Iruma's Throne | Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2

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    Ep 8: Iruma ascends to the demon lords throne! Watch Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2 on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 8 here!

      1. Bruno #27

        Top D + 😎👍

      2. Esper Won

        Nah I'm good

      3. O1S YT ☑


    2. gabriel barroso

      Name músic ?


      Like ....the future demon king

    4. jack ofhearts

      Does he really have a demon ancestor?

    5. Ugapiku

      I need that OST

    6. Lotothegen


    7. Orvex

      His Chad level turn his Uniform into a cape😂

    8. Griffy DZ

      i have no idea what is this anime, he looked like what?

    9. Hamburglar710

      Just Iruma asserting his dominance among his fellow classmates

    10. EVIL SIMP

      This is how I feel sitting on my toilet 1:00

    11. bicunisa


    12. lebogang kethumetsi

      Like what??? Am I the only one who wants to know?

    13. Castus

      Well we all know irumi wicked phase will be better


      Like who df spit it out!!!😭

    15. tsu bateva

      Some epic foreshadowing

    16. Andy O

      Like what? oi finish your sentence

    17. Johnny Allen III

      LIKE WHAT!!!!??????

    18. Riyamu

      Can't wait to see where his story goes to

    19. Kamil Głowacki

      Uhh this audio

    20. Sensei Blaze

      Wait am on ep 2 NOOOOOOOOOOO SPOILED

    21. Ethan Matz

      This little arc was so damn good man. I love this show.

    22. Fred Jones

      LIKE WHATTT smh I’m over here waiting for him to tell me who he’s LIKE

    23. Amine Kobb

      Why can't they keep this version

      1. Amine Kobb

        Or at least mix both his personalities

    24. Ugapiku

      So far the best moment in this anime. Future looks bright!

    25. Anthony亗

      No se ustedes pero yo me vi todo el anime solo para ver esa parte XD

    26. Susan Walls

      Dang, now we have to wait a whole season & a half to see Irumean again!

    27. Kts_Mighty

      Hope when he become the demon king he stays in his “evil form” forever

    28. Златин Георгиев

      Whi is he so diffrent?

    29. Brandon Hardy

      I kinda wish the whole show iruma was like this it kinda reminded me of Lelouch

    30. Z Fighters

      (Spoiler) Don't worry guys wicked iruma will come back but as irumi-chan

    31. ᴀᴛʜᴀɴᴀsɪᴀ

      Continue your Words: HE LOOKS so much what plss continue I dont want to be up 3am in the morning trying to figure out what you're trying to say..👁👄👁

    32. kazumas mojo

      Ugh such a underated anime it needs more attention I hope it gets a season 3 a few years later like how they did with this season but a little faster

    33. Bolaji Daniyan

      I don't like this new him

    34. mariowiiluigi1919

      From the 1st episode from the first season to this it all comes toghether

    35. jericho Daan

      Still brings me chills

    36. Gamma Games

      Alikred (Ring-kun's name) is Derkila backwards. Which is the name of the missing demon king. Just saying.

    37. Katakuri Mochi Mochi no Mi

      look like who ?????

    38. Yana Pavelko

      We all know how it ends. We are here for "how"

    39. rouli ferb

      petition to change the name to badass Iruma because he i snot evil he is just confiden :D

    40. jake gotgame

      LIKE WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Tnecniw

      Iruma's balls are so big that when he sat upon the throne he asserted the ultimate dominance! XD

    42. Jonas M.

      I want the kind Iruma back :(

    43. the raptor

      Evil iruma: "your all pawns in my game" Good iruma: I'm sorry I'm sorry

    44. Am I random or what?

      Goosebumps.. every time I see it, they did a damn fine job animating it.

    45. Lyc0ris

      Can't wait till drag queen episode

    46. Helix

      Like...Like...Like... Like WHAT?!?!?! GODDAMN MAN

    47. Genji


    48. cannb

      I like how this implies that Iruma's ancestor was the demon lord

    49. TheDeathmail

      This is actually a really chilling scene. It contrasts the feel of the series as a whole very well, yet is also not out of place. It helps confirm things that we are pretty sure will be true, but still comes off as a bit of a surprise. Only issue is that in some moments, when it showed him, it'd have been better to show their faces and reactions instead. But all in all... a very well done scene...

    50. Pedrozo HD

      They didn't show his future sight!? Noooooo, that part gave me chills why did they not put it? They kinda showed it but not Alice kneeling down

      1. Pedrozo HD

        @Sapphie FuziNeko it's not gonna hit as hard as it could, it's such a short scene it could have definitely fit at the end of the episode. Oh well maybe they'll do something different

      2. Sapphie FuziNeko

        I saw that particular scene in the next episode’s preview. So hopefully we will get to see that then

    51. J02XPH

      this was so hypeeeeeeee

    52. Vamoose13

      I’m still wondering what he thought he looked like

    53. Ariel Garcia

      It reminds me to Laharl lol what a great series

    54. Happy ϟ

      *Me* : yo like what? Yooooo like what men?? YOOOOO LIKE WHAT BIT-

    55. Mad Mike

      Iruma's bloodline ability is Haki

    56. André de Souza do Vale

      Lord Kallig after becoming Darth Nox and Emperor of Zakuul

    57. PRchris13

      U know u have good parents if they sell you I mean it is bad But most anime and tv shows and even books with a character who parents sold the kid The kid ends up being badass and having a good life So yeah technically in rare occasions Selling kids is good in anime

    58. 0Destro0

      So......... like what????

    59. Ras

      I feel like Alice got turned on when he sat down 😅😅

    60. Ziya Tarık SARAYLI

      My King

    61. Son Gohan

      This iruma is so charismatic compared to the other that really sucks 🔥🔥

    62. ItsSwanton


    63. Wolfrage76

      That smile at 1:17 is like: N.D.W.H.S.O!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!

    64. SideQuestAddict

      Oh hi Krichevskoy. Or Laharl. Or whatever. This show got weird.

    65. Abdega

      Iruma Drip

    66. getsumi

      I swear i would not be surprise That hes in réality the son of the demon king or his reincarnation in a human body also dont tell me iruma human he at least half demon or else he would never have survived the first day at school just also his danger avoiding talent look more like a bloodline power to me the dude able to sense and avoid all danger even those he dont see coming that not a talent that a superpower he avoided nearly 100 weapon on first try on first day all while moving like a ninja also while half of them came from blind spot he at least half demon or another creature but he isnt human he also communicated with several demon beast while other demon could not and hes the reason the ring of glutonny a ring that normally only purpose is to suck mana for later use gained what seem to be a soul

    67. Therry Douyou

      ᴺʸ ᵈʳᵉᵃᶰ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᶤˢ 1k ᵂᶤˡˡ ʸᵒᵘ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉᶰ🥰😍

    68. The Duck

      He said like and never ended

    69. Icicle_AI

      So what's with the pink haired demon and why is he simping for Iruma?

      1. 0senBlade

        That's Amadeus Alice and you have to watch episode 1 of season 1 to know why he's a simply for iruma.

    70. Sylvia Barboza

      Idk why but this gave me chills tbh

    71. Anderson Chemey


    72. Romain Bowen101

      He reminded of the previous devil king to sit there which interesting moments.

    73. ItzJustKris

      I gave up watching this show after I realized this isn’t permanent ...I was excited to see it thinking it was him evolving or changing as a character as r maybe spending time in the demon realm changes humans to be crazy dark and strong but nope

      1. anonymous

        @ItsJustVin true

      2. ItsJustVin

        Also wow you're just an edgelord with that thought process

      3. ItsJustVin

        But that's so boring and lame if its permanent

    74. Someone

      What impresses me is that he managed to look cool even though his feet can't touch the ground

    75. San Lorenzo

      I haven’t gotten vibes like this since I played The Godfather game and became Don of NYC. Epic…

    76. saper boi

      Spoiler: Wonder who'll win between him and the other candidates for becoming the demon lord. Still waiting for the chapter ;-;

      1. saper boi

        @ItsJustVin that would be sad.

      2. ItsJustVin

        @saper boi or Kiriwo steals it thanks to his brother being in the council

      3. saper boi

        @ItsJustVin well twists does happen but I doubt it would in this case. Tho the 3 of them might all be demon kings who knows honestly. Edit idk if they're more than 3 but they say there will be.

      4. ItsJustVin

        I mean kinda no brainer

    77. suzana pipuš

      What a Surprise

    78. Splatter King

      Anyone knows which of the soundtrack plays when the throne is revealed

    79. RAUNA

      Well I liked how evil iruma wasn't really evil at all just confident, just like President ameri, these episode were only a look into the future cause he will need to be a badass agint to become the king

      1. Chris Flados

        Ameri can be brash and pushy; Iruma just speaks and his will is done.

    80. Spencer MacDougall

      I like how normal Iruma is a Hufflepuff, but he can sometimes become a Slytherin (cold, cuning, and ambitious, not a evil mass murderer)

    81. Pome Pau

      He's just sitting there menacingly.

    82. Henry Toloza

      You guys know nothing this is where they start working hard

    83. Azzy Asbourne

      Hail to the king, baby.

    84. Henry Siaw

      So they finally got the classroom?!...Hurray

    85. FAPG PEGO • hace 20 años

      Me lo imaginaba con la cancion de one piece pero bueno

    86. L.S.C Akatsuki

      Queria q o Iruma ficasse assim pra sempre !!!

    87. Violet Ram

      Love this!!! Remember watching this episode yesterday.

    88. Rachel 'RTNightmare'


    89. Zayne Lewis

      Like Like Like the demon king of high school 😅😆

    90. Harshil jay Hurree

      Iruma was the demon king , now and always will be the demon king

    91. SmokeyOwOs

      I keep forgetting he looks like a younger demon king

    92. Omar Lizardi

      I was waiting for some spanish guitar when he sat down. being a demon lord and all.

    93. ッ

      Is this Anime worth it?

    94. Dr Artiick

      Isn't Iruma for some dumb reason the technical successor of the previous Demon King? Like... His son or sum like that

    95. Zion Zero

      Damn Dark Yugi got banished to the shadow realm

    96. Kaith

      Derikula is alukired backwards 😳

    97. ChronoRebel_GreatGryffon

      That wasn't just Iruma claiming a fancy chair for himself. That was a mission statement.

    98. HiddenBlade

      I want evil iruma back 😤

    99. Andre Ricardo

      Aquele iruma mais gentil ja era.... a personalidade dele mudou de vez, agora esta mais dark e controlador....

    100. Maria Fernanda Barahona Martinez

      demon kuni....orewanaru!!!