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    Ep 98: Only Shinso can stop Deku from going berserk! Watch My Hero Academia Season 5 on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

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      1. TRuE BLaZe

        @SSJB blade Tf y’all are weird

      2. SSJB blade

        @Sasuke Is better than you u stole my lines

      3. Sasuke Is better than you

        @SSJB blade She lasted all night long in bed with Sasuke...

      4. SSJB blade

        @Spidey Uchiha you wanna know how long sakura lasted

      5. TTB

        @Sanicpoopyyork So what does Goku have to do with any of this 😕🤔🤨

    2. Game Of Boss


    3. Daniel Jimenez

      I just noticed Shinso is the only one without a hero costume

    4. shi no Kaze

      WHOA😳😳😱😱😱😱 ANİME NAME??????????

    5. strawberry mochi

      Shinsou being scary like his dad ❤️

    6. theamazingmann

      I was high key rooting for shinso’s team to win

    7. Firox

      Uraraka's scream was amazing. Ayane Sakura really gave all the feeling into it.

    8. Julia

      Deku: *gone berserk, destroying everything, in pain, and putting Uraraka in danger* Shinso: *takes the time to have an internal monologue and remove his mask as slowly as possible*

    9. tang roro

      For the first time in his life, he was able to use his Quirk to directly save someone, Deku gave him the chance to be the hero he always wants

    10. React with Amro

      That Uraraka's scream gave me was asthetic❤

    11. ΖΣЯΘ

      Why does the thumbnail looks like that sezame plaze dude

    12. Fredierick Dela Cruz

      Dude Shinso’s Quirk is literally underrated.. all he need is a powerful device that can make him focus more and his voice and he’s like broken

    13. David Balladares

      Why is this season sooo boring !!!

    14. Piv6t

      dekus scream gives me chills

    15. bewaerr

      deku just became spiderman

    16. Sam vd Wende

      New season?

    17. AG Talks

      Shinso such a dope character.

    18. lowsm

      okay but his mouth-

    19. Luke Price

      That's one ugly character still.

    20. Nnadi Udengwu

      Ah so that’s what the whip looks like on the anime.................................nice

    21. TheNobleLie

      wait is erasers voice actor also head yami from black clover?

    22. Astrid Nightfall

      comments: I love sinsho/the teamwork/the voice acting first one to answer in every single comment: narutos better 👁️👄👁️

    23. Arek M

      0:50 The Groke younger brother.

    24. crazy snake ninja

      his face is painted just awful, what's wrong with that mouth and teeth?

    25. Anime is Art

      This was so dumb. He says Fight Me and they don't fight. Instead it triggers a unlock inner power

    26. Maz D-con

      I like how every time Shinso wants to win fair deku randomly gets a new power up to win xd

      1. Maz D-con

        @Steph03 Tyna he's a Mary sue of course he would win

      2. Steph03 Tyna

        @Maz D-con he would have won faster without Blackwhip

      3. Maz D-con

        @Steph03 Tyna he kinda did though

      4. Steph03 Tyna

        He doesn't even know how to use it

      5. Steph03 Tyna

        He didn't win thanks to Blackwhip

    27. Just a guy with a good photo

      Shinso could of best AFO 🗿

    28. Full Crackhead Alchemist

      Deku : *goes beserk* Uraraka : B I T C H S L A P

    29. Super Drifter-17

      Honestly he could’ve asked any question and it still would’ve worked don’t know why he decided on that one lol

    30. Ajax

      Homie could’ve easily won right there

    31. Triston Miller

      That scream still gives me chills

    32. Valentin Garcia

      Que le pasaba a mi rodilla. La re vivio para nada

    33. Michael Ry

      So this is iruma before he goes to hell?

    34. GETSumDummy

      Is it just me or does his smile look like it belongs in Black Clover?

    35. thejaeger

      Whoever hired his voice actor needs to be fired immediately. He sounds like a 70 year old man

    36. An Po

      Shinso was the real pro

    37. Ghostkiller25190

      I said it once but I’ll say it again imma need that ost

    38. David Escobar

      Thumbnail looking like akagi

    39. Kanna Kamui

      I like how this guy initially came off as creepy due to his look and his perturbing quirk but in actuality he's just a regular kind of guy and he is a good natured guy.

    40. Cody Estela

      Been waiting for this scene to be animated. Next one I'm waiting for is The Sad Man Parade!

    41. BunnyRunner

      It's sad to see that this anime was kinda good at beginning and now it sucks so much. Those power ups he got are terrible and suddenly out of nowhere he's able to master one for all. Yea...

      1. Steph03 Tyna

        They aren't out of nowhere stop

      2. Al's account

        He hasn't mastered it though??? Are we watching the same show?

    42. Ozcar Rocabado

      El grito desesperado de Deku al final es genial !!!!

    43. KurlyFox

      Not gonna lie, I love Shinso and the small developments the anime gives us in his character.

    44. Jesse Turner

      It’s a shame she’s nothing but a love interest to him now

    45. Yusuf Resul

      The way Uraraka screams gave chills down my spine.

    46. JM CM

      0:50 doesn't he look like Bert from sesame street muppets?

    47. Animeato

      His mouth looks like a zipper thats been zipped up Yea u wont be able to unsee it now

    48. Eric Uyemura


    49. Luadzo_Draws

      The VAs really went plus ultra in this chapter

    50. Logan

      This episode makes me want to watch the next one 10x more than any other episode

    51. Niyo

      why his face like that tho?

    52. Brom Ponie

      "What should I say to him?" Seriously bro? Literally just "hello" would do

      1. Animeato

        Maybe but lets be real if he just saud hello it wouldve ruined the tension of the scene Cuz it wouldve been hilarious

      2. Brom Ponie

        @Animeato Why not? He heard Uraraka, he knows he has to respond in order to be put under control.

      3. Animeato

        I dont think midoriya wpuldve responded to just hello

    53. Just a person on Yt

      Just a friendly reminder Uraraka was hugging Deku

    54. Yeet Abix.01

      That “yeah” at the end was b e y o n d satisfying

    55. Lmacncheese

      What a egg head

    56. ogslayer101

      I love the voice acting in this scene, particularly urarakas last line and dekus “yeah” yell. Those just hit so different.

    57. JoeSchmo

      Uraraka's VA killed it this episode and the soundtrack was incredible too

    58. AudiTheKid

      i love how when shinso was on both teams... *his team depended on him heavily*

    59. Tyron CID

      The scense is so good but aint gon lie shinso is ugly af

    60. Mexican With a Hat

      My question is if he asks a question at the same time as someone else does the target get controlled regardless or if the answer is directed at him?

    61. FreakyTiki

      Who else got chills from Midorya’s scream at the end?

    62. Anderson Chemey


    63. JerryMistyPanda

      FINNALY it's in anime form

    64. Shin m0h

      With a quirk like that, Shinso would have easily become a villain. It's nice to see some ominous character flip the script :D

    65. Razan

      The potential of Shinso's quirk has always been outstanding, this just proved it.

      1. LLucari

        Cap this is a dumb quirk why do you have to speak to him for it to work makes no sense

    66. MarcAnthony Chavez

      Said before. Will say again. Season 5. Does. Not. MISS.

    67. epicman29

      My number one anime by far

    68. Ivan cen

      Can we appreciate urakas va how she sounded

    69. Ladiesman858

      Hahah there was no reason for her to jump on deku.

    70. ZaNaco Skates

      Love that Shinso got the aizawa look his costume lit

    71. Trico

      Something about Deku saying “yeah!” Gives me goosebumps

    72. Piyakhe Bison II

      My boy is back!

    73. Yeet tgg


    74. Jane G

      Be careful who you make fun of in middle school 😳

    75. Dream Hollow

      I love Shinso. A perfect example of how a character can be interpreted as a future villain, but he really just wants to help people.

    76. Dad Jokes

      VA's are amazing

    77. Zio Lan

      Can Deku use black whip at 100% one for all power? Because if he did this is an absolutely world changing power up

      1. Zio Lan

        @Animeato people like you make life interesting

      2. Animeato

        Im not saying anything All im gonna say is that itll be revealed in this weeks episode

    78. Fighter ML

      Shinso: Fight me! Midoriya: .........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

    79. Mister Mothy

      Why is Shinsos mouth so abnormal

      1. Mister Mothy

        @Random Person ha

      2. Random Person

        It reminded me of the tree guy from fairy tail

    80. Mauricio Rapalo

      Bro, I'm kinda having a moment

    81. Grim

      So...ain't we talking about Shinso becoming a muppet?

      1. Random Person

        Reminded me more of the tree guy from fairy tail

    82. Daniel Arouck

      Shinsho: ore tatakouse Eren: did you say tatakae???????👁👄👁

    83. David500

      Y'know, Black Whip looks so, so *damn dope* that if it were to be Deku's only new quirk I wouldn't even be mad

      1. Discord

        I agree, I’d I had any one of his quirks it would be his “One for all core black whip” version. Like look at that scene where the 1-A team sees black whip flying around in the distance. It’s might even be my favorite quirk of all time, at least the enhanced one that deku has.


      Nah every main character always gets a berserk scene 😂

    85. ChillZ Gmz

      Please tell me Shinso gets more stories in the later arcs and that this is the last we see of him…

    86. Sherwin John

      Midoriya's voice acting for his answer is just so powerful. Uraraka's in the beginning was perfect as well. This episode was way too damn good.

    87. Mensch

      His mouth is a bit weird

      1. Animeato

        His mouth and teeth in the thumbnail look kinda like a zipper Thats been zipped up

    88. Andrew Fidler

      All of the VA's in this scene were on point.

    89. Cool kid Oof

      I Like every moment of this scene I waited so long for this and they did an amazing job making look amazing

    90. Fuego_Leo


    91. Julian Jackson

      This is the second time Deku was saved by someone else’s quirk. Of course not counting all the times Recovery Girl healed his broken bones

    92. Wiley Coyote

      Can we talk about Uraraka's amazing voice acting here for a sec

    93. Bruce Vang

      I know what I want from this arc and that is for monoma to copy deku and break his arm. But

    94. Hungry_Khid

      0:08 amazing shot

    95. nothing

      couldn't he just say "e" and deku would've answered

    96. Sawed Fps

      I will never understand why he said fight me when Deku needs to be calmed down not have more of an urge to fight. Im so confused 😅

      1. The Pog Frog

        Because it had to be something that Deku would respond to, he would calm down regardless of what it was if he responded

    97. The American Bully

      Why the thumbnail have this man looking dumb

    98. Isabelle Voor

      This feels more like hypnosis than brainwashing

    99. Brandon Morris

      Damn the emotion of Uraraka's voice. The VA for Uraraka DEFINITELY picked up at least something more from voicing AoT's Gabi.