 year there was 500 episodes for boruto

      3. Jordan Parrish

        Ten tails wanted Sasuke for dinner

      4. tim Lesage

        @atreus 2.0 lol

      5. Sensei Titan

        The ten tails is porb a girl

    2. WhatIfCorp

      It has cleaner teeth than me.😢

    3. Soriano AaronChristian

      i bet they can ressurect Kurama

    4. Anime Channel

      Where on earth did this people coming from and where is this ten tails here..


      wasn't he there when they were fighting it?

    6. oussama LTF

      ten tailes that we used to know is bigger than that!!!

    7. GarlandPlays

      If Kaguya comes back I will be so happy but, not so Surprised when she loses to a 13 year old because the writers will make her weak.

    8. will Yum

      How much you wanna bet that they will release Kaguya in order to get help 🤦‍♂️

      1. hotsauce mlbb

        They will, she's the last resort to defend their world...

    9. Ageusia

      Don’t take this seriously but imagine Naruto with the ten tails sealed inside of him.

    10. Erin Quon

      What soundtrack plays here, or is it unreleased?

    11. Ight imma Get out

      I didn't know junpei was alive and fighting a special grade curse

    12. handel1111

      the mini Juubi is cute

    13. YouTube is dead

      The ten tails i though it was brown

    14. Eevee123

      Damn, the ten tails really do be using a good amount of Colgate to keep its teeth healthy and white

    15. Equ1nox II

      What happened to this series?

    16. MENOR FF

      The biju is 10 cola

    17. Jj Iginla

      bruh how come sasuke does not know what 10 tails is he goddamn fought it in shippuden

      1. Carter Eli

        Actually he never saw it💀

      2. Jj Iginla

        and also 10 tails was Kaguya so that is messed up

    18. King of the Light

      It has a human baby mouth now?

      1. Zig Zag

        It's a juvenile ten tails my guy💀 so yea it's a baby not fully developed

    19. cyprez manis

      Aslinya kalau kaguya berhasil menjadi kan warga konoha jadi jetsu putih . Itu kaguya bisa kalahkan sih otsusuki lainya

    20. cyprez manis

      Kaguya bisane jadi kue eh


      good vid keep uploding bro

      1. Cloud

        its literally a company owned channel...

    22. dendiRTZ

      Animes today has no longer hype factor anymore

      1. Wispy -

        @Naruto I guess

      2. Naruto

        @Wispy - he is a dbz fan

      3. Wispy -

        @dendiRTZ ?

      4. dendiRTZ

        @Wispy -DragonBall Z still the best anime of all time

      5. Wispy -

        Hmm idk a lot of shows still get people hyped

    23. Jeremy Martin

      Ten Tails : appear Me and The Fandom : *a very epic flashback*

    24. Yuri Aguadoo

      Why the ten tail gotta have better teeth compared to me 😭

    25. F

      Honestly it looked good until I saw the weird human mouth and teeth Why couldn't it be crazy looking like the shippuden juubi

      1. hotsauce mlbb

        Cuz its a different one... The Ten Tails in Shippuden was Kaguya fused with God Tree. Gedo Statue is her depowered form. This one might be the true form of that meteor in Kaguya's partial backstory

    26. Ferry XAD

      Small Size :v

    27. JuSt FoR fUn ECZ


    28. Dioh

      This scene reminds me of Zoids Deathsaurer being kept.

    29. Anthony Ugwu

      Why didn't Sasuke seal the beast within himself he could have attained hagoromo's level atleast and it would address his chakra problem too

      1. DatCoach MemeGod

        it would take years of training to try and contain it + the Otsutsuki would be after him

    30. lpxii

      sasuske: a ten tails? ten years ago:in shippuden we have to stop the ten tails

      1. Nenek Pasha

        Read comments

    31. Anne THEODORE

      Ten tail no kyojin

    32. Omarion Brown

      Who tf unsealed the ten tails is my question? Can someone fill me in a little, I might've forgot something.

      1. drippycode

        It’s not the same 10 tails

    33. Itachi Uchiha

      Jubi : "You either die as a baddas strongest villain monster or you live long enough to see yourself in Boruto"

      1. ANTIGAMER 308


      2. drippycode


    34. MrTimTam

      At 1:19 did sasuke say is that a ten tails??? Cus yes sasuke that’s something you fought before how are you surprised

      1. hotsauce mlbb

        @DatCoach MemeGod 3rd form

      2. DatCoach MemeGod

        it is the first form of the ten tails, sasuke came when it was in its 2nd form

    35. MrTimTam

      Why is it back….it’s honestly not gonna do much

      1. DiViNe SaGe-16〰61

        It's not the same Ten tails. It's only a seedling version of the Juubi from shippuden.

    36. AlphaMale

      That tentails is a whole different juubi than the one we saw in shippuden the one in shippuden was summoned by nagoto and before it started to make it's move it was callled the gedo mazo statue

      1. hotsauce mlbb

        @AlphaMale Rewatch Kaguya episodes.

      2. AlphaMale

        @hotsauce mlbb I dont remember anything about a meteor but okay

      3. hotsauce mlbb

        The Ten Tails in Shippuden was Kaguya fused with God Tree. Gedo Statue is her depowered form. This one might be the true form of that meteor in Kaguya's partial backstory

    37. KingBlack

      The ten tails resembles azathoth

    38. Yung Jodye

      jigen is so cool cant wait till he gets more screentime

    39. Piyush Khede

      Why 10 tails have gained soo much weight after ninja war😂

    40. Dan42


    41. Elan

      Every upcoming episodes is gonna be lit🔥

    42. joscraft. io

      Es más pequeño de lo que era antes

    43. AliciaTH1


      1. Smiv

        @DatCoach MemeGod regardless, sasuke has seen every single tailed beast and knows that only the ten tails has a rinnegan. The fact he had to question what it was is just ridiculous.

      2. DiViNe SaGe-16〰61

        This particular Ten tails is just a seedling version. It can't even turned it a Divine tree yet. It's form is different.

      3. DatCoach MemeGod

        it is the first form of the ten tails, sasuke came when it was in its 2nd form

      4. Jay

        Sasuke wasn't there for ten tail's first form bc he was busy gathering info from the previous kages.

    44. TheCloud9

      Nice one.

    45. Stéve

      enemy so strong he got numb and can't feel someone's chakra literally 10 meters away 🤡🤡🤡


        @Fábio Because he was out of Chakra.

      2. Fábio

        Sasuke knows how to hide his presence


        He doesn't know. He just doesn't feel like using his sensory because of the illusion of security.

    46. Zoldyck69

      What the hell is this man please just cancel this anime 😹😹

      1. Carter Eli

        Nah things just got wild

      2. Zoldyck69

        @Naruto I mean at least this is my opinion

      3. Zoldyck69

        90% off them they just want to see sasuke 😹 they have to becuz they are just fan of naruto

      4. Naruto

        @Zoldyck69hahaahaa what a joke, million views in seconds

      5. Zoldyck69

        @Naruto cuz its more of a joke

    47. red piercer

      Is there characters in naruto that can fly or is it just him

      1. DiViNe SaGe-16〰61

        Very few

      2. hotsauce mlbb

        Basically, Otsutsuki is a Godlike parasite


        @red piercer wait, i mean just him and other otsutsuki

      4. red piercer

        @YOJESS GAMING I'm just gonna pretend that I understood that


        Yes,because he is otsutsuki

    48. Predatron 419

      "Hmm guys what can we do with Boruto? Naruto had Akatsuki right? Let's just make them again but not as cool. Now what should their goal be? Oh I know!! Let's reuse the infinite tsukoyomi!! What do you mean aliens are generic as sequel enemies? Why would our main enemies need a real backstory or reason to steal chakra? Backstories and reasons are too hard. Let's just reuse the 10 tails while we're at it."


        Kara's just the opening villain for this anime,the writer said that

    49. alcris ibarrientos

      How come sasuke didn't recognize the ten tails? He fought it with naruto in the fourth great ninja war.

      1. DatCoach MemeGod

        it is the first form of the ten tails, sasuke came when it was in its 2nd form

    50. yeahyeah singing challenge

      Jesus loves u and died for u and ur sins! He cares for u so muchhhh!

    51. O 1

      I was waiting for jigen to go and fight sasuke after getting some chakra from the ten tails

    52. Jose Herrera

      Los que ven solo el anime y lo critican quedaron para adentro con esto, deben estar lamentandose por criticar lo canon de BORUGOD Y NARUGOD

    53. E E

      If they somehow bring Madara or Obito or some other powerful Uchiha back to fight for them, then that would be badass Like imagine the Otsutsukis went back in time and had all the previous Uchiha fight for them To make them attack the leaf village collectively


        The Golden Age of Uchihas are long gone. Madara died along with them.

    54. Fra Kio™

      Sasuke with rinnegan and sharingan: "I can't tell how many tails it has". dude

      1. DeadlyVenomKing

        Each tail has a chakra rod in it. Sasuke could have use eyes to spot the energy in the rods

      2. i can't think of a good name

        @Sebastian Ellegaard fair

      3. Sebastian Ellegaard

        @i can't think of a good name Lol I think the legendary eye can look through a little hair XD

      4. i can't think of a good name

        @Fra Kio™ but his rinnegan is covered by his hair

      5. Fra Kio™

        @Cookin like a chef I'm 5 star Michelin rinnegan can't be deactivated UwU OwO

    55. C-jamm on toast

      when you buy your ten tails from wish..

    56. JaN

      Bro got braces 🙏🏼🔥💯

    57. LambSauce

      This show still going?



    58. Brian Guimarães

      Seria interessante se o Sasuke virasse Jinchuuriki da juubi

    59. Jordan Parrish

      Ten tails was tryna have Sasuke for dinner

    60. Slethion

      When u think boruto animation cant get any worse

    61. KyooFN

      0:24 sasuke said ni**a

    62. John Ward

      He should Have used his Rinnegan to absorb Chakra from the tell tails. Then go into battle.

    63. Tamarakepreye omgbuayakimi. O

      Dame cant wait for next morrow.

    64. Rikard Von

      So kurama will live again no?

    65. Sarah Sarah

      its a poor texture 💩

    66. Sarah Sarah


    67. DeadlyVenomKing

      Ten Tails with human teeth weird

    68. Omega Storm

      Funny thing is that the original ten tails wasn't even a monster per say, but it was Kaguya's depowered form. I don't watch Boruto, but it seems this ten tails is just a fabrication that's...there for purposes yet unknown to me.,

      1. DiViNe SaGe-16〰61

        The Ten Tails is just a tool Otsutsuki use to cultivate Divine trees.

      2. DiViNe SaGe-16〰61

        This Ten tails is just a seedling version of the one from shippuden. It was yet to become a Divine tree.

    69. Koi aids

      Ayo justice for the 10 tails man It just wanted to live a good life 😔

    70. Person Loa

      Its crazy how the ten tails was so legendary and scary in shippuden, but in Boruto it looks like nothing more than a chakra bag.


        BRUH Karma seals can suppress the Ten Tails' power because bla bla bla Otsutsuki bla bla bla Chakra Rods.

    71. Shining ThE Dubber

      damn people are so stupid comparing shippuden"s 10tail to this baby 10tails, its not in his full form i mean look at the size difference, the shippuden 10tails was so freakn big that 10tails eye were way bigger then 8tails

    72. Ghostdeeri

      why is sasuke playing dumb with it tho


        @Ghostdeeri He's just caught off guard to the fact that he will encounter another Tailed Beast again.

      2. Ghostdeeri

        @C/PVT PEÑAFLORIDA, JERREMIAH H. Doesnt change the fact that that is the same tentails from shippuden


        He's still not familiar with the area

    73. EZIE YT

      That thing is still alive

    74. thooo kerr

      Jiren getting ten tails...Cool

    75. Kalvin Shepherd


    76. Rami Asissen

      Poor graphics...poor animation...the story is great but the animators killed the show...and ofcourse they have to reduce filler episodes...

      1. PRD Ran

        @Rikudou the animation is lit to me

      2. Rikudou

        Poor animation, bro what’s going on with you, the animation is average and not sloppy like some weekly anime. Poor graphics ? Bro ?

    77. Ulugo ;-;

      Ten tails in Naruto Shippuden :big ugly monster . Ten tails in Boruto: child with clean teeth


        The Ten Tails in Boruto is young. The previous Ten Tails is a millennia old and is sealed in a Chibaku Tensei.

    78. YudeeGamingYT

      This is another ten tail not from shippuden

    79. Blasted Universe

      I hope this is naruto new tailed beast to replace karuma

    80. Frank Dillon

      sasuke ma boy how do you not remember the dmn ten tails literally the thing obito and madara revived that your but had to fught with naruto and sakura and the rest of the 5 nations

    81. TurtleGamer

      totally cannot wait for 50 episodes worth of the 10 tails transforming

    82. fxv. cs

      Looks like naruto will die soon ಥ‿ಥ


        Ya. Jigen/Isshiki could've just ended Naruto there because he has little to no intel about him at all at the start but he exhausted himself and lost all of his life force needed to sustain Isshiki's chakra from the host's body.

    83. Da Young Gun

      Sasuke shippuden: deidara I can see the cells with sharingan Sasuke boruto: I can’t see how many humongous tails does it have

    84. Hisoka Morrow

      Sasuke to Sarada: You're my cute little peanut. Sasuke to Juubi: You're a tough nut to crack.

    85. RottenBanana

      For all of you who HATES this show, just a reminder: most of the episodes so far are fillers and should not be included in the rating of this show. That's what I think.

      1. Smiv

        Fillers are part of the show. They must be included when rating the show. Taking into account all the filler, the boruto anime is mid at best.

    86. Johnmid Rafael Herrera

      jjk is far better anime than boruto

      1. Smiv


      2. Hagasaki Tg

        @Mustam Limbu thats an opinion

      3. Blast


      4. Blast

        @Mustam Limbu facts

      5. Mustam Limbu

        Also One piece, Berserk, Vagabond, Jojo's part-5,6,7,8 >>> Both Boruto and JJK

    87. Calli SS

      I wonder what kind of planet that tailed beast came from. Edit: like how their world turned out and got farmed to make that Chakra cattle basically.

    88. cheecan nugget

      sasuke is such a biotch now

    89. Satoshi Gekkouga

      trash boruto

      1. Blast

        @Rikudou it is trash

      2. Rikudou

        Ok clown

    90. DatBlackSaiyan

      im still wondering how he didnt sense sasuke

      1. hotsauce mlbb

        Thats not how they work in Naruto. Only people with special unique sensory ability have auto-sensor, for example; Karin, Mito, KCM Naruto, and Hashirama (yes, Hashirama sensed Madara eavesdropping his convo with Tobirama, Sasuke's ill-feelings twice under Nakano Shrine+in the war, Black Zetsu watching over his fight with Madara at final valley). Basically other characters need to infuse chakra first to be battle alert and activate their sensory ability

    91. SiNiSTeR MiNDS

      I see this video has brought a lot of casual fake Naruto fans and Narutotards

    92. Airi mage

      Wait was... Sasuke being stealthy?! Did Sasuke really just act like a ninja and conceal himself?!

      1. hotsauce mlbb

        Do you know that Black Zetsu character is partially molded after stagehandman ninja in old Kabuki plays? Which arguably is the origin of many Hollywood movies' blacksuited ninja.

    93. Sam60420

      It’d be cool to see boruto as a ten tails jinchuriki, he already has i umami genes thanks to his papa

    94. Naail 382

      Jyuubi be like: Jigen Daddy feed me!

    95. raven dark heart

      Sasuke: damn you breath is kickin! Haven't you ever heard of toothpaste

    96. Salami Puddin

      So is this ANOTHER 10 tails?!

      1. DiViNe SaGe-16〰61


    97. Kamisama Hestia

      Sasuke lost his eye he can actually take the 10 tail to get it back

    98. joe suss

      9/10 dentist recommend to watch this video

    99. Ishwarchandra Gurumayum

      If the ten tails get into Naruto stomach it will be nice

    100. Ian Lawrence Tan

      i hear NANAMI voice