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    Ep 9: The mastermind behind Mobius' ambush appears! Watch Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here!

      1. himiko toga 😈

        No problem😎;-)

      2. Danger

        No thanks

    2. Luxzy

      Me wandering how they casual carry baseball bats and come in huge packs with getting noticed by the feds 🤣🤣🤣😭😭

    3. Bowline

      And then 2 minutes later " Hanma gets beat up by Mikey "

    4. Vorad Or

      worse MC is anime history, mikey carries the show whereas takemichy makes it worse The mc cant even fight in a fighting anime, how lame is that?

      1. Micah Spriggs

        It’s good the Mc is not over powerful it makes the show good

    5. jonp96

      0:10 This boy's neck built like a forearm

    6. Wassim Akram

      yo Hachiman out here evolving

    7. wisp

      Where are these my parents at bro?

    8. Fernando Burón

      Literally the only interesting moment of Shuji Hanma

    9. khalid-kun

      this the best new gen anime?????😂

    10. Dark Naruto

      hanma worg anime bro

    11. MAYSON 239

      so baki hanma is now on Tokyo R


      Brother of BAKI HANMA

    13. muath1 Algamde

      Kisaki simp pull up

    14. J Singh

      why are they so surprised at him blocking? his hand was already up

    15. Shmevan Riceballz

      He’s a Hanma. Of course

    16. SK

      its all funny and jokes till he uses demon back

    17. Zempaichi

      Not the voice I expected for Hanma it still seems cool ngl

    18. Mad Maxiverse

      the zombie

    19. Sung Jin Woo Shadow Monarch

      These people are like Netflix’s middle schoolers

    20. King Of Crowns

      They copied hanma from baki

    21. XPS悩め


    22. My Contradiction

      The nonchalant attitude....I already know he's about to be trouble.

    23. LeoPlays

      hamma its also called zombie xD u ll see why xD

    24. elock1277

      These kids better be careful. Yujiro may come around the corner just to let them know they ain't jack. Maybe Baki can help vent their frustration c:

    25. Devaxion RL

      Yugi Hanma

    26. Teddy’s World Insane

      One of my favorite characters

    27. BigotGaming

      remove random crits

    28. Он талъиван


    29. Kaido Johnson

      I love how everyone is like" one does not just simply blocks mikeys kick"lol it always gets me


      Is dude family to baki hanma?😂

    31. M

      Hanma BAKI! Yujiro Hanma!

    32. Teren Delgado

      Noo es un Hanma jajaja rip Mikey xd re q no

    33. fabio


    34. DJ Assassin534

      You know he’s strong when his last name is “Hanma”

    35. Papa Shibe

      you know I really find Shuji as one of the most annoying characters but the way he says Moebius in 1:24 is like 😳😳

    36. Hayabusa Ryuu

      This episode was actually good, mostly the ending, you still about to fall down TR

    37. mr.dragon emperor

      Hanma ha but for yujiros son he's flanky no muscle on him

    38. Mike Richey

      Everyone in this show smokes and where's flip flops Its like there all from Cuba 🇨🇺

    39. Stephen A. Smith

      his voice way too deep

    40. Jason W

      Hes a hanma what'd you expect

    41. Javed Walters

      baki hanma's grandchild

    42. Jonathan Chow

      Ew! that guy is nothing but a meanie!

    43. Henry M

      Damn I couldn’t stand this cliffhanger and I read all the way until the most recent chapter and ohhh man. Best boy baji

    44. Codish

      Hanma Shuji = Hanma Baki

    45. Genji

      I love this anime but the cliffhangers at the end are killing me when I have to wait 1 week😢

    46. ChillNull

      Oh god, oh no... Its a Hanma. What're these monsters doing in this anime?

      1. MegaThiccAsian69

        Yujiro spread his seed more

    47. Pah meh

      I wanna to join them

    48. Talonz

      Dw guys this guy is not that strong, he got smacked by draken

    49. Nathan Lockhart

      Remember, Hanma's VA is the same VA for Hachiman in Oregairu

    50. Densetsu San

      How come his cigarette doesnt get wet from the rain

    51. wakee


    52. Bootymasta69

      Is this really worth watching im new here so im thinking about it

      1. Kleverson Iwatani


      2. validfrl


    53. Divine Nwaenyi

      what is tokyo revengers about

    54. Mikey

      Am i only who think Hanma's VA doesnt fit with that character :/

      1. Thi Huyen My DO

        FINALLY SOMEONE WHO THINKS THE SAME AS ME (it's just my opinion sorry)

      2. Master Beats

        Yeah his delivery and voice aren't just there yet

      3. El Sharko

        I thought it fit just fine tbh

      4. Thomas Dota

        I wasn't expecting Hanma to have such a deep voice actually

      5. TheOneOfSeven

        Eh, you'll get used to it, Takuya Eguchi has that range.

    55. Ben Khaleq

      The man's a Hanma what do you expect

    56. O_O

      "You're both dead ❤️"

    57. Virtual Rinnegan

      an anime where the fights don’t involve supernatural stuff, but still underrated asf

    58. marco cloutier

      this guy just doesn't have enough muscle to bear the name of hanma in my book but okay :')

    59. Isaac Planas

      If i learned something from baki, is to not mess up with someone called hanma

    60. Alexander Schimensky

      Takemichi has to be the most useless dude I've ever seen

    61. U N D E A D

      I can take them out

    62. Diego Depadua Acosta

      Yup they’re all dead distant cousin of baki incoming

    63. حاتم الخنيني

      Hanma is Hanma this one is imposter

    64. Bollas

      0:46 the Hanma clan is just built different

    65. DBS 21

      Mikey might be in for it he’s a hanma

    66. Bigby 505


    67. Sweet Heart

      Hanma is very BADASS! 🔥🔥

    68. Minato Namikaze

      Spoiler alert R.I.P draken


      Ayye ... Hanma knows he don't want that smoke

    70. Kuro

      Hanma?! Someone from Baki got yeet to other anime?

    71. Otzie

      👌his voice is cool af

    72. Ayden Harris

      mikey better hope shuji doesn't use demon back

    73. Just a Random Weeb

      1:25 if he’s going on about outnumber people, he clearly isn’t smart because in anime, numbers don’t matter

    74. MGhammer123

      When the enemy says "it doesn't matter who I am" *gulp* 🥶

    75. Killerky

      I went into this show not expecting much, but damn it’s so good!

    76. Saucey Noodle

      For a shounen this show doesn’t even have much flashy animation the writing is just good af

      1. Ander Garcia

        The animation studio is not that big or well known. So they have to rely on good writing and decent fight animations. And they dont have a big budget like madhouse, mappa,bones studios.

    77. João Farias

      Ok now we have Baki's son in TR, this gonna be good

    78. Tim-XF

      Bro the kids at like adults. Like bro what

    79. Roody G

      Not surprised lol he has Hanma in his name after all

    80. Kalam


    81. BOT MEXICAN patriot

      Man, he *REALLY* does sound like the death as his alias says.

    82. Ayden T

      Yo him and kisaki go off also

    83. Bigmac Pack29

      The censoring kinda sucks. Anyone know where I can watch it uncensored?

      1. Chop GodGlo

        Animekisa has the uncensored versions bro

    84. Gojo satoru Senpai

      Top New Gen anime!

    85. bahubali do Prédio


    86. TheTrueScientist

      why don't they use guns. story would be much shorter.

    87. School Shooter

      Damn, the hanma bloodline crossed even their own universe

    88. Mayasim


    89. عبدالله


    90. Destructo WIZ

      Bruh hes an hanma?

    91. Artix

      It’s all fun and games until he has a demon back outta nowhere

    92. DripTac

      When I hear Hanma I hear “Yujiro” and “Baki”, so this guy is seriously strong

      1. loniiTv •

        He is pretty strong but unfortunately we don’t really get to see it anymore after the valhalla arc although draken calls him a zombie bc it takes so long for him to go down😂

      2. jardaS

        He gets one taped by mikey but still he's strong as hell

      3. Big Disappointment

        Not even the case, its juste because its his first Time they show him in the anime

      4. CHAOTIKZ

        Fun fact: Takuya Eguchi, Hanma's voice actor, also voices Hanayama in Baki.

    93. Sabrina\* Arbush

      Why is the main character sooo pathetic (from the future guy). How many times he gonna repeat “what should I do”. 😤 Draken get stabbed at end. Also that new guy was there when takemichi friend died, he was in the roof with them. But I’m not sure if it’s same guy just a hint. I really hope they change takemichi’s character soon. Just can’t stand 🥵

      1. fj dj

        Go watch something else he the reason why almost everyone lives including draken

      2. T.O.P

        Next episode

    94. Noa10

      Mikey was never serious in fights and that's why Hanma blocked his kick.

    95. Deathbound300

      Hanma: *Blocks Mikey's kick* Everyone: *Surprised Pikachu face*

    96. Zhamzham K.

      I was so scared for Toman because of their numbers, but now I’m really scared cause this dude just blocked mikey’s attack

      1. EL Games TV

        Lol Hanma ain’t a problem

    97. Luffy Mnk

      Rip Draken

    98. MaRGeM

      هــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــهــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ﮼ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه،،ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه،، ﮼ممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممهــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪ

    99. Edsy

      So is draken dead?

      1. Chop GodGlo


      2. Drunk Shunsui Kyōraku

        He doesn’t die.

    100. GPkeep

      Next episode! Next episode! i need more