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    Ep 9: Milim reveals an uncomfortable truth to Rimuru! Watch The Slime Diaries on Crunchyroll! got.cr/Watch-SlimeDiaries9

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here! got.cr/Watch-SlimeDiaries9

      1. cat adorable

        Is that the continue of the part 2 of season 2

    2. Djtoozfunny

      rimuru always got the drip on i swear !

    3. Draegon Manaka

      Thus the anime Equivalent of The Emperor’s new clothes.

    4. Ryltar

      Milim destroying Rimuru with facts.

    5. Blamo

      I mean he doesn’t really have anything to show anyway And if you say “what about his d” he has neither but still is refereed to as he

    6. Anonymous User

      Surprised RScamera didn't bonk y'all for that title XD

    7. Im not from 63rd

      This anime is to childish for my taste

      1. Neppedupplayer

        Well this is a slice of life spinoff after all.

    8. Azusa

      That- I- Wha?

    9. ZenKetsu

      That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime Exhibitionist Without Realising

    10. The BlackDemon458


    11. CaptainMonkeyTV

      Rimuru just flashed a child

    12. Judge Dredd

      As a Slim Rimiru doesn't really have any thing that would warrant the need for clothing to cover. In the slim state I would think that Rimiru would only need to wear something if it was providing some sort of protraction to Rimiru from something. Out side of that Rimiru in the slim form is a slim and the notions of nudity wouldn't apply unless Rimiru wanted them too.


      It was actually the first time that I have seen a female orc

    14. BabooKTM

      He became a Demon Lord and then WILD RANDOM FILLER EPISODES APPEAR.

    15. William Lan

      Is he getting… turned on by that?

    16. Daishi

      Somethings are just better off not knowing or realizing it.

    17. Daniel Marquez

      He had that 'OH MY GOD YOU'RE RIGHT' look on him. XD

    18. George Gogo

      Remind me of a time i started to overanylise or be hyperaware of thing i was doing...i had a mental breakdown afterward...not good time.

    19. Monochrome

      It gets weird when he actually starts getting into it.

    20. owen hart

      and this guy becomes a god

    21. Retro Christmas

      Anybody know of anime like elfen lied, higurashi, shiki, brynhilder in the darkness. Cant find any anime to watch and honestly those arw the only ones i liked.

    22. RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More

      Alright crunchyroll you've convinced me to watch slime diaries now stop recommending it to me

    23. khalid abdelmoneim

      Is the slime a girl or a boy?

    24. SoullessRights

      It doesn't matter if naked in Slime mode. Doesn't have private parts.

    25. Toshiro Valiant

      Milim: EXPOSE HIM!!!!

    26. Nicholas Walker

      I just realized, that house at the beginning is it rimurus mansion?

    27. waffle kitten

      "You done caught me in my birthday suit"

    28. Only a German Guy

      Rimuru is just top waifu

    29. Cris Louise

      0:12 I can't deny it anymore I want Rimuru. Rimuru is top waifu

    30. Xol Wora

      From the way his animation looks, since he doesn't have legs, maybe he bounces and walks using his cheeks.

    31. Xol Wora

      And yet when David did it they called him mad. Typical

    32. Liam Gillies

      0:27 :)

    33. Shaggy G

      To be fair rimuru dosent have anything to see like quite literrally theres nothing to see rimuru is a slime after all

    34. Jesse Golo

      0:26 This man just had his world shattered.

    35. Rebecca C

      its kind of weird because when he first got a human body i remember he walked around naked at first but everyone was like please where clothes even if you dont have anything to cover and he went oh right😂i dont remember where this was from ln, wn, or mangas

    36. Strawberry Milk

      I mean hes naked most of the time since his clothes are made from his body

    37. GrimShock

      Oh yeah I always was disturbed that he had his... belly?... A dragon doesn’t wear clothes.

    38. Jay

      Lol Love Rimuru shock face

    39. Turbo Pokey

      Don't get why "he" wastes his time on bouncing when he's a slime ball when he can just deform a little bit and start rolling. Seems like it'd be easier and faster to travel that way.

      1. kingdomcome180

        He does occasionally they have little doggy doors in most of the buildings for him that look like they are just part of the wall. He rolls in and out of them. I think he just likes bouncing to be cute

    40. Pizco Flatteny

      He has no holes or poles

    41. Javier Pastor Pérez-Minayo

      This clip feels like the Emperor's new Clothes.

    42. Kevin Lopez-Gibbs

      I love how the little goblin girl that is always hanging around Geld has a necklace similar to his

    43. Ethan Goins

      Hey if it ain't broke, Don't fix it

    44. Zian Xelmeus

      So Rimiru is an exhibitionist confirmed.

    45. MrFisher150421

      01:06 - D'awww, cute~!

    46. Quadratratte

      0:31 blessed Ara

    47. ILikeThingsItsTrue

      Rimuru: This better not awaken anything in me!

      1. Animefan7153 0

        Rimuru right after:"what is this feeling..."

    48. Bryan_The _Great

      Is this from a new season? Or is it a movie?

    49. DevilButt

      Rimuru comes to a realization, tbh I never thought of it too lol

    50. Master Cordoba

      hmm I've never seen a dressed dragon either and now that I think about this, neither have a seen a dressed Phoenix, does this mean Rimuru is this sort of mythical creature? I think it does.

    51. TheNightsWolf

      _cheeks warm_ Ah yes I wonder which *cheeks*

    52. M12GProductions


    53. M12GProductions

      Something awoke in Rimuru that day, a word starting with "E" and ending in "Fetish".

    54. Victor Hernandez

      Don’t look, Ethel!

    55. ElswSwine68031 ———-

      That explains why Shion always wants to hold Rimuru

      1. kingdomcome180

        Oh no!

    56. Davide

      its not like he has anything to be ashamed of

    57. MGhammer123

      Milim just be vibing. Rimuru out here fr 😆

    58. Mr Miner

      Yea but good luck getting clothes for a slime

    59. Chaos Lord

      To be fair, all slimes are naked. How do they even wear clothes without making said clothes all sticky and wet? Since Rimuru is a slime himself, you'd think he'd know about something like that don't you agree?

    60. Marcelo Seabra

      Obviosuly, that's not *the emperor's new clothes*

    61. Marcelo Seabra

      Ara, ara

    62. DragonSlayer Shinigami

      That awkward moment when Milim brings up a very interesting point that no one else even thought about.😄 Even Shion and Shuna are surprised.

      1. oprime

        I bet even the fans of the show didn't think about it until that exact moment. Lol!

    63. Viktor Aspgård

      he just got a new kink

    64. Archerd Agreste

      I gotta say that outfit looks perfect on rimiru and I really like that pose he took 0:12

    65. Cococrash11

      Awesome The Slime Diaries Video.

    66. Sunkanmi Fafowora

      Yo, can we give some props to people behind the music in this 👏👏 It's so calming and soothing to listen to

    67. 【Shadow monarch 】

      When you think about it, basically anyone who carry Rimuru, is carry him naked.

    68. Pika2land

      0:40 that goblin on the right of Rimuru is like 👁_👁

    69. Max Powers

      This is why I love the spin off more than the regular show. I love seeing the characters interacting in daily life.

    70. Ren Ranger 2

      Well, sure he’s in the buff, but he also has nothing to show or hide.

    71. Mecks089

      Slimes don't have genitalia, or organs, or bones. So what does it matter?

    72. LimboGen

      Well it's like when you go to the beach, you cover only some parts and considering Rimuru doesn't have those parts at all I don't see problem.

    73. Jeffrey Flores

      Lil goblin cosplaying as geld is so God damn precious

    74. builder396

      N U D I S T BEACH

    75. Blarx

      There a Ben 10 references here

    76. DantheReb

      Be so powerful and high up on the social hierarchy that you can literally walk around town naked and no one says a thing. Not even the children.

    77. HellMinion88

      shame. **rings bell** shame. xD

    78. Phill Zimmer

      Truly, the emperor has no clothes.

      1. oprime

        Lol, I had this exact thought after seeing him go in slime form through town.

    79. Arman Hammer

      0:54 a rare female orc!!

    80. karsten69

      Emperor's new clothes?

    81. Random Person

      Get this boi a hat. It’s basically a suit for slimes

    82. Gukutto *

      00:31 "Ara Ara" - they said it, they said the word

    83. nae


    84. My Contradiction

      His human body is growing. I wonder what it will look like when it fully mature.

      1. Animefan7153 0

        @My Contradiction alright I'll give you a spoken if you wanna know so badly It's at the very end, it's kinda a side story, where they made the technology to visit other worlds to help otherworlders get back to their worlds and the main characters are ramiris veldora and berreta, so things happened, rimuru came by to save the day, and he was so beautiful they automatically named him that, and besides, the people in the other world didn't know that he was a he(even though he's actually neither) and the legend was passed that if you became an unjust ruler the goddess of beauty would come by and denounce you

      2. My Contradiction

        @Animefan7153 0 He....goddess...something not right

      3. Animefan7153 0

        Here's to put an idea in your head Way later, hes literally given the title of the goddess of beauty

    85. GrimShock

      A head is always naked

    86. Antasma1

      Come on, it's not like he has any private parts in "human form" either

      1. Millstone1985

        Well, he has buttocks.

    87. G Dual

      ... it's hard to argue with that assessment

    88. Kaiyou1691

      There’s an “Emperor has no Clothes” joke in there somewhere XD

      1. Sn1p3s2

        Emperor's new clothes but yeah

      2. Suddhadeep Sarkar

        I really feel the same. Especially since the only person to point it out was Milim to whom, Rimuru was not an Emperor.

      3. Hesmiyu

        My thoughts too

    89. Uso 684

      Milim with her 200IQ Rimuru never expected that 😂

    90. TAnaker _

      I love the horrified look on Rimurus face after Milim said that

    91. Miking008

      I was expecting the next scene to show Rimuru wearing clothes while in slime form.

      1. Max Powers

        I think he has done so before.

    92. Gab

      On another note, that kimono looks pretty great on Rimuru.

      1. Animefan7153 0

        Anything looks great on him

    93. numaTruehome 100

      ... Rimuru is posing cute on purpose

    94. asaco343


    95. Dorados Amusement

      Epico 😎

    96. Dorados Amusement


    97. Никита Турутин

      1:07 she's so cute

    98. aGr3atD4y

      Rimuru is an exhibitionist

    99. Hyper

      Skill [Exhibitionist] has been acquired

    100. Ziggy *

      Oh no he's awakened something.