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    Ep 9: Setsu's team put on their performance! Watch Those Snow White Notes on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here!

    2. Ian Meachum

      It irritated me when they changed the piano ost in the middle of the song

      1. N. K.

        ^ This. And I thought it was only me that felt like that

    3. Midnight 002

      Setsu's own voice is silently snowing ... I love this voice

    4. Luna XNightmare

      I've watched this scene maybe like 20 times because of the music and damn, I still get them!

    5. patricio vilches

      wea wena kloxd

    6. Just a Random Weeb

      they may not be any iconic duo, but they are an iconic group

    7. Lemeres

      You are know you are good at your craft when you cause auditory and visual hallucinations resulting from synesthesia That, or you added LSD to the free juice you offered at the door.

      1. Tyson Carver

        @John White Think we went to the same school guy.

      2. John White

        Hey that's what I did at my schools talent show you should've seen the mass panic when someone had a bad trip and caused a stampede haha man so many injured but I did get 1st place

    8. iBangAPES

      theres too much talking in the midst of performances. especially for the latest episode iv ewatch, 10, while the guy in the vest was playing, his teacher and all his peers kept shouting in a fckn tournament where listening is important, especially for the judges. i think thats the only biggest fault for this series and i have a soft spot for music oriented animes

    9. MGhammer123


    10. Natus Vein

      I mean…..he’s a god

    11. jsviva

      Snow white Snow white with red hair Snow white notes

    12. subete

      0:01 ı think its Juguma juguma juguma matsu huleyu matsu hureyi matsu smutokoro birekoshi de bırekoshi paypu paypu hurin da kouchi

    13. AGN

      I like this anime for the music and for setsu, it is the best I hear and see

    14. Thomas Harry

      Where best yuna at dawg

    15. Daniel Torres

      Music is sometimes beyond sound and words.

    16. Just Some Guy without a Life

      Music is art

    17. Imani F

      This was so beautiful, gave me butterflies. Love this anime.

    18. Rambthap

      When Kaji Yuki voices a character named Kaji and says Yuki

    19. Willie Jackson

      This is why I love this anime. The journey your ears take through the sounds of the shamisen is unlike anything I've seen or heard since Koto oto Tomore: sounds of life. If you listen to the whole thing from start to finish, you'll hear other parts of this piece that stood out and won the favor of the judges. This was my favorite piece of the whole series to this point.

    20. Dave Damachi

      Mélodie is woderfull 👍

    21. MEGADEUS

      I never expected there to be a anime about playing music that sounds like those plastic kids guitars with the plastic strings

    22. B*tch Please

      Setsu’s so chill that when he gets fired up he sublimely creates a flurry of snowflakes.

    23. Wayne Brown

      This put a smile on my face.

    24. Cococrash11

      Awesome Those Snow White Notes Video.

    25. dhruva barua

      people needa get on this anime fr

    26. spicy Wings

      bruh i knew it that reyugen was setsu dad

    27. main account

      setsu really went: Take that

    28. Mateo Colegial


    29. Lelouch vi Britannia

      Oh now this is pretty cool

    30. IverUchiha

      everyone plays a big role

    31. The Erkenbrand

      Each episode of this anime has its own atmosphere, very gripping. There are a lot of good anime I've seen but many of them didn't captivate me that much. When I watch this one, I'm captivated by the story and the music throughout the episode, even more because I watch it at night. I had the same feeling with _Kono oto tomare!_ which was released in 2019 and is about koto, another traditional Japanese instrument. If you like _TSWN,_ I highly recommend it.

    32. Matthew Miller

      Too bad Yugiri isn't here.

    33. Roger Davis


    34. Blank ____

      I think it’s cool how we get to hear Kaji Yuki say “yuki”

      1. Kenji Asakura

        I half expected his character to be named Kaji Yuki

      2. Bla Bla Bla

        Kaji Yuki character called “Kaji” saying “Yuki”

    35. Kathy Summerson

      X XD😚😚😚😚😘🙄🙄

    36. YahirChan

      They might’ve not got first but they still did an *Impressive job!* Especially *Setsu,* since almost all the teams *underestimated him and his team!*

    37. Lexgh I

      This performance rlly deserved a win, but it’s okay. Hopefully he wins in the individual. Today’s episodes rlly had me on Edge with that cliffhanger.

      1. PlayAholic

        Spoilerrr!!! He won't win the borther of his rival will

      2. mohammed mashud

        Can't lie it was a good ending but somewhat predictable ever since setsu snapped a string in the second episode

    38. Mario Ion Ion 2

      I think I gonna watch more animes that are with musicians, cuz I never did and I didn't knew it exist this type of anime . And I hope there gonna be more ngl

      1. LovesToLaugh1601

        Another good recommendation is Kono Oto Tomare. Some really beautiful moments there, too.

      2. lickerhimmer

        Could definitely recommend Stop this sound, Given(this one has homosexual protagonist, just wanted to let you know cuz it may be a deal breaker for you ), Your lie in april. Theirs definitely a lot more but I feel the first two definitely got slept on the years these came out.

      3. Cybot

        I can recommend Sound Euphonium

    39. Spidey Uchiha

      Sakura drained Sasuke's chakra all night long in bed

    40. Samuel Attias


    41. takeshi kovacs


    42. Nyo'taku

      WHY do people sleep on this anime?!

    43. rach ackerman

      I MISS THE RAGE⁉️⁉️

    44. Blackbomb Itachigo


    45. OG_ Scorpion

      Dont know what this is but im early come on i cant be the only one

    46. THE OMNI Slayer

      This literally shows how Everyone plays a big role on sth we do as a team..

      1. O1S YT ☑

        @Spidey Uchiha can you forget sasuke and sakura in this video

      2. Spidey Uchiha

        Yes Sakura plays a huge role in Sasuke's bedroom

    47. BeyModeler :U

      Snow White Notes | Those Snow White Notes

    48. Naruto uzumaki


    49. Liam

      Favorite performance.

      1. Liam

        @tris that one is also very good

      2. tris

        this and mai's performance are my favs

      3. O1S YT ☑

        @Spidey Uchiha shut up

      4. Spidey Uchiha

        Sakura and Sasuke in bed?

    50. Zhongli


    51. Alice de Groot

      Nice video 😉

      1. otman

        @Spidey Uchiha can you forget sasuke and sakura in this video

      2. otman

        @Spidey Uchiha shut up man

      3. Spidey Uchiha

        Search Sakura and Sasuke doujinshi for a better one

    52. lokis_gamer

      Loe 🌙

    53. no one


      1. Senku Ishigami

        Gojo Satoru is always first, even if he isn't first. Period.

      2. Solo

        Yea... Sure

      3. BeyModeler :U