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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 8 here! got.cr/Watch-Nagatoro8

      1. AllPVP

        very poggers

      2. AllPVP

        20 secs ago

    2. BTS Is The Best💜


    3. BTS Is The Best💜

      What they act like that they nasty af Why you’ll people watch this

    4. Anthony Canizares

      I'm disappointed they removed the Attack on Titan reference.

    5. MaRGeM

      هــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــهــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ﮼ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه،،ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه،، ﮼ممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممهــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪــﮪ

    6. Pokemonmovessongs Songsforyou

      Purposely touch the wrong spot end my suffering plus moment of bliss

    7. Christian Boustani

      Oh no, she has become too powerful!

    8. Craving Gaming

      *Drops dead

    9. TheBombayMasterTony

      Where the hell did that blonde come from? Arrives just to say "it's alright, they're dumb as hell" and just leaves, haha.

    10. Matias Sosa

      i love this

    11. Jade Harris

      Senpai-kun down bad

    12. progear stars

      I love when nagatoro is jealuos hahhahaha

    13. Azathoth

      This anime for simps

      1. Majora

        Haha you said the word

    14. Grady Pusateri

      bruh this ain't no romcom It's a fantasy

    15. GunGamer

      Don't get how this is funny at all. Switch genders and see how people react. Or in general, plot is very weird.

    16. Arri ve Derci

      "Look at me. I am the *senpai* now."

    17. Psycho Thinker

      Her eyes like a lunatic

    18. Xeno Veno

      "Look at me, I'm the senpai now."

    19. EpicKing7375

      *Help us study, senpai* Nagatoro: *Hol up!*

    20. jeweltara

      I wish more series had that one nice character that helps the MC keep a slight grasp on his sanity;

      1. jeweltara

        @Mateusz Kuciapski true she dose soften up but the firl at the end seems like the kindest out of the group. that being said friends like Nagatoro and the others are pretty well done i have friends like them myself...it helps if you aren't a spineless pushover

      2. Mateusz Kuciapski

        That's Nagataro And Gamo is nice too, the show has to show her nice side more

    21. Wishful Thinker

      I can't watch this anime on the basis that Paisen makes all human males look like the lowest living creatures in hell

      1. Mateusz Kuciapski

        Ok so you don't understand this anime at all

    22. Mari González

      In few words, his life would be an abyss, a down-below, a nightmare!

    23. Pato DLT

      Plot twist: Sakura likes senpai as well, but cuz she doesn’t get embarrassed like Nagatoro does, she becomes a problem for both senpai and nagatoro

    24. paco ramon

      1:14 Harley Quinn vibes.

    25. Joseph Quinn Swolin

      Look at me I'm the senpai

    26. Aron Smith

      Look at me, look at me! I am the senpai now.

    27. Soldier77

      Sakura just feels like the one friend who likes to out her friends because that's how she gets her entertainment and its hilarious

    28. Oh Boy

      “I think we all now where this is going.” -Gumball

    29. Gökhan Yüksekli

      Hey crunchy roll please let us know when that episode will come out thanks

      1. DaykingDaylight

        Tomorrow Saturday at 6:00 PM i think

    30. Mikaela Hyakuya

      1:06 star platinum reference

    31. mrloleno

      So did guy who makes titles got raise afterall?

    32. Izuku Midoriya

      Senpai 10000000000000% simp

    33. FLINT

      Is this new

    34. Two idiots play bg

      Crunchyroll can you add Kimetsu no Yaiba (demon slayer)?

    35. ASYA BURMA

      Baimli yapiyor

    36. Fernando5455

      Look at me, I am the senpai now.

    37. Willbur Dim

      Touch my man your dead

    38. CoolSkeleton92

      Look at- LOOK AT ME... *I' m t h e s e n p a i n o w*

    39. LocoJacobo Cookie

      "Help us study" My mind: Study the human body

    40. p0nderingw33b


    41. FANDI XD


    42. pablo ramirez

      0:10 Shingeki no kyojin

    43. Yasser Idris

      This is Sanji's fantasy

    44. Boothieboy

      u can have this on crunchy roll but when u look for 80% of the over stuff its not on thetre lol what a ajoke

    45. Dansphalt 9

      For some reason, this video came up when I searched Helltaker

    46. Tobbe9975432

      1:26 The face of a man who has just seen hell

    47. Unknown Soldier

      I’ll drop out first

    48. MADBD619

      Somehow, you’d have to be in school at least a year before the new ones come in. I don’t think that doing something three times don’t seem to count. Whatever that something is.

    49. Chris Lima

      So sad that we didn't have the Attack on Titan reference 😔

    50. The NightPhoenix 1026

      Quote from team four Stars so that's three angry wifey he has or do I hear four

    51. Kreyk999

      where is the reference to the attack on titans

    52. Adrian Ramirez

      Paisen is like parappa of thinking what would happen

    53. MGhammer123

      I'd rather give all three of em a piggyback ride-

    54. Skorpio

      Most of these Jokes have the name "sakura" in it, I can't tell if there's someone actually named sakura in the anime or they are referring to "naruto" 😐

      1. stampoulis rafail

        The blond girls name ks Sakura.

    55. MegaRyuki

      Nagatoro's expressions are a blast

    56. Newish Minutiae

      It must be scary for the guy.

    57. Toshiro Valiant

      When he graduates he's gonna need therapy

    58. pepe_silvia

      Lol if japan were really like this😤😤😤 Massaging my upperclassmen sheeshhhh

    59. Tomas Lopez

      1:35 Her voice is too damn adorable!!!

    60. Christopher Brown


      1. Mateusz Kuciapski

        Because he's 1 a introvert and a nerd 2 the girls like him and he probably realises it, he already said that Nagataro's company is fun

    61. Luke Hugar

      Can anyone tell me if this is a romance anime

      1. KC Smooth

        Yes it's a slice of life / romance

      2. Perfil

        There's parts of romance between Senpain and Nagatoro.

    62. Larson Racing.

      0:31 best girl

    63. origamipein18

      Jesus, how can your grades suck so hard? 😐

    64. Hollow Eyes

      LOOK AT ME!...I am the senpai now.

    65. SupermarketSweep777

      If I were him I would go see if any cargo ships are looking for an immediate hired hand.

    66. shiro katta

      That face of oh god no

    67. Cybyte

      Do you know what senpai means 😒

    68. SlyJMan

      Not sure if Sakura was helping Senpai, or just outing her friends. Either way, it’s funny.

    69. M12GProductions

      This is the worst best harem I've ever seen.

    70. Mega Sean

      Sakura’s actually the most chill out of all of Nagatoro’s friends.

      1. BetterDev

        @Zachary Williams cry about it

      2. Ryder LS

        @Zachary Williams that's not what the anime is tho...

      3. Mateusz Kuciapski

        @Zachary Williams no

      4. Zachary Williams

        This anime literally enables bullying I don’t like animes like that lol.

      5. Toby Smith

        They're all chill except nagatoro and paisen

    71. Darius Nickens

      Oh he'll no to the no no no..

    72. Angel of Hell


    73. It's Eri

      OI OI LOOK AT ME I am the senpai now

    74. Kevin C

      Senpai is talking to 4 girls now! He really improving since the start

      1. Mr. Wescott 256

        For real he's getting all the girls without even trying to.

    75. Rezx

      Wait is this completed or is it still continuing??

      1. Rezx

        @Majora thank you

      2. Majora

        3 episode left after tomorrow's.

    76. Fellype Allves

      Wanted The SKN Part But They Didn't Adapt☺️

    77. Keigo Takami

      This just screams: Look at me, look at me, I'm the senpai now.

    78. D00f

      Even when hypothetically malicious, Yoshi is always so wholesome.

    79. Pedro Ortega

      I'm surprised they didn't add in the _Attack on Titan_ reference...

    80. IV2 Joshua Maraj

      Really wished they did the attack on Titan reference

      1. IV2 Joshua Maraj

        @Mr Creep maybe because of copy write issues

      2. Mr Creep

        why didnt they tho

      3. Lusho_666

        X2 😔

    81. Zaiko Zenkai

      With all the bullying he’s experienced, it’s a wonder why he didn’t even commit suicide

    82. jaysol191


    83. M Pointer

      Istg Nagatoro ate some gumgum fruit, her legs change size so much

    84. CSDX

      We're 8 episodes in and he still thinks Nagatoro hates him?

    85. Jesse Golo

      Look at me. I am the Senpai now.

    86. Seven Gates

      Senpai: *getting teased for studying* Sakura: “It’s okay Senpai-kun they stoopid too”

      1. DJ Toxic

        This is the best Sakura I’ve ever seen

      2. Ian R. Nava Huber

        @Farhad Rahman that moment immediately made me love sakura

      3. Farhad Rahman

        She came in clutch for Senpai

    87. qt.happy_heathmoore

      0:23 nothing wrong with this-

      1. Morty

        Ur so dirty minded

    88. Cococrash11

      Awesome Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Video.

    89. Alto’s world

      I just don’t understand why he is such a wuss

      1. Mateusz Kuciapski

        Because he's an introvert and a nerd He's improving through, he has moments of confidence and the girls like him

    90. PutinLeader Suka Blyat

      Yosh is so cute

    91. Jude dude

      They're all waifus.

    92. Gentleman Kaiju

      Look at me, look at me. I'm the Senpai now.

    93. Eric Miranda

      Poor Naoto.....

    94. Herman Rhoden

      Its funny how anime shows the life of a simp.

      1. Herman Rhoden

        @KC Smooth then why is he being forced to do things that he’s personally not comfortable to do, additionally he’s being mentally attacked through his emotions to help three women who could get what they want for themselves and plus none of them directly likes him except Nagatoro and uses him to get attention. That’s simp behavior.

      2. KC Smooth

        Lol that’s not what simp is though. He’s a nerdy kid being playfully teased.

    95. dj7909dj

      Look at me Look at me I'M THE SENPAI NOW

    96. LordDominio

      That poor guy

    97. Asta Is A Beast!

      1:34-1:54 she cute ☺️

    98. Alejandro

      2:04 that face made me almost cry of laughing

    99. Kar En Tuk

      Look at me. LOOK AT ME. I am the Senpai now.

    100. Arthur Animordonuts

      "Look at me. Look at me. I'm the senpai now."