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    Ep 9: The girls send a saboteur into a group of boys! Watch DON'T TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here!

      1. SS_SIMP

        @Marion is sus oh

      2. Marion is sus

        @SS_SIMP Saturday

      3. Baron Wurst

        How about no?! Nyaa~

      4. Nicolas Ferreira

        Doblen el animeeee

      5. SS_SIMP

        When is the episode free to watch cause like I dont have premium

    2. badland edition

      Now that's what I call *strategy*

    3. Hebrew26commandments power!

      I just figured out why Sakura is a member of the gaming club!!!!!! Bruh .... She giving out cat like it's a pet store lol 🤣🤣🤦🤦😢

    4. MaRGeM


    5. Jonathan Valdez

      Bro, girls like that would never work on me. Gender equality; kazuma style. And if anyone objects; I will personally show you the void of undeniable logic and reality that will make Stephen hawking get up, yell, and run. You will never be the same again, Showing you the indescribable truth that will plague you for eternity as an existence. And you! Hey how's your day going?

    6. InternalxHD

      why can't they make good anime anymore

    7. Poozenooze The poo


    8. BlackMercury 279

      True Gamers wouldn't forsake the Bro Code

    9. J PC

      This is public school relationships in a nutshell, drama

    10. Davide

      Everyone knows real gamers dont care about women

    11. Communist Tesco

      XD this is so unrealistic if this was me I would have never cared about that little thing

    12. ʜᴀʟᴏ!

      when will ep 10 come outt?

    13. Rogue Ronin

      The amber haired one is my favorite Nagatoro is second

    14. Legit Catalog

      This is a more destructive method in comparison as how our school's vidya clique fell apart. (Individual carried around a high-powered electromagnet hidden in a wooden lunchbox, with one side fitted with an emitter. Bricked every complex electronic handheld device in the hallway, then the aggressor brought it into the student lounge and bricked the consoles. Two weeks later, perpetrator was caught bringing it into the junior computer lab during a LAN party.) What that individual did was property destruction. What Sakura is doing here is societal upheval followed by provoking intercene conflict. This is deployment of a WMD - and lives can be permanently ruined / outright ended (depending on how far two individuals decide to escalate, and/or due to rejective depression) because of this.

    15. Tony Williams

      If my friends and I saw a girl like Sakura acting like that to the squad, we would ignore her saying “she belongeth to thee streetz”

    16. hades darakjian

      This girls are really smart at destroying our hearts.

    17. Centurion Quincy

      As a man...... This tactic would work

    18. J Bourbon

      What is this? The Yandere Club?

    19. G J

      This is called triangulation. A classic manipulation technique.

    20. soulsearcher 117

      I figured out why the guy with the glasses at 1:49 became the blonde girl's stalker.

    21. 3ddi3 3ddi3

      BAHAHAHAAA!!! Nagatoro and crew were smart to send in The Saboteur lol

    22. DKP Games

      jesus christ they are evil


      And they say there wouldn’t be any war if women ran the world.

    24. BTS Is The Best💜

      They just a kid nasty

    25. BTS Is The Best💜

      🤢 🤮🤢🤮

    26. cipher 6

      This is just like when you are with da bois

    27. Dante Von Crowlley

      *Eyeless, I see where this is going*

    28. Conrrado Torres

      Turning gamers against one another through socialize actually works. It's easy like saying Playstation is better than Xbox and PC sucks if you don't have the specs

    29. DJ PeaCannon

      Now I like to imagine how this scene could have played out differently if Part 3 Jotaro was part of that group

    30. Der CSR

      Senpai is such a pu.....

    31. Ghost David

      She lucky it wasn't either those cod or Battlefield gamers.

    32. Xaracen

      “men are at the mercies of their own horniness” until you meet one that isnt, and then you must run far away from him.

    33. A_Saiyan_With_An_Afro

      0:49 **Doflamingo Laugh intensifies**

    34. Ricardo Mora

      Real gamer bros don't let a thot break the group

    35. Enrique Garcia

      There are instances where this absolutely won't work. For instance, every nerd at the table is a spoken for Chad with a clingy territorial girlfriend, not like I'd know how that feels, I only hung out with the boys during tornys.

    36. Sanchokihana

      Inevitable demise and perish - that is the fate of those who forgotten the golden truth of bros before hoes.

    37. his dudeness83

      Little does Sempai realise, he's doing the same thing to Naoto's group by constantly getting them to compete over torturing him. Or maybe he does...

    38. Alex Young

      2:08 when an anime is so self aware they call out their own audience. That’s funny

    39. King 117

      .....they used our greatest weakness

    40. Luis Galindo

      No simping here Only from glasses senpai to nagatoro

    41. Wares Hashimi

      its broes before hoes for a reason..

    42. ( O_〉O)?

      *BOYS:* Are causing too much noise on their "Switches". *GIRLS:* We're about to do what's called a pro-gamer-move.

    43. GenericDreamers

      Bros over hoes, losers.

    44. b1merio

      What weird mutant kids are those? They have no eyes! How are they gaming?

    45. Kendrick BaldwinTV

      No cap, if Nagatoro wasn't the main girl, Sakura would definitely be my go to. A mixture of sweet and evil 😂😂

    46. Cool Spaghetti


    47. Steve Quiroz

      I feel attacked

    48. BigotGaming

      remove random crits

    49. Kyle Troxell

      Wow, they just called out gamers

    50. Arian Bouzari

      Who’s actually seen something like this happen in real life.

      1. SketchMan 1O1

        Me my entire school sports team started simping over one girl and the team broke into three parties and one of my close friend circles completely out casted one of my close friends. Worst part of it I was the only one saying “guys she’s like none of y’all she already has a crush from another country” really stupid.

    51. Silas AMV maker

      Wow!? Its discusting! Enstead of talking, she acted like a ***** !

    52. Arnøld Castîllo

      Girls are scary

    53. Davontae Love

      1:10 what’s simps

    54. Hitmonkey

      Can u help me, video is 2 minute

    55. Anime Senpai Comparisons

      Gangare Ganbare Senpai

    56. Dragon Slayer

      Funny thing is she ends up hanging out with them anyway of her own choice

    57. DrafOrgg


    58. ZfX Qkz

      Why do they not have eyes

    59. Pete Strong

      These are the women in my life best way to handle them is literally ignoring them 😑 that or just so damn high your forget that they are there 🤣

    60. BB4

      Why do the side characters have no eyes☠

    61. Murrowboy


    62. SS Fresh Free

      This is what I call being: *SLICK*

    63. YGF

      icame here for one thing people one thing(the scene when nagatoro's friend touchs the lighting)

    64. shadow raiden23

      Their beyond evil ..

    65. Thee UsElEsS Aqua!

      Please tell me im not useless

    66. Piromyśl

      Now I see, that Gamo is actually teasing Nagatoro by proxy, because she immediately noticed, that Nagatoro likes Senpai.

    67. Omni Science

      Women turning men against other men. And the water is wet. What else nagatoro?

    68. Project Alpha

      I really love Gamo-Chan...

    69. Otaku_GameFan

      I don't know what to say about that. 🤨

    70. JustScott

      plot twist: fat dude stalks yellow girl

    71. Chris Nightwalk

      Well this is one episode I might not like, on the account of being one of those nerds :/

    72. Chris Nightwalk

      Ah yes, the infamous group "No Eyes"

    73. MrDude826 MrDude826

      Why don't they have eyes?

    74. M4TT YN

      Yoshi and Gamo-chan 😳🤤 so kawaii

    75. Talemire


    76. Chuck Baker

      Let me guess... their plan backfires, right? The opposite result?

      1. - Zalaphrax -

        It works...but it results in her getting stalked by one of the dudes in the club

    77. MGhammer123

      Not the female infiltration strat 💀

    78. Daniel Finch

      Bros before hoes. how could they forget.

    79. The Kita

      I'm surprised they were somehow enticed by her considering they have no eyes.

    80. SupermarketSweep777

      Boy where's one of those heavily armored tornado intercept vehicles when you need one? He could spend all day inside while those girls are thoroughly kept at bay.

    81. J L

      Sakura is why guys don't trust compliments.

    82. Larson Racing.

      Orange haired chick for the win

    83. Sagat108 avb

      Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening a polity, effort, or organization through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. One who engages in sabotage is a saboteur. Saboteurs typically try to conceal their identities because of the consequences of their actions and to avoid invoking legal and organizational requirements for addressing sabotage. All it takes is one saboteur. Win by attrition! Sounds like these girls know how to get into next level type of teasing with the greatest of ease.

    84. 0m N0M

      I would just ignore the girl straight up lol. I would be too busy trying to complete events, wallet worrying, and climbing the leaderboard on Asphalt 9.

    85. Person Person

      Me and my bros wouldn't fight over some random girl, but then again most of my bros aren't losers and already have girlfriends and I'm basically the only one that's single

    86. Anthony

      "The fight is won before It's begun" Fall Out Boy - The phoenix

    87. Just a Random Weeb

      you can’t trust them, they know the perfect way to crush any possibility of that same noise happening again

    88. ethannthetic

      *this anime is hell and heaven clashing into each other*

    89. Emanuel Henrique

      And then, it backfired when they got a stalker

    90. Charles Brossett

      Her comes trouble

    91. Rohan Thapamagar

      Damn they breaking up a gang like that 😔

    92. CSDX

      That's just evil, even if they were being dicks about not quieting down when they were asked to.

    93. Midnight Saphy skits and animations

      Its always the blonde

    94. M12GProductions

      The lack of self-awareness those 3 have is astonishing.

      1. Majora

        I mean, they're teenagers. Plus they're on a mission. To be Nagatoro's bridesmaids.

    95. Studio Evening

      How dare they insult a gang of eyeless gamers like that

    96. Arcadius

      Is this actually a real thing? cause i've seen friend groups break up due to a fight over a girl before.

    97. LIGHT


    98. Fernando the rat

      haha jokes on you I’ve never seen a woman in my life before so I’d just stand there shocked ha noobs

    99. socio sanch

      How evil