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    Ep 11: Sawa fights Rinko without her sword! Watch JORAN on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 11 here!

      1. KiranK28

        Love this anime

      2. Muhamed ツ

        First reply and like

    2. Gibleticus

      This anime is already up there for best of the year everything is great in this anime opening, ending, story, characters, animation all around great. This is what anime is about.

    3. Joseph Fernández

      Those slaps were so disrespectful 😭

    4. Gustavo Nunez

      No white crow, no problem. And I thought Rinko's metal (Oronium) was indestructible, but I was wrong. Oh well. P.S.: Adios, Rinko.

    5. Oluwadarasimi Victor

      Did anyone see those slaps🤣😂

    6. DFX13 Productions

      underrated anime of 2021 but still good

    7. Big Boy

      I love Rinkos hairstyle

    8. Mr_ 0n10n

      Well that explains why she's always as drunk as a sailor. Those blades gotta hurt like bad when they move about in her body or even when she's standing still

    9. No name No username

      Really good anime 👍

    10. MalevolentDivinity

      You ever see Lyrical Nanoha? You goin' learn, girl.

    11. JCSD Music

      Yea, now I wanna go watch this whole anime. That was awesome!

    12. ThisIsAName YouDon'tLike

      that was kinda lame.

    13. Arath Jimenez

      What anime is it

    14. MGhammer123

      I forgot Rinko was working for that shogun fiend 😦 SAWA GOT HANDS THOUGH

    15. Cococrash11

      Awesome Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood Video.

    16. Doof Senpai

      Those are claws? Well whatever it is, it definitely has a huge drawback. They can be easily severed and when that happens it hurts the user so much that her finger broke. I don't really see the point you might as well not use it. Imagine if Wolverine's claws were made of flimsy metal and every time he used it he started bleeding internally.

      1. Doof Senpai

        @Heaven's Circus Well I'm not currently watching this but it looks like you can cut those things with a sword or even a knife.

      2. Heaven's Circus

        I think there's a misunderstanding here on your part. Rinko's claws aren't flimsy or easily severable. It's just that Sawa is LITERALLY that strong, even outside of her transformed state. If you need proof of it, just look at that very last shot where Sawa sends Rinko flying with a single punch.

    17. Uchi_Mane

      I thought that was SUI FENG from BLEACH

    18. Lee

      The mangaka for this needs more creativity. If I had a chance to speak to them, that's the first thing ill say.

      1. SH SH

        This comment blows


      Synopsis please

    20. Mistery Misterio

      Yeah that power is just massive weakspot.

    21. Snowfox

      That was interesting i liked that

    22. Jwolajan

      Chip Chip Cheerio

    23. Elf man


      1. Frederick Grandison

        😂😂😂😂 I could've said that while watching it for real, shame on me

    24. Elf man

      1:21 BOI

    25. ZekeYesta

      Soi-fon before she went to Soul Society

    26. Zeronite

      0:34 did she? she did.

    27. Allan Noe Muñoz

      2:09 Wow! 👊

    28. Asta Is A Beast!

      Trash anime and her powers weak as hell 😂

      1. Nico Grewe

        no i love that anime, one of my favorites so far

    29. Timdaboss

      I like how the art style uses thick and thin lines. its nice

      1. Frederick Grandison


    30. William

      Seriously Crunchyroll, give me a freaking day to watch the episode!

      1. Frederick Grandison

        Chill, new episodes every Tuesday

    31. SasukeY2JItachi

      Damn Soi Fong 😅

    32. Jonathon Tritto

      Dropped this anime

    33. Mateo Colegial


    34. Option C ops

      Damn can't wait to watch this 🔥

    35. Hasse andersson

      this show seems kinda boring

      1. Antonio Dorifto

        the show isn't really that bad it's just ok I guess

    36. Curtis Tech

      She reminds me of that captain from Bleach.

    37. Anime simp


    38. Joe Doe

      She tried to slap some sense into her

      1. Pablo Daniel Jiang

        actually its to damage her eardrum, to lose some balance

    39. Suko

      Thought this was jujitsu kaisen

    40. Some Guy named Eren

      This anime right here is a hidden gem.Really enjoying it so far

      1. Nathan Mwema

        I dropped it after episode 4 cause it was just boring. In terms of the storyline. Did I misjudged it?

      2. Boiled Egg

        @Frederick Grandison I think episode 12 is the last episode 🥲

      3. Frederick Grandison

        @Boiled Egg It's finna be over, it's sad! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

      4. Boiled Egg

        It’s so good 🔥🔥

      5. KiranK28

        Agreed. I love it

    41. Luis jimenez

      My favorite: jin💕Like & episodes all.

    42. Francisco vitor


    43. Lemeres

      This power seems horrifically short sighted. I mean. Sure. it is cool when you do the sneak attack. But people can just up and break them, and it physically hurts you? Even the snake guy had it better.

      1. Lemeres

        @E.G Oh, i'm sure it is super powers that made this possible. But this is a setting where some people just have that. so it is something to account for. And BLEEDING FROM THE EYES when your arm blades are broken seems like they didn't account for that.

      2. Gustavo Nunez

        @Piromyśl Whoa. Interesting info. 👍

      3. Heaven's Circus

        @TheCyclone911 I completely agree. But you also gotta remember that Hana noted Rinko as a "new exorcist" meaning not only has she not seen her before, but its also very possible that while Rinko may have had those blades in her body for a good while, she's most likely too experienced to use them as efficiently as maybe someone with many years of experience in combat with/without the blades. They never mention her age but she looks to be at the very least somewhere in her 20s while Sawa looks like she could be as old as a mother, perhaps a little younger than Hana. In other words, my theory was not only was this just a horrible match-up for Rinko in terms of Sawa's peak/super-human strength vs the oronium metal bands durability, but while she's a capable Nue executioner, she's also still a novice fighter who probably specializes more in surprise attacks rather than one-on-one combat while Sawa was trained to fight in all kinds of different battle settings.

      4. TheCyclone911

        Those things are breaking gravestones in this clip. I don’t think they would break very often, Sawa was just a bad opponent for her.

      5. E.G

        Maybe Sawa due to her blue blood she can get higher strength than average people

    44. Vano Sanchez

      Well that was easy, lol.

    45. Just Korbii

      I'm like 3 or 4 episodes off and didn't watch the clip yet but tf is happening now?

      1. Ultimate Masters

        Same lol

    46. Under Games201X

      wow bro


      Me: I can't even touch my scratched injury Anime: blade runs through body but still stands Me: 🙂

    48. j.s.w. 424

      Some people just need a good slap

    49. Grid

      The quick slaps Sawa did at 0:33 were foul

      1. ToneyCrimson

        slap skap

      2. Frederick Grandison

        @Boiled Egg What a badass

      3. Boiled Egg

        That was unexpected as hell 😂😂

    50. Oméga fr

      mon prénom c'est joran et c'est pas une blague ....

    51. DarkBiscuit

      This anime still confuses tf outta me.

    52. Morgan Cooper

      is this one piece?

      1. Draconshot

        no its two piece

      2. Morgan Cooper

        @Sage of six paths i did and i feel like oda made this

      3. Sage of six paths

        No,read the description

    53. Nanni05

      0:35 Did she just slap her in the face? TWICE?

      1. Béla Málnási

        Yup. That was an attack focused on her inner ear. At 0:47 you can see her ear bleeding.

    54. IverUchiha

      The battle we all been waiting for

      1. José Díaz L.

        Last time they saw each other they were working together and getting along. And you were waiting for them to battle?

    55. Therry Douyou

      ᴺʸ ᵈʳᵉᵃᶰ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᶤˢ 1k ᵂᶤˡˡ ʸᵒᵘ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉᶰ🥰😍y

    56. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      0:33 She ACTUALLY went in just to slap her in the face!

      1. Darrell Jamerson

        😂😂I was just gonna say thay

      2. Melon Juice

        @Olin Seats "Discombobulate"

      3. Allan Noe Muñoz


      4. Olin Seats

        She was going for the inner ear (note her ear starts bleeding after the exchange) It's a good way to screw with someone's basic ability to function without actually maiming them

      5. PornEqualsHappiness

        She was literally trying to slap some sense into her 🤣

    57. Rigel Mitchell

      What is this.

    58. takeshi kovacs


    59. kingbosshd

      Can I get a shout out please

    60. Warm Lillie

      I wonder if use those yellow whips?

    61. Warm Lillie

      I wonder if could learn both close combat moves from her?

    62. Keebe The Kirby plush

      Let’s go

    63. Peach ಠ_ಠ

      Crazy moment

    64. Muhamed ツ

      The battle we’ve been waiting for :)

      1. Frederick Grandison

        And it lasted

      2. José Díaz L.

        Last time they saw each other they were working together and getting along. And you were waiting for them to battle?

    65. Mikaela Hyakuya

      Did the blonde one look pregnant?

    66. Red blood

      Imma watch it

    67. ANNA FF

      Legend ❤️

    68. Just a Random Weeb

      0:48 it amazing so me how anime characters can get really hurt and not notice, this isn’t that bad but it happens worse and often

      1. Crescendobro

        She did notice though, it was a feedback effect from using her blades and she said "Quit making me pop the claws, it takes a lot out of me" implying that the more she uses them the more at risk she is for spontaneous bleeding, Sawa didn't cause her to bleed out her ear, it was from overusing her internal blades

      2. Andrew Orders

        Not all anime are the same. That’s way too broad a generalization.

      3. Allan Noe Muñoz


      4. You Have A Point But I Win

        @A B I never said it makes you untouchable you gotta read what I said again. Adrenaline doesn't make you completely numb either you have to do some research. All adrenaline does is boost you for a couple min and lessens the pain inflicted on you. In no way does it make you completely numb to pain. If that were the case then we're all super man lol.

      5. A B

        @You Have A Point But I Win adrenaline doesn’t make you untouchable, but numb to pain for the several minutes in the heat of a battle like the one going on in this scene will make you numb to pain where you won’t notice a slight wound. Get over it. It’s alright to be wrong. I don’t get why you’re still going on about this.

    69. _S4SUK5_ _

      Sa a l’air d’être incroyable comme anime

    70. S _

      Is the Anime Good? First Comment😊

      1. jdollar1

        I think it’s really good. A lot of people get turned off because the plot can be confusing. But I personally love the characters and art. One of the better anime’s to come out from this season

      2. Ultimate Masters

        Personally I thought it was pretty boring so far but I’m like 4-5 episodes behind but I do plan on finishing it and giving it a proper rating

      3. *** Imbored

        @A B ok i can say the same for you😐

      4. A B

        @*** Imbored good for you. 👍 next time before commenting though, you should stop real quick and ask yourself “did he ask for my opinion?”

      5. *** Imbored

        @A B chainsaw man is trash and season one ending is worse if they make season 2 i probably won't watch it