Rock Beats Paper | How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω

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    Ep 9: Diablo summons a cinema standby to crush his opponent! Watch How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here!

    2. ChimiChangle

      This is the lamest stereotypical stuff I've ever seen but sure ok

    3. Pumpkinhead1986

      new season ?

    4. MojoNoahGamer

      “Rock beats everything” -Brock Samson

    5. Joe G.P.

      that was quite boring

    6. Sam Wang

      That is some broken rock boulder

    7. Ask Kevin

      When is this getting dubbed

    8. Daniel K. Dearing

      It was almost the perfect crime, but you forgot one thing: Rock crushes scissors ... but paper covers rock ... and scissors cut paper. Kif, we have a conundrum. Search them for paper, and bring me a rock.

    9. Chuck Baker

      Rather, "Rock Beats Everything"

    10. Cody Adams

      Wow he so strong

    11. That one Nekodude

      It sounds crazy but I want that book, imagine what I could wrote into it, notes, and descriptions, tales of made up horrible beasts, maybe an enemy I fought before....? So many possibilities

      1. That one Nekodude

        Just adding I am jealous of the bunny ears, this guy was a waste of stats 😒

    12. Spunch Bop

      The title gives me anxiety

    13. S Maced

      It’s raining rock! Hallelujah!!

    14. George Deng

      Hunter X Hunter approved.

    15. Ryltar

      "Is this guy actually a speed-based Warrior?!" Can't dodge a ROLLING boulder.

      1. Antal M

        Or used all skills/energy points during the attack on Diablo

    16. Shafi Azgar

      Saisho wa guu, Jan Ken, Guu!

    17. Innosoul

      A true demon lord would have beat him into submission, make him wear a maid costume and add him to the harem.

    18. JABBA

      This season continues to exceed my expectations, just when I think they can't surpass themselves this episode ended up being the worst of them all. I don't mind content from the novels being cut for pacing, but when scenes which didn't happen are then added in their place it's overly confusing. For those non novel readers the church arc runs novels 4-6 yet we've had a whole episode based on an event in the 8th novel and now the whole plotline behind novel 10 is an end of season boss. Doesn't look like we're getting a season 3 with the amount this studio has taken from upcoming arcs.

      1. JABBA

        @Renn Sakayagi I agree the ending is anti-climatic, the church arc certainly isn't my favourite, but the studio's decision to use Europa is just wrong in my eye's. The other episode I was referring to with the 8th novel is the one with Klem going after the crime syndicate. That happened after the group returned from the Elven Forest rather than the demon lords domain. Was also Rem and Shera who accompanied them, rather than Edelgard and Rose, and forms one of the memories Rem has when Klem is fatally injured against Modinaram.

      2. Renn Sakayagi

        True, i was very confused by Europa appearing at the end. I mean sure, the way this resolved in the novel was anticlimactic but still, jumping straight to volume 10 feels just wrong. Btw, could you remind me of the vol 8-content? It's been so long I've forgotten.

    19. Smilecentaur

      he finally killed someone only took 2 seasons LOL

    20. Dominik

      bro he literally made paper out of her🤣

    21. AnimeMan R7

      1:53 At that point, he should be able to Dodge, thus avoided being crushed to death.😑

    22. The Tired Angel

      I WILL HAVE ORDER! Maou Edition

    23. Zach Omara

      You know I didn't realize the rock paper scissors reference until the title.

    24. Nyaavii

      So basically "I cast Rock"

    25. Lucas Fortes


    26. MR_Zoren

      Where the man with the nice mustache

    27. D3m0nL0l1

      "Fun and Engaging gameplay"

    28. V0rpal1n R3Is3r

      So she just summoned Legion from Castlevania and... It dies as easily as it does in Castlevania.

    29. Le Evil Pantsu

      Sincerely diablo is the type of op that doesn't even looks cool being op, just wins and in a booring way

    30. TheChronos17

      that last bit remind me of that scene for austin powers with the slowest steam roller in existence and a guy with about 5 min. to move just standing there yelling STOOOOPPPPP!

    31. Joe Meng

      I will have order

    32. re tard

      diablo rlly got some of that synapse x hacks with hem

    33. XxR1T0xX

      Diablo, you rock! 👍

    34. De_Widow-God Jk

      POV: You searched for bible accurate angels

    35. GMdelsXT9 - The Grim Reaper


    36. Regon

      spoiler someone else tf

    37. random name

      whait a minute.... he?

    38. Christopher Woodbury

      Classic dnd move. Rock falls, all my enemies die.

    39. Zero

      Great another isekai trash.

    40. High on anime

      Title: rock beats paper. Gon freecss: Rock beats everything.

    41. cyechan

      Good old dependable rock

    42. ShinyEqual

      Hm I thought it was paper covers rock Rock

    43. RaifSeverence

      He got beat by bad CG...

    44. Stephen Kenney

      Oh, come now! How could paper beat the raw density of stone!

    45. Senator Marius

      Unbelievable what passes as Paladin nowadays....

    46. L'Ombre

      What is this clown?! He had 10 seconds to avoid this rock!!!!

    47. marcus milton

      A bunny villain crushed by slow moving giant bolder

    48. McClaps

      For a chick thst moves fast, she didnt move at all when that slow rock was rolling to her

    49. Matt S

      When getting crushed becomes literal

    50. NcntnKrs

      The pun in the title of this video is on legendary level

    51. Giovanni

      I didn't understand the title at first, and then.... It hit him.

    52. BUBUMBI

      And the Big question. Where is the paper?

    53. Hecc

      This just seems like some dude's power fantasy

    54. TheoriginalmissQuinzel

      Wait there's a season 2 oh my God I have to go find it

    55. Baron Mazai

      - RUN !!!! SHE SUMMON UGLY 3D MODEL !!!

    56. steven contreras

      Why am I not surprised when this happened??

    57. Aleksander Jhon gomes florentino

      Nunca jogueife mago puro num rpg sempre. Fui tipo mestiço dano de mago e guerreiro junto. Ter tecnica pra curta distançia e longae media.

    58. Røñëll

      Me : *reads the title* Gon somewhere in the distance : I smell a disturbance

    59. Frederick Grandison

      Looks like she's been "booked" enough for today! 😉

    60. AnimeMan R7

      I'm certain that Title was the other way around. I mean, who came up with that kind of Clip Title?

    61. Cococrash11

      Awesome How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω Video.

    62. MGhammer123

      Spellcasting frenzy extraordinare ✊🏿

    63. Traulse

      is this anime worth it

    64. j Schneider

      Why can't I find it on the Crunchyroll website

      1. Joel Tarango

        Try vrv, you can see it there, you can go to the website or get the app on your phone

    65. Ziyue He

      Budget ZhongLi much

    66. Ruben Federico Talens Bou

      i think "Rock beats Meatball" is a better tittle for the video.

    67. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      He's lucky he only got this bunny. Not many people remember this, but there is an even more dangerous bunny girl in this world. If that war criminal was here, Diablo may have been in trouble.

      1. Zeno Logic

        Guys I found him! He's like a "Where's Waldo"!

      2. FBI Agent


    68. WarTaco

      Keep danceing around dex nerd... He only had to hit you ONCE xD

    69. MrOiram46

      If that guy summoned Chris Redfield instead, he would’ve been safe from the boulder

      1. Torque Mk1

        But considering he looks quite strong, he might've ended up as Claire's boyfriend, forced to prolong the Redfield bloodline.

      2. Pyrius 7

        It’s not a boulder. (Starts crying) It’s a rock. A rock

      3. Truth ____

        Insert gif of mia getting gunned down

      4. Hunter Rhoades

        That’s a guy?

      5. Josh

        Or Toph

    70. JCDenton 2012

      And water... is wet. =3

    71. King 117

      He made a animal version of legion

    72. Avery Martin

      That's alotta damage.

    73. Anti Simp Trooper

      Covid as a monster..

    74. Kaizer2001

      Is it me or Diablo is actually facing off against some people who can put up a decent fight.

      1. Darth Cheezus

        Kind of at face but not really. I feel like they are near max but then like he said it is the items that then raise your level.

      2. steven contreras


    75. Anthony Rarim Mora

      If The battle wasnt in a tiny placer, Diablo use white nova and The battle ends quickly

    76. Zaryn T

      Someone applied for the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things....but failed the entrance exam.

    77. SoloCreed X

      Gives me berserk and overlord feelings

    78. Mr_ Vosakisen

      The cliff hanger in this episode is the definition of blue balling

    79. Bug_in_the_System

      To quote Krillin from DBZ Abridged, "That thing's a guy?!"

      1. 135Fenrir

        @Duke I. Hahahaa Crocodile Dundee.

      2. Duke I.

        If it was Urameshi Yusuke, he would have checked just to be sure

      3. 135Fenrir

        I feel like they are setting up all the dark paladins to be super androgenous/traps. I'm wondering if there is an actual in universe reason for it, like their master decided he wanted to play out a fantasy.

      4. Morpheus

        He surely was before the surgery. Afterwards, who knows...?

    80. Carlos Garza

      Why didn't he DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    81. BadCreations

      I didn’t even notice the title said “rock beats paper” until I read the comments lol

    82. Smug Narberal

      "I will have order"

    83. Red

      Man the Japanese take Jan Ken very seriously.

    84. Sir Kel

      So I'm going to assume the rock blocked her way out so she couldn't escape. Otherwise she was just an idiot.

      1. fami ivt

        Its she ,face ,eyes & voice

      2. Pingle Faz

        Yes he was

      3. stijn de vries

        He you mean

    85. mr sung


    86. LuciusFilmex

      Is this show as bad as this snippet makes it look, or is it worth it? :0

      1. SheffiTB

        it's not quite as bad as this snippet makes it look, but it's not good either.

      2. ReSouls

        Its awfully enjoyable if you're okay with isekai junk food

    87. Тορ Изρ

      "i win!" "no, rock rips throughs paper" "...wait paper covers rock, right?" "paper always covers rock"

      1. ShinigamiSparda

        @FoxAlive 17 Tremors 2, yeah.

      2. Miracle Ch.

        but what if the rock was bigger?

      3. TheBlues32

        Love that movie. Actually saw the second one first, so I'm kinda disappointed with myself for not remembering this line came from the sequel. Val wouldn't have fallen for that.

      4. Aнтония Стойнова

        but rock keeps rollin'

      5. FoxAlive 17

        Is that from tremors I feel like that's from there.

    88. felix hartmann

      The cgi still hasn’t improved

    89. Justin Bodewes

      The title of these new anime kills me 😂😂

    90. ぜろZero Nakanoなかの

      Normal People: Flare Burst! Weebs: Explosion!

    91. bosch

      I want Diablo to go full Overlord or Goblin Slayer level of violence on these church people.

    92. Malcolm Fitzpatrick

      Guy can dodge get touched by can't dodge a slow rolling rock?

    93. Trise

      "Rocks fall, everyone dies"

    94. Zaw Win

      Ainz- Grasp heart Paladin- dead

    95. Isaiah Mills

      Oh, I didn't see this said 7 hours ago, no wonder why there's less than 100 comments

    96. Boots Bailey

      The trope of being scared of women and being clueless is getting terribly old...

      1. Nathan Taffijn

        Clearly never watched the video he crushed her.......

    97. Pekora Tenshi

      this rabbit lived on the darkside of pekoland and now they are squished

    98. Goldyy27

      Magic don’t work on him 😂

    99. Zackarie Branscomb

      I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure chain lightning was from Overlord🤨

      1. Zaryn T

        Yeah, chain lightning is classic. Overlord wasn't even born yet.

      2. Tester

        My guy chain lightning is a classic fantasy spell

    100. Mistery Misterio

      So much for not wanting anybody dead.