Juka's Tranformation | Fairy Ranmaru

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 4 here! got.cr/Watch-Ranmaru4

    2. Hoshimiya !


    3. Tyshauna Luckey


    4. Gil Souza

      What in God's name did I just watch :monkaW:

    5. Blair Tate

      The hell did I just watch

    6. Blaze Dragon

      I think I want to die...

    7. Doge

      I almost threw up... thanks crunchy

    8. Killermoon

      You post video from this trash, but yet much better and underrated anime like Dragon Quest does not have any clips !!!

    9. Nathalia Santos


    10. Olga Gacha Phoenix


    11. Rexstocephir XIII

      I'm confused!

    12. Roifire Scott

      This is all I have to say:😳😳😳

    13. Binary Colors


    14. Logan

      oh, its a dude

    15. Yusuf Bashir

      This looks like a copy of sailor moon NOW DONT GET ME WRONG

      1. mimii_chuu

        no it’s not-

    16. Leniel Rodriguez

      What in the sailor moon abomination is this ?😂

    17. mmm that's good idk

      Trans gender.

    18. Mariel


    19. Jacob Flores

      What the hell did I just watch

    20. Just a Random Weeb

      i just realized, what happens to the girls

    21. Danyaku Branchikumo

      This guy is like 75% Boy and 25% Girl Still a weird anime tho wth

    22. re tard


    23. Lemeres

      While some will say 'gender equality', I question if it is a direct 1 to 1 mirror. The magical girl genre typically has a strong focus on the idea of a girl gaining strength in a way that is presented as distinctly feminine. Instead of armor and swords, it aims for sparkles and frills, and strength of will overtakes raw physical might. This? I am not familiar with the series, but I'm going to guess it is a reverse harem with a standard "boy band" cast. And this transformation is done through the power of the 'every girl' audience stand in. So I would argue that this is still a fantasy rooted in feminine power- it is just that it center around female sexuality, rather than strength of will, friendship, etc. It honestly seems like it hits a similar general psychological niche as the cliche "I am the only boy with this power that is usually for girls, so now I have this girl school to myself". Both have a focus on overturning a power dynamic with the opposite gender. The 'male with female power' creates a setting where females gained power because they are the only ones with the setting's mcguffin power. The male intrudes upon this newly established dynamic, and reestablishes the prospect of male dominance. However, the girls in that trope usually maintain their own prior abilities- the male simply comes in with protagonist armor and does it better. In comparison, this show seems like it focuses on the female character's gate keeping power- the 'boy band' style cast usually has at least a few haughty, opinionated, and stubborn characters that chaff at the gate keeping, but they are forced to play nice and follow her, or they are stripped of their own agency and power. Of course, that might be a necessity in making this palatable. The kiss clearly indicates that this has a watered down focus on sexuality. For the 'male with female power' genre, the focus on sexuality is about creating a situation where partners are available and willing to participate, without much fear of serious rejection, which likely plays into concerns of a male centered audience. However, in genre with a female audience... well, having 4-5 men urgently try to perform a sensual act upon you can be.... problematic (as in "she's 15, and the FBI are watching" problematic). So a heavy focus on gate keeping ability and powerless males likely allows them to be less threatening and more approachable. The transformation sequence clearly pays attention to this issue, since the girl disappears right before the kiss occurs. It is kept just off screen, but clearly implied and anticipated by the audience. It is a thought left more to the imagination, instead of being shoved into the audience's face. TL;DR- I'm up at 4:30 AM on a... well, Saturday now, and I somehow got to thinking way too much about this instead of going to bed. Help.

      1. Tweaked Cryptid

        As someone who does watch this series I can attest that it isn't a reverse harem. Each episode focuses on one of the fairies helping a different girl with a serious problem.

      2. Asha-fey Wiersma

        This is a really good breakdown of the material, though Even if it was a 4am thought

    24. B1LANK

      Don't give me context

    25. Coyote Trickster

      Oh My... That was so Takei

    26. Noob9000

      Logging into discord be like

    27. hiyo zhan

      my fav transformation will forever be the blue one (uruu's) 🤺🤺

      1. Olga Gacha Phoenix


    28. hiyo zhan

      femboy ⁉️⁉️⁉️

    29. etherious natsu dragneel

      I just had blend s in mind The word "surprise" is also the only word that followed

    30. Casey Hughes

      I have many regrets....

    31. Zombie Killa

      Odd moment you realize that’s a dude not a girl💀💀💀

    32. Aidan Jones

      In so I’m a spider so what why did the creators have more screen time on the humans. And when they show up people skip them but ep 21 is only about them so what’s the point of watching the episode

    33. Just Some Guy On His Phone

      *PFFFF?* Well that last part wasn't expected

    34. akvaryum oyunda

      tf that

    35. BJ Goodrich

      What happened to the girl???

    36. cheechee chezeburger

      There he is, I was waiting for him 🥰💚

    37. Amoral Support

      Oh hey magical femboys ❤!

    38. exe gamer

      This is guy

    39. Dubious Sheep


    40. Roxxas theDemonslayer

      IT BURNS!

    41. Rhodri •

      This is beyond sus😳

    42. Nawf 4

      So I just clicked on this video randomly........................what?

    43. Numbers Letters

      Whoa!!! This is ummmm....anime.

    44. Draco Lolp


    45. Grant Bacon

      transformation is misspelled

      1. Just Korbii

        No no, "tran"

      2. Rhodri •

        nice catch

    46. CK N

      Oh the comment section will be worth gold

    47. Erwin's Eyebrows

      What did I just witness

      1. Glory Grandeur


      2. XxAnime ParadiseXx

        I felt the same way man like what the hell did I just see my mind will be scarred forever

    48. Cococrash11

      Awesome Fairy Ranmaru Video.

    49. Just a normal Weeb

      Well that just happened

    50. NuggetTato

      Those are...some nips, he's so adorable though

    51. SaffronOak

      I is confusion??!!?

    52. cocoa puffa

      i have mixed emotions 😀

    53. husni al-riyami

      What hell im look at🙄

    54. dt5101961Nelon

      This is quite normal actually, after watching the blue transform.

      1. Rico Robinson

        Ikr the blue one was wild 🤭🤭

    55. Karmaical

      Huh well y'know I'm starting to question if giving Crunchyroll w sub was the best move

    56. Kagura Lion

      God i love this anime.

    57. Alex After

      I feel like the Fujoshis will have an epic day because of this anime

    58. Dark Carnival Mirage

      This one was actually pretty good 👍🏻👍🏻

    59. Bad Wisdom

      The hell !!?

    60. Crystal Morse

      Ehhhhh okkkk

    61. Kiishi FAMADEWA


    62. Like a Leaf in the Wind

      Well, man nipples and flashing butts aside, those words at the transformation end are certainly unusual... "Taboo Rescinded! Love in profusion! Fairy of Verdure, Jyuka, advent!" That's a mouthful that no Sailor girl ever spouted.

      1. FFKonoko

        "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" But if you count the whole speech... "Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you! I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and Justice! I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of Moon I'll punish you!"

      2. Crescendobro

        Well its because Love is taboo for Fairies but they use the power of Love to transform and fight the spiritual manifestation of girl’s problems to win their love and adoration. Hence “Taboo rescinded, Love ________”

      3. Crystal Morse

        Don't forget the toe curling

    63. tryman 159


    64. Pawsome Elemental Animal

      Very cool

    65. MaXcar

      Ye looks like femboys are taking over

    66. FBI

      Anime makes me question humanity sometimes.

      1. J Will

        @Omar Khalid but they don’t turn into MEN

      2. Omar Khalid

        @J Will have you never seen girls at the gym? The powerlifters are buff AF.

      3. Anos

        Makes me question my sexulatiy

      4. FFKonoko

        @J Will sounds like someone is unsecure about buff guys specifically

      5. Juan Changito

        @J Will I think you mean Bisky from Hunter X Hunter

    67. Allan Noe Muñoz


    68. Albino Albedo

      Whoaa 🍑 My eyesss 🔥👄🔥

    69. I'm a Virgin and I'm proud


    70. Nightmare

      This show is so unholy 0:58

      1. Olga Gacha Phoenix

        It's just a belly button

    71. Amythest Muse

      I’m reminded of a series I watched called Pretear….. basically the Mana Knights fuse with the Pretear to transform her.

    72. Shiba Tatsuya

      Juka’s looks the cutest

      1. Crescendobro

        he totally is, sucks he's the weakest though and his weapon is literally an arrow but he has no bow and just stabs people with it

    73. mimii_chuu

      this transformation reminds me of cure felices transformation tbh (kinda)

      1. Olga Gacha Phoenix

        Gasp, oh that's right!

    74. Shamar Levinloyd

      Seems like a Sailor Moon reference by coincidence.

      1. Yusuf Bashir


      2. FFKonoko

        I don't think it's coincidence

    75. mev

      MY FAVORITE!!!

    76. LoreilDarksky00

      This series is... A Thing. That Exists. But damn if the music isn't great

    77. Fiorela Quipildor

      The cutest

    78. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      You know how they say eventually a couple start to become like each other?

      1. TheSecretLover

        If this is what they meant, I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved to be single...

    79. Blood God

      Oh I thought it was a girl

    80. Dommsuu

      tf is this anime about

      1. Tigs

        Fairys who use the power of love to transforms

    81. Anivia a Criofenix


    82. GoshJosh YouSoFunny

      I heard my cousin moaning while watching this anime she must find it really good.

    83. JC Maylon


    84. Kawada


    85. Julia Moldovan


    86. Luiz Felipe

      Que viajem é essa

    87. ofreaaa EU

      I was expecting a girl but ok

      1. Olga Gacha Phoenix

        They all boys kissing a girl to transform lol

    88. ofreaaa EU

      First almost

    89. The Duke Of Dorks

      Oh no, he's hot!

      1. The Duke Of Dorks

        No u

      2. Kai XII

        No relax man

      3. Rhodri •


      4. Rager Carnage

        Thanks squidward

      5. Malone Mantooth

        The Duke Of Dorks: What is this Anime about?

    90. Bunni Gal

      His transformation and song are my favorite

    91. akira 12


    92. Kevin Regalado

      I enjoy this anime. Nice to see clips getting posted

      1. Faouz asui

        whats this anime even about

      2. Shogo Yamada

        It looks nice yeah