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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 10 here! got.cr/Watch-SlimeDiaries10

      1. oli sol


      2. oli sol

        how to make ice cups?

      3. Guy Jackson

        This made me happy and made me realize that even though this is an anime, this can still happen in real life as well. So thank you

    2. Markus Silva

      1:02 That goblin child is wearing a Geld scarf. How adorable ☺

    3. Casa F

      Cute little girl Don't have shoes On

    4. Jacob Kohr

      To anyone unfamiliar with this anime, you know that adorable girl in the thumbnail with the pink hair and pigtails? She's basically this anime's equivalent of Beerus. No seriously, she's literally one of if not the strongest demon lord in a world full of op monsters and is known as "the destroyer".

    5. oli sol

      how to make ice cups?

      1. oli sol


    6. 555kaiz

      And the Kingdom of Farmus wants to destroy this?!!!!, yeah that place deserves to wiped out of existence!!!!!

    7. The Wolf

      Milim best girl

    8. TheGodofCrusades

      When he got the woke eyes was probably my favorite part

    9. Deadly Dingus

      What if we kissed in the Rimur-igloo? 😳😳😳😳😳

    10. Gin Ichimaru o melhor antagonista

      the goblin kids are so cute

    11. Santan Thottempudi

      Someone explain to me the science behind those candles.

    12. Enrique Garcia


    13. Wolfpup13

      So much focus on milim in this filler series. Seems to hint that she is gonna have a major role in the next part.

    14. yasser YA

      it looks cold and snowy, but in this scene, it feels warm and lovely.

    15. Stormray

      That’s amazing how they turned the igloo into art

    16. Hefas

      the smol goblin girl is wearing a scarf similar to gelds.... adorable

    17. Dark Cheese

      how tough is that snow that milim was struggling a bit at first digging it?

    18. Haltree

      I love how that goblin girl has Geld's scarf

    19. theniceguy230

      Rimiru and milim would make a cute couple tbh

    20. Xeref2

      This is just too wholesome, im so glad they made slime diaries.

    21. NoBi ThE-SoLo-MaStEr

      Simply heartwarming. ^^

    22. Mighty Laser

      The baby goblins are too cute they should start showing the baby orcs too.

    23. Astolosan

      I love how rimuru uses great sage to have perfect craftsmanship

    24. Sadaf Mansib

      Milim just knocked over all the competition with her cuteness for seasons to come.

    25. 71nix

      no cap ttigraas has the cutest kids

    26. LUPYX

      Wholesome. I've recharged my soul

    27. Quincy StarFox

      I love that gelds goblin daughter has the same neck warmer as him haha

    28. Miking008

      I love that Milim is so gentle when playing with the goblin kids, in contrast to all the times she’s caused mayhem or sent people flying with her immense strength in the past.

    29. Ahmed Noseir

      “How to train your dragon” more like how to tame a demon lord”

    30. KxngCap23

      This anime is beyond garbage😂

    31. MGhammer123

      Mochi sounds good rn 😋

    32. Zachary Bowman

      The baby goblins in this show are way too cute

    33. Meta Lucario

      Is it just me or is this just sad af knowing what lies in ahead of them after these good moments?

    34. Leo

      I just love the fact that she used great sage for it

      1. Arek.K

        *she?* Ya mean a genderless character so i guess it should be *they*

    35. Funky

      i aint forget crunchyroll, i aint forget the video you posted before this

    36. Hunter Sallee

      Was that a snow hut or a snow house because that was awesome

    37. MysteryAGMLegend

      Aww I want a giant Rimuru igloo now, to bad it’s summer now.

    38. J O'N


    39. William Jr

      dude that would make a great player home in a videogame

    40. Spencer Sonnefeld

      0:50 is Milim a stand? (Or stand user; I'm not familiar with Jojo)

    41. Michael Marach

      One thing I really enjoy about the slime diaries is how much it flushes out the friendship between Rimuru and Milim.

    42. WJen8

      I wish this Milim was the one that remained...

    43. Gavi Greenspan

      im sorry but did they make candle holders out of ice?

    44. Jwolajan

      Chip Chip Cheerio

    45. Emanuel Henrique

      This scene melt my heart..... as much as that ice will in the spring.

    46. ReshiEXE

      This show has become the most heart-warming anime of 2021.

    47. Ron Bert Lomarda

      If we had seen this episode before the demon lord arc, our rage would have been tenfold.

    48. Jimothy Jermanthonly

      I love milim

    49. YoungKage 氷雷

      Wait but wouldn’t fire melt the igloo......you know what not my department

    50. doctor leak

      Great Sage needs a holiday.

    51. The Baka Lord

      Great Sage: this is a waste of my abilities and ski”- Rimuru: no it isn’t! Its to impress the kids! Great Sage: *sighs* Rimuru: did you sigh?! Great Sage: it is in your imagination

    52. Tristen Shirley-Bayless

      Those kids are the reason Rimuru is in the process of committing war crimes in the main series.

    53. toorah maar

      i cannot have enough of milim cuteness. as long as there is milim, i click the like button.

    54. Rinkuri Ichi

      Non non biyori Episode 11 Last part same vibe.

    55. Furion Max

      Forget an igloo. They turned it into a friggin ice hotel!!

    56. FamousKI

      I hope slime diaries gets a season 2. It’s way too wholesome and fun

    57. lilsonic Gaming

      1:15 Fast mode.

    58. Critic Cal

      And I wonder why such gentle and friendly slime turned into blood thirty monster?

    59. Felipe Vasquez

      Bro it look like laid back camp when this two

    60. Sarah H.

      Oh My God the little goblin children are so cute.

    61. José Martins

      This is so damn wholesome...better than any antidepressant

    62. emptank

      The lengths Milim will go through to be inside of Rimaru are truly staggering

    63. Boruto jojo

      isn't that girl with a white dress and black scar not cold?

    64. Marcos Vinicius

      When Milim acts like a child, you can easily forget about the fact that she vaporized a entire city with only a well-aimed Drago Nova....

      1. Marcos Vinicius

        @Bryn Phillips Yeah, well observed. Maybe because of that she acts like a 8 year old child most of the time

      2. Bryn Phillips

        Well in a way she had her childhood stolen from her. Because of her heritage she was feared and/or manipulated and that only got worse after her rampage. This is probably the closest she has ever had to something like a childhood. The fact Rimuru isn't afraid of her but at the same time has no interest in manipulating her is probably why she clicked with him and his kingdom.

    65. N-Rod

      This is the kind of wholesome I need right now

    66. kelaarin

      Where's the Geld scene? That one hit HARD!

    67. kelaarin

      Fantasy: Rimurigloo. Reality: Decomposing Pumpkin

    68. Cococrash11

      Awesome The Slime Diaries Video.

    69. GoldenRailgun

      I said this before and I'll say it again! Seeing Milim having fun and smiling makes a big fan of her myself REALLY happy. =3 Honestly, this was a truly wholesome part of the episode. I think Milim likes you far more than you realise, Rimuru. =P

    70. Jacob Barth

      This is a slice of life isekai

    71. Yuzuki 23

      Fire in ice. I don't understand but this is wonderfully wholesome.

    72. Jonic_P

      I've never felt more jealous of Goblin children in my whole life... Imagine having childhood moments like this???

    73. tyler whitaker

      I find it beautiful that a goblin village was pretty much freed by a slime. So beautiful.

    74. colin8696908

      They're really just training the kids to be coal miners.

    75. Judge Q

      Damn Rimuru making time just to play with the little children of the town is simply too wholesome

    76. Richard s

      I was suprise to see that every episode is 23mins long, it pretty much like another season

    77. Just some girl in a cat suit

      This video makes That Time I got Reincarnated as a slime look like a slice of Life anime, but with monsters, instead of humans.

      1. Xavier Vargas

        Well slime diaries is a slice of life with monsters instead of humans

    78. Cubs Popply

      And this was all before the humans attacked

    79. Sloth Of Sins Harlequin

      I swear Goblin Slayers brain would implode on this show 😂

    80. Universal Veteran

      Anybody down for this Winter creating something similar? From the looks of it though I think the snow mound will need to be pretty tall, and thick

    81. Third Fleet Hunter

      Milim is improving her restraint. It looks like she is actually making physical effort without destroying anything.

      1. ReivaOkami

        She's basically learning that life isn't just about fighting, that the little things in life are worth the effort.

    82. mike king

      I like how we forget milim is like a hundred years old but acts like a 7 year old

    83. Al's account

      Is it necessary to watch Slime Diaries if I watch the main series?

      1. Gin Ichimaru o melhor antagonista

        slime diaries is just a spin off

    84. Mosh Moshy

      1:14 Takagi-san?

    85. AGN

      everything can be reused for something

    86. Kurai Limbu

      Damn what is the instrumental playing in the background?????

      1. Kln Wg

        Piano, violins, viola, and cellos. That at least what i hear

    87. Jamie Rolls

      Rimur-Igloo... Whoever names the Crunchyroll videos deserves a raise.

    88. KINGhotaru11

      The little ones soo adorable :D

    89. Zero Alpha

      They make nice couple 😊

    90. QUADIR

      Where is all the lil goblins parents? THIS IS TO WHOLESOME!!!!!

    91. Francisco vitor


    92. omar Nawwab

      those kids are casually hanging out with the president of their country

      1. CardSearcher911

        And one of the few people capable of obliterating countries with ease.

    93. Uranus :

      I no longer like this anime is the same generic thing over and over again the first season was good but this is the same thing.

    94. REDandBLUEandORANGE

      I actually love Milim so much she is so adorable

    95. Robert Coffey

      The chibi goblins are just too adorable.

    96. Arnøld Castîllo


    97. marcaus park

      Those children are soooo cute, they're absolutely adorable 😍❤️

    98. jassim mudhaf

      Goblin slayer oh goblin slayer what is reality anymore

    99. jaysol191


    100. WEABOOF

      I didn’t expect this show to be so wholesome