I Wan't to Get to Know You | To Your Eternity

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    Ep 9: Rean wants to know Gugu more better! Watch To Your Eternity on Crunchyroll! got.cr/Watch-TYE9

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here! got.cr/Watch-TYE9

      1. angel padilla

        I don’t know if I’m Wrong but this looks like gin no guardian😅 well his character avatar in the game he played

    2. Giovanni

      Whoever made the title knows what will happen next

    3. Levikilla

      Will Rean find out why Gugu wears his mask?

      1. Cup Cup

        *Spoiler* Yeah

    4. Weeb King

      I only came to rant about the grammar mistake

    5. وأنت ارحم الراحمين

      What is a name of this anime?

    6. kavaskous

      I expect Gugu to die but I want him to confess to nearly dying to save Rean and them starting a relationship where they grow old together. Damn this amazing anime.

    7. GoldCobra/ Arima

      I was super dissapointed with the episode...I hoped he would show her his face and told her the truth how it happened...

      1. Coding Only

        then it means you are dissapointed with the character of gugu, not the episode itself.

    8. Nathijan Maheshan

      Anyone know the background music for this scene?

    9. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      I read the pain, I must now watch the pain…

    10. Victor Strang

      Gugu is the best boy ever. So adorable it hurts. I'm very afraid of something happening to him.

    11. ChillNEO

      Who was 110% sure he was gonna show her his face

    12. natalie

      this is a cute scene but i feel like someone's gonna die ):

    13. MGhammer123

      Rean and Gugu finally getting that one on one time, these goofballs wholesome af ✊🏿

    14. Aiden Alexis

      I pray these 2 live

      1. Carlos Fiore

        Same ☹

    15. Liam Lang

      This seems good, but it seems like it’ll just make me feel really sad all the time. Does anyone recommend it

      1. Dediu Alex

        Not really

      2. Just Korbii

        Yes still, it's very good

    16. James

      dont die dont die dont die dont die

    17. 変態DatDemonKing

      I haven’t watch this anime, is it good?

      1. s ss

        @Just Korbii Because there aren't many fights and his ADHD 12yo brain isn't entertained enough

      2. Alessandro Donato

        @Just Korbii I found him in another comment saying the same thing hahaha. He just answers this to people who make this question

      3. Just Korbii

        @Dediu Alex Why not?

      4. Dediu Alex

        Not really

      5. Just Korbii

        Very good

    18. Wayne Brown

      That s nice .

    19. darren zou

      Ok bois count down time. I give this girl 2 more episodes

      1. Olle Spengler

        3 take it or leave it

    20. Cococrash11

      Awesome To Your Eternity Video.

    21. Pekora Tenshi

      i just want to see gugu's face already !!

      1. Coding Only

        with the amount of different angles they showed - you pretty much saw his face fully already.

    22. ً

      “Wan’t” Yro’ue*

    23. who's candice

      Your heart isnt ready for what's about to happen

    24. Jonalee

      The title better not be a play on words of "I won't get to know you" That apostrophe concerns me

      1. Wahhad Allah

        HAHAHAHA. Wipes a tear from my eye. Oh man, oh man that's- with a serious face-...clever.

      2. Cường Nguyễn

        @jonalee spoiler ?

      3. Kenny Lee


    25. Christopher Dalton

      She's Mine my own my precious 😈😆😉😏😈

    26. I'll do it again


    27. Geova Dossantosconceicao

      Da para colocar em português?por favor coloca

    28. Christopher Dalton


      1. T.O. Beatz


    29. Butt Bandit

      I wan't to know who came up with that title

    30. Original493

      It's so hard to not get attached to the characters on this anime knowing that they will all most likely die.

      1. ttracs

        @Pokejedi you got me there.

      2. Pokejedi

        When it's confirmed one of them won't die because he's immortal.

    31. DjBackman

      Want* 😬

    32. WarBovine

      The real star of this scene is the floofball with the tongue.

    33. Francisco

      Crunchyroll is a nest for single lonely weebs, that's all I know

    34. Itsfishbih

      You guys are not ready for what’s coming 😭

    35. Awful Lawton

      Damn this is getting good.

    36. tree

      to whoever wrote the title, *Want* is a singular word. It doesn’t need an apostrophe 😂

      1. Мікалас Кaрыбутоў

        It is a pun. Girl is going to die.

    37. Chris Nededog

      Read the title as one sentence: I want to get to know you to your eternity. - That's a keeper!

      1. Chris Nededog

        @Nato Min I do dare to dream such an event.

      2. Nato Min

        Thats something only a few on earth will hear from someone. 😂

    38. Nightmare

      crunchyroll its want bruh use grammaly

    39. Artorias Still breathing

      We definitely need a compilation of all the OST of To your eternity at the end of season 1. I'm feeling so immersed, whenever the sound comes up...

      1. Coding Only

        it elevates the emotions

    40. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      Yup. This is gonna hurt...

    41. MIcheal Korode


    42. Mew-Cake

      I love these two so much! They develop so naturally as friends who like each other but don't know how to go about it. They're such cute kids ^^

    43. Dejan Andric

      I always detested these sorts of scenes in western cartoons and anime. It is completely unrealistic, it gives young boys fantasies a cute girl they like will ever invest any effort whatsoever into interacting with them, so they just keep quiet most of the time or when they do get the courage to say something they are completely bewildered by the lack of positive reaction. Then again if it was realistic it'd have some dry af conversations and moments.

      1. Adam Kasson

        Bruh its a fracking anime. It ain't that deep.

      2. Teeth Jones

        @Halo4beatsB02 Welcome to the internet

      3. Halo4beatsB02

        I'm confused

    44. gaming bro

      The absolute best anime this season.

      1. Armienta 62

        @Dediu Alex no this show is without a doubt better than Tokyo revengers and the characters are great in this show. If you can't see that then your just blind.

      2. Armienta 62

        @Niet Barkie Hella cap

      3. Pedro Souza

        @Errupt irony

      4. Errupt

        @Pedro Souza what?

      5. Pedro Souza

        @Errupt yes it is, find it.

    45. Prime Legend

      I hope Gugu lives :(

      1. Luke Lane

        Too bad


      tobi og naruto

    47. random

      nobody: crunchyroll "I wan't"

    48. sunjico

      ah, yes "wan't"

    49. rigux10

      An advice to everyone, don’t get too attached ...

    50. YahirChan

      *Rean,* come on lol! Your were being dramatic over a *SCRATCH!! Gugu* been through far worse, and *he’s pure!* *Reans* lowkey a *troll,* and she doesn’t even know it…

      1. McClaps

        @Pokejedi didnt all they do was embrace eachother one last time then kiss?

      2. Pokejedi

        @McClaps and some very close interactions

      3. vinny hollow

        Well yeah, she's a kid, a pampered kid at that. Kids are stupid.

      4. McClaps

        She will soon... Included with a cute kiss too ;)

    51. D1 _Commentator

      "I wan't to Get to Know You" English hmmmmmm

    52. Ke Woo

      That helmet gives me Little Nightmares 2 vibes...

    53. Allan Noe Muñoz

      1:32 ❤

    54. Goddess of the Sea

      I'm trying not to get attached but it sooooo hard 😭 I don't want him to die like the march 😭😭😭😭😭

    55. Acrostic

      “wan’t” *people of culture, i see*

    56. Otaku_GameFan

      How sweet. 😊

    57. The Erkenbrand

      Rean is the kind of person whose kindness can save lives or at least give the will to live. I'm not naive anymore with this anime, the happiness won't last long but as long as it's quality, that's all that matters.

      1. Krzysztof Czarnecki

        @The Erkenbrand yeah

      2. The Erkenbrand

        @Krzysztof Czarnecki Like Darth Plagueis, isn't it?

      3. Krzysztof Czarnecki

        Ironic, she could save others from dead but not herself

    58. Toanaboogege Francis

      Aww. Prepare your hearts children.

      1. Dwagon Swayer.

        @Roderick Hart you have to ask.

      2. Porkchopsism

        He go splat kek

      3. Xae

        I actually cried for gugu's death like legit actually hit the feels different than any other death in the series

      4. Roderick Hart

        @Spirit whyyyyyyyyy😭

      5. Toanaboogege Francis

        @Roderick Hart 😏

    59. Poet Scotty

      They both die holding hands I bet



      1. Mustafa Muhammad

        If you wanna watch it then prepare your heart


        To Your Eternity is the name

    61. Your future father


    62. Frank axe

      Mask boy did it

    63. Happy ϟ

      Kawaiiiiii desuuuuu~~💜💜

    64. 「HappShiba」

      "wan't" 😂

    65. Shachar Shilon

      Yeah! Me too! I wan't to get to know you as well

    66. Yile Wen

      *W A N " T*

    67. Kokuhaku Qiun

      Been waiting for an update on his face

    68. Captain Jack Sparrow


    69. Kelan Greene

      why tf is there an apostrophe in the title

    70. Mii U

      this seems wholesome, but also the "everyone will die" kind. interesting

      1. Jjim


      2. Jjim

        Ur correct

      3. Hue Houa Lee

        To your "eternity"

      4. JG P


      5. Happy ϟ


    71. Lelouch vi Britannia

      Crunchyroll can only release greatness

    72. Decomposed Corpse

      ahhh, crunchyroll, it's want not wan't

    73. austin webb

      Um *want*

    74. Muhamed ツ

      I learned something 😊

      1. Muhamed ツ

        @Gage Shippy that it doesn’t matter how you are and you are still the best even if your not human 😊

      2. Gage Shippy

        What did you learn.

    75. Basara Toujou

      I feel sorry for that girl, she has such a horrible injury🥲

      1. Dan Kapaunen

        @Ivan Nikitin your cappin' must be stopped

      2. Happy ϟ

        @Ivan Nikitin xddd

      3. Ivan Nikitin

        so horrible that animators dont even bother drawing it in the majority of frames hahah

    76. Jimi

      Knowing the theme of this anime, these two will have a sad love outcome.

      1. Seal_The_Deal

        rule number 1 of "to your eternity" everyone who is closest to the main character will die

    77. water_melon5

      "I sense a great disturbance in the force"

    78. THE OMNI Slayer

      Rean is such a genuinely kind hearted and with good manners person..

      1. Happy ϟ


    79. Maki Supremacy

      Famous last words in To your Eternity

    80. Just a Random Weeb

      1:06 so wholesome

    81. takeshi kovacs


    82. Pata de katy ñya


    83. KING OF ALL

      Oh no there's a typo

      1. Jay_D

        I didn't notice tbh

      2. KING OF ALL

        Seeing that typo makes my eyes hurt more than it should

    84. Iamdom


    85. lovelexibos2 plays

      Don't you all agree?

    86. • sentinel •


    87. lovelexibos2 plays

      This is just beautiful

    88. PR0DRAXIS

      About time.

    89. Gamma Bursta

      Yay yay

    90. Luis Garcia Valdovinos