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      1. Hot Blade


      2. BlueyDoesGamesYT

        Heart this comment

    2. T. Lau

      I still wanna see Wrath..... where can we get to see him in an actual episode?... and I'm not talking about the preview

    3. Tetsuma16

      combat scene without animation! That's kind of a achievment! why so cheap?

    4. Kurikat

      what a garbage episode

    5. Juliette Adler

      Haha, this guy sounds cool, I wonder who else he voices . . . *looks it up* Wait what do you mean he's Free's Haru? And Yuki Soma? and JJK's MAHITO?

    6. Dave Gentleman

      This has Death Mage vibes

    7. Ironic Cookies

      after reading both the web and light novel, shun is weak and irrelevant. he's only relevant now because he has the hero title

    8. wargamesmaster

      Can't wait for episode 22, I want to know what happen to Hugo and if there will be scenes with Kumoko/Shiraori.

    9. ChibiTheRipper

      I haven't watched this episode yet, but Kusama has already become the best human character in just under 20 seconds.

    10. Djtoozfunny

      i’m just going to say it , i like kusama way more then shun .

    11. Nexsusthepro

      That's what you get for kidnapping.


      Someone tell me What the hell is this anime please and thank you 🥺

      1. Новиков Лев

        Story starts from scool girl reicarnaited to spider. Most of episodes showing her survival in the cruel deths of world but also anime shows us humans who also reicarneted (But basicly all human scenes are 18 years from spider one)


        @Just Some Girl with a Mustache that Doesn't help exactly. I meant it's story why is it a spider and such and again It's synopsis of the series.

      3. Just Some Girl with a Mustache

        isekai spider

    13. Lucas M.

      Can he be the main character of the B-plot instead of Shun? He at least seems interesting.

    14. raphael mike

      ing lol

    15. Mr Rocco

      Waiting for them to finally get to the chapter when white makes her grand entrance.....and the oni best friend

    16. Robbert Sullivan

      Shun and his friends are drama queens I’m waiting for them to destroyed by spider

    17. Robbert Sullivan

      Animations were never good in this anime but the problem is it’s getting worse lol

    18. Max Schager

      Best girl wasnt in this episode. So sad.

      1. 12Tanuha

        She was, for 2 seconds

    19. ermo-09

      CG is bad sorry

    20. Edgar Castro

      Can anyone tell me what volume the anime is currently at? I'm starting to become bored of having to wait a week just to see what happens next.

      1. Aethix

        However, the general consensus is that you need to start at volume 3 at the latest in order to actually understand what's going on, since the anime changed and skipped a bunch of important events from that volume. But personally, I'd suggest reading from volume 1 for the best experience.

      2. Edgar Castro

        @slyboy500 thanks

      3. slyboy500

        Volume 5

    21. Imani Islander

      The elves stand still and look at a flying object, in this world everyone would be out before they thought it would exploed

      1. Dharshan Manivannan

        Like in most anime with scenes like this, time is actually slowed down. In reality, the ninja threw the sword and teleported just before it exploded. All of this probably happened in the span of a few seconds. In that time, most people would be too slow to react and move to safety. The elves probably didn't know it was going to explode either, so that slowed their reaction down further.

    22. Jdhd Kehev

      Man could’ve killed 3 of them easy lol

    23. WackyWackWack

      Most boring ep ngl

    24. Derk_Mage

      Bruh, why He can use Shadoa Step, Hes a Shinobi

    25. Daniele

      We want more spider and less Fate characters

      1. groudonvert

        Fate characters ? What does it even mean ?

    26. Alexis St-Laurent

      That episode was so dreadfuly full of humans. We want spider!!! Also if Kusama show up more often the human parts wont be boring anymore

    27. Moist Biscotti

      I love how none of his classmates question how he knows exactly who they all are, especially Kanata. Like Shun even appraised him, I get they could think that Hugo told him and all, but still as they stated earlier in the episode nobody knew where he was

    28. Landan778

      Is the spider in this one?

      1. Landan778

        Never mind I found out

    29. Scrooge McDuck

      If it’s been 15 years since you saw classmates…that’s a long time. I barely remember people names after a few years. They all act like they were best friends.

    30. Аюр Раднаев

      Shun whole purpose is to make fun of typical isekai protagonists. If you know Kumoko side of the story you realize how little he actually matters. But damn, was it really nessesery to give him THAT much screentime? In novel it was like one chapter in middle of several spider chapter.

      1. 12Tanuha

        In Volume 5 it was: 1. Kumoko 2. Shun 3. Interlude: Anna 4. Kumoko 5. Special Chapter: Potimas 6. Shun 7. Interlude: Anna and Fei 8. Kumoko 9. Special Chapter: Dustin 10. Oka-sensei 11. Interlude: Sophia's father 12. Oka-sensei 13. Kumoko 14. Shun 15. Interlude: Sophia's father 16. Shun 17. Kumoko 18. Interlude: Ariel 19. Kumoko 20. Shun 21. Kumoko 22. Shun 23. Kumoko 24. Interlude: Sophia's father's butler 25. Kumoko 26. Interlude: Ariel 27 Kumoko


      I love how it only took 2 minutes for people to fall in love with this character.

    32. Kyng _ Spade

      Can you guys give me spoilers please, the bigger the better.

    33. Dargonbooster

      Honestly im no where nearly as invested in these kids as i am with our main girl. Like their story is interesting dont get me wrong but if these guys die then i wouldn't be as sad as i was when the parallel minds split

    34. Netabare kun

      I love this novel but damn this studio could have at least tried to make a decent and coherent animation..... This somehow reminds me how bad p5 the animation was

      1. 『 Blank 』

        This Studio Made Berserk so for that its acceptable

    35. MGhammer123

      Came in and DIPPED 💀

    36. RyanP319

      I havent watched this show for a few weeks, what happened to the whole being a spider thing?

    37. ginkumo12

      This episode was terrible. Horrid action sequences with badly delivered tension. Best girl was nowhere to be seen either!

    38. Dylan Hughes

      Kusama: Everyone at once! How's that fair? Kumoko:

    39. Morgan Cooper

      i wanna see the spider!!!!!!

    40. Adam Ammar

      Personally I dont like the human storyline I find it too predictable

      1. groudonvert

        Predictable ? It's not, trust me ^^

    41. *HellRay*

      Can Shun be 2nd main character?

    42. Jake from Statefarm

      More spider! Less humans!

    43. The Fool

      All the comments from people who do not read the novel and thus don't know the immense plot behind each of the human scenes... This anime, like the novel, is a puzzle, a mystery unraveling itself bit by bit across a long timespan. Now people want to have everything spoonfed to them in the first episode. The human scenes matter. And once the anime is over, you'll understand the implications of every details you missed on your 2nd viewing.

      1. slyboy500

        It's sad that the anime cut a lot of LN content (mostly the human story, but some spider story too). I mean I don't blame them, they only have so much time.

    44. Benjamin S.

      Anime has brought beauty to life.

    45. Mantisprayer

      I love ninjabro. Besides the quality of animation, I think this is the best part of the episode, it was adapted well.

    46. Cococrash11

      Awesome So I'm a Spider, So What? Video.

    47. Pekora Tenshi

      best boi just arrived ninja style!

    48. PWojo97

      Am I the only one that could not care less about the human story? Like, if they wanted to make an isekai Game of Thrones, make their own separate anime. I don't know who most of these characters are, I don't know the context or backstory of any of the factions or kingdoms here, most of the reincarnations have the personality of white bread, the only interesting characters are shoved off to the backburner or killed or just aren't the main characters, I just don't care about anything here. I only watched this episode in the slim chance that Kumoko would make an appearance in the end, thinking the initial title of the episode was a cop-out; and I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't. Like, it's an okay story overall and I'm invested enough, but compared to Kumoko's story, I really don't care.

      1. groudonvert

        @Bobby Elrod Well the LN will come bach to Shun side when the time of the elf battle will come ;)

      2. Bobby Elrod

        The good thing is that the LN stops going back and forth to the future during the Battle of the Elf Village. After this the LN’s pretty much stay focused on Kumoko’s group and Wrath (with the exception of the latest book which was just the Life of Julius”.

    49. Thorfinn

      Best character

    50. Jordan Lavoie

      What a waste of an episode we don't care about the reincarnation other than the spider ffs

    51. Questionable Universeシ

      First it was kumoko or as she is called now shiraori now second is Sophia now ninja boi over here

    52. Bartłomiej Odachowski

      Gdzie pajączk????

    53. The All Fro

      At 0:23 why did she slid like that

    54. Daniel Marquez

      Yup...this has to be the web novel version....

      1. Aethix

        What? This scene played out basically the same way it was written in the light novel.

    55. Ryan Kaiser

      It’s a bit messed up and you feel for the poor reincarnates but they are doing this for the good of themselves and to save them. It might be a bit cruel, they might’ve lost a lot of loved ones but in the end they’re doing this because they care for the reincarnates even if the way they go about saving them is messed up. But honestly thinking about it Kumoko/Ariel and her army are trying to save the world and the human gang of heroes don’t know about this and are just doing their darndest to survive.

      1. groudonvert

        ​@AuthorityCat A conversation with who ? When everybody finally meets it's during a war. Not a very good situation if you want a discussion.

      2. AuthorityCat

        Which is kinda dumb. Nobody sits down and has a conversation in this show. Pretty much every plotline can be resolved if the characters just talk to each other.

    56. Pog Alexis

      I need the LN/web novel CHAPTER

      1. A Lemming

        LN volume 5 chapter S3

    57. GreyFox23

      There's gotta be a twist at this point right? The humans seem so scatter and misinformed and the Demon's so certain that something is obviously is driving all this beyond the normal scope of Hero team is right Demon's are wrong type of thing.

      1. Persadesara

        There's too much backstory the anime won't cover. The demons guilt and responsibility on the world, the humans‘ system origin, Ariel hatred and goal, Potimas origin and goal, D's boredom and joy

      2. Noob at Redstone

        There is going to be a little twist soon but the thing you’re speaking of is probably going to be in season 2 if we get one

    58. Hayato

      I love the ninja-shinobu pun and the way Shun called him out on that

      1. howlingzangetsu

        And he agreed with shun

    59. streiifi

      this episode was the worst animated episode so far i really love the show but the animations sometimes are barely watchable...

    60. Makuznet

      Rogue with +23 in acrobatics, 24 AC and with mobile feat be like: Edit: changed stats to be possible with 32 in dex (which is Hard to achieve, but possible)

      1. Colton Williams

        With stats like that, you’d have better luck catching the wind.

    61. Permeatio

      Might be the only human I like in this show.

    62. Willow Thompson

      I can’t wait for them to meet our spider bae.

    63. GuillermoNSFW

      When the stealth in the mission is optional.

    64. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here...

    65. Justin Keffer

      I kinda want there to be a kusama spin off series hes like a japan version of deadpool minus the foul language.

    66. Dian Korrus

      He doesn’t match kumoko in mentally deranged but still humorous character

    67. CarlosCreations

      Wow, this Ninja deserved more time in screen, but whatever. Luckily next episode we will see Wrath! * 3 episodes left *

      1. Bobby Elrod

        Lloking forward to that. By far the best character in the LN.

    68. The Baka Lord

      In fairness we all wanted Shun to stay in there

    69. WEABOOF


    70. OreNoNaWa Steevie

      Shinobu the Shinobi

    71. Michael Irazori

      The elves only have themselves to blame for dying like the single minded morons they were.

      1. Michael Irazori

        @RedXlV Still though.

      2. RedXlV

        SPOILER The elves are that way by design. They were created to be expendable pawns for Potimas.

    72. Boruto De O'Hara

      Best Spring Anime

    73. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      Within that sword is a bomb, and within that explosion from the bomb, it shoots out tiny swords. And those tiny swords also explode...

      1. Julian Robertson


      2. Colton Williams

        @YUwu Do not speak of that place’s guns. I can’t believe that I used that cursed weapon just for the achievement. I can still hear it’s horrible voice in my dreams, sometimes!

      3. YUwu

        Literally a gun from Borderlands 2

      4. 大狐

        And those tiny explosions shoot out tinier swords that creates even tinier explosions.

    74. Cyrus Lastname

      I just want spider

    75. ThatStrangeDoll

      Man, they are speed running the source material if they already reached this part by episode 21.

      1. Zed

        @Yekta Ozturk I highly recommend the LN over the Anime, because they shift a lot of stuff around and, as far as I'm concerned, butcher the characters by small changes. You will also get directly some new stuff in Volume 1, since the anime cut all the human parts from it.

      2. Yekta Ozturk

        @darko I've been loving the anime so far. So i'm actuslly thinking of buying the LN sine it does nothing but give me more of what I love.

      3. darko

        @Yekta Ozturk its the same for the LN, they change perspectives every few chapters in the same volume. But OP is right, they really are rushing the source material, especially for the human side.

      4. ThatStrangeDoll

        @groudonvert Yeah, that is a loooot of content to get through in 21 episodes.

      5. Yekta Ozturk

        @groudonvert In the LN is it also being told with two different sides like the anime or is it just one straight timeline?

    76. ali ayad

      Wheres the trash

    77. Melania Girotto

      I already love Shinobu 💚

    78. StingerGamer

      I almost read Sanji

    79. Only BB

      If the choice for a party member was between Shun or none, then none would be my answer 100%

    80. Vincenzo De Stefano

      The budget for this episode was like 5€

      1. 大狐

        1€ went to each second of Kumoko.

      2. Michael Irazori

        It’s full of boring humans, so it’s appropriate.

      3. Red Kraken

        4.25 of which went on lunch.

    81. Tim Woodhouse

      Humans' side of the story:🖐😒 Spider's side of the story:👈😌

    82. Bernardo Saldaña

      Is it weird that I find myself rooting for the Demon lord and the supposed villains more than Shun and the Teacher No offense I get she wanted to protect her students but buying/kidnapping them wasn't a good idea(even if it technically speaking her father was the one doing the kidnapping) she should've remembered that in trying to prevent someone's forthcoming death you set there destiny (and death) in stone

      1. Colton Williams

        @RedXlV I suspect that the luls is only part of the reason D put Filimøs there. Remember, someone tried to assassinate her. She wasn’t going to let that go.

      2. Bernardo Saldaña

        @Colton Williams yeah I also think it's because she didn't remember the whole thing with prophecies or tellings of someone's doom If you try to change them Directly than you jet set them in stone

      3. RedXlV

        She was a literal infant when she bought the telepathy skill and told the first person available with any power about the reincarnations, because her class roster skill said most of them would die young and some would die *very soon.* It was her bad luck (or more accurately, D making her suffer for the lulz) that this person was Potimas.

      4. Colton Williams

        That wasn’t her idea. That was all Potimas. She just went along with it because it was too late and she was still panicking.

    83. H0t m1lf in your Area

      do people actually watch the heroes

    84. geardog24

      Skill level: Ninja = Easy win

    85. Pedro Souza

      just i realized that the 2d animation of this anime is shamefully bad?

      1. Dharshan Manivannan

        Exactly as Fuji says. Even the animators care less about the human conflicts than Kumoko's story. The animations when she is on the screen are usually top tier.

      2. Fuji Mizuki

        The obvious fact is this is the human story. Not much love there.

      3. Ark Royal

        As far as i know its the people who made berserk that are handling the 2d animation so... im not surprised at all...

    86. Furion Max

      It honestly just occurred to me. What if the reason the author made them this way is bc they're all going to die? Can't really feel bad for a killed off character if we aren't really attached to them.

      1. Cruze

        @Artificial Stupidity The author hates the cliché hero MC troupe, that's why he wrote Shun and his party bad on purpose. Just to mock that troupe. Kinda pathetic to ruin a lot characters just for that.

      2. Artificial Stupidity

        @Red Kraken so it's just the anime being a bad adaptation?

      3. Red Kraken

        Trust me, if you read LN you fill sorry for almost every death.

      4. Artificial Stupidity

        Then it's bad writing imho.

    87. weil ichs kann r

      Still waiting for that Moment when they meet the spider. (Sorry i am dumb, I forgot her name)


        Technically, she doesn't have a name yet, but by the time the humans meet her, she'll have been named White.

      2. weil ichs kann r

        @Artificial Stupidity thx

      3. Artificial Stupidity

        I believe it was Kumoko?

    88. יובל רוט

      The fights in a The anime are much less impressive than in the book, it is hard to notice the difference between a fight on Kumoko level than a fight on Shun's.

      1. יובל רוט

        @Colton Williams that is what I am complaining about, the visuals look comparable, which is bad because they shouldn't.

      2. Colton Williams

        Kumoko cut her teeth on the apex predators of the Elroe Labyrinth. Schlain and his party could barely bring down a juvenile dragon. Not that comparable, honestly.

      3. McClaps

        Cant really compare a god's fighting to an ant though

    89. Jyn Uko

      sajin is my favorite by far

    90. Sendesu

      This animation is god tier almost reminds me of jjk

      1. Lucas M.

        But neither are anywhere close to Ex-ARMS. Ok, that’s too far.

      2. VaticanCameos

        What a shitposter

    91. J Bryan


    92. Adaept Zulander

      He's got good spy intelligence. He recognized Kanata instantly.

      1. A Lemming

        @Azi Also just wrong. The one who informed Kusama was probably Ogiwara or Dustin

      2. Azi

        @A very odd person unnecessary spoilers moment

      3. Mr.Skittles

        @Stevonnie Jenkins garbage ninja, it took him 5 seconds and he already snitches non intentionally

      4. A very odd person

        Shiro's spiders probably told him, either that or he just hid and learned it all himself.

      5. Stevonnie Jenkins

        i mean ninja were mainly spys so it makes sense

    93. Latte Latte

      I love this show but I really would have liked the studio to put in a bit more effort into the animation so we can actually know what in the world is going on. Never mind the sliding in on Kanata with zero animation to make it look a little bit more believable at 0:23, I for one can't understand the fight at all. Like at 0:54 when Shun tried to cut down Kusama and the other character's like "a clone?!" Did anyone see that clone or illusion or whatever they're talking about? I just thought Kusama dodged, not like Naruto where a clone poofed out of existence to reveal the real Kusama standing elsewhere. I can't even tell if Kusama is just dodging all those attacks at lightning-quick speed or if there are clones vanishing here and there. Then after Kusama tossed the sword and teleported away, I didn't even catch that. I just thought it was weird why the teleportation circle vanished. Took me a couple of time to realize Kusama was standing at that point and he teleported away. This is just so hard to watch. Why in the world are those elves at the end standing there staring at the sword like statues? Were they put under a paralyze spell and the anime just didn't show it? Was their time frozen? Those are the only explanations I can think of, considering Shun was shouting for everyone to run while he charged towards the frozen elves to save them. And what is 1:42? Why are they running on the spot? They slid Kanata in with zero animation but they can't add a bit of slide on the two humans who had animation?

      1. Aethix

        It's explained better in the novel. Shinobu's Ninja skill allows him to create shadow clones, and then instantly switch places with any of the clones he's created.

      2. McClaps

        Just read the novel, cant complain about animation if there isnt ;)

    94. doctor leak

      Just get along everyone seriously

    95. hamody 26

      What anime name

      1. hamody 26

        @This World Is An Illusion Thx Bro تسلم

      2. This World Is An Illusion

        The anime is called Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka?

    96. hamody 26

      شسم الانمي؟

    97. Ryan Latham

      I'm really only interested in the spider in this one

    98. McClaps

      Kinda like the feeling of watching these guys moving around even though they're all moving because of kumoko behind thr scenes, like puppets.

    99. Blaze Reaper

      Sooo... am i to understand that this is the guy who harnessed the power of anime and god

      1. *HellRay*

        That’s literally right. Using the power the god of that realm provided and his knowledge of Anime in his past life in Japan.

    100. Vicmo

      hey guys, is me your classmate, everyone: *so, you have choosen death*