Deku x Uravity x Pinky Attack! | My Hero Academia

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

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      1. itadoroki AMV

        Hi crunchyroll

      2. Boodles

        @Sanicpoopyyork show us on a map where we asked

      3. Sasuke Is better than you

        @Sanicpoopyyork Just like Sakura solo's Sasuke in bed

      4. Sanicpoopyyork

        Goku solos this universe no cap

      5. Ice Hino Z

        Other comments have more likes than yours... lol

    2. ⚡️Denki Kaminari the human pikachu⚡️

      Crunchyroll, we love you but… the title…

    3. Kayjeld

      Nothing in this entire show so far carries more impact on the story than Uraraka's martial arts lessons from Gunhead She wins literally all of her fights with it after the internship, what a baller

    4. Knightofdeathes

      Is it just me or did pinky just teleport. Or was it like that squid kid battle game where they travel through the ink but she can go through acid.

    5. D W


    6. elephant march

      I wish they'd had all three of those classmates pinned against Mineta's Pop-offs like the Size girl: just so that we emphasized how strong Mineta's Quirk is also. He's the best "Trapper" in the class.

    7. Daniel Broderick

      I really want Deku to lose now

    8. PanicByNumbers

      Mina is still bae, but her "acid fountain/teleport" move still baffles me. Context?

    9. Daniel Jimenez

      I just noticed Shinso is the only one without a hero costume

    10. Melaxirayz

      Why does nobody talk about how strong Mina actually is?

    11. Adeola Ifanse

      I seriously hope he spars with boruto it would be epic


      285981 If you know you know

    13. degov5

      Bakugos team: wins 4-0 due to Bakugos development and leadership. Deku team: wins 4-0 because main character

    14. ISG

      0:58 Oh that brotha gone

    15. Eoinmon Pokes Fun

      Everyones saying shipping but this is just a hunter x hunter reference ya dimwits

    16. VolcanicPyramid

      “IT’S A BRAWL!”

    17. Ajax

      Stupid he should’ve been able to use one of deku quirks tbh

    18. John Louis

      All Imma say is *"Juna Juna Juice"* + the Title You're Welcome

    19. C.A. WHODAT

      Hunter x Hunter

    20. Jujojo

      What a waste of time this season has been, such underwhelming fight with deku and shinso too

    21. Da Boyz

      0:59 Uraraka: Nothing personal kid

    22. João Paulo Albuquerque

      Uraraka MVP

    23. Ajonie' Glinsey

      💏Deku x Uravity 💏

    24. K

      Mineta dont fight for one reason: if he fight all in team gonna dia - facts

    25. Jah Milly

      title reminds me of a doujin I read lol

    26. Bobby Ahmad

      Mina Ashido is truly the greatest 💖💕💝👽👑

    27. Erick de Matias de Souza

      1:06 Uraraka?! 😳😳😳

    28. Montesama314

      Huh, I didn't think of it, but a short jacket really does add to Pinky's look. (I STILL won't get used to that hero name, though.)

    29. Alessandro Idada

      1:06 😏😏

    30. Looking for Justin Y.

      so i had dream where it was aizawa vs deku (deku uses onlyofa). so basically deku restrained aizawa like in that motion police officers use when they tell you to get against a wall but his hands in the back and then aizawa couldmt break out but he said "i lost" or something along those lines but after that he didnt stop he hit deku sending him flying then with his cloth created a web and the move was called air finisher i think and thats when i woke up i also couldn't process if this was animated or not i cant remember very weird tbh

    31. CashMoney2_0/Savage Bro MoneyBro

      Deku weak self

    32. Muglok Decrepitus

      So they won a 2vs3 not using their powers XD only using martial arts How they were even losing in first instance?

    33. Haahahaahahaahahaahahaahahaahahaahahaahahaahahaaha

      The title: “Deku x Uravity x Pinky Attack!” *”very poor choice of words”*

    34. Okay Mangidd

      Bro Mina dead uppercuted the words outa him

    35. Capt prime

      Monoma standing like that makes him look like the evil supervillan leader his team is trying to rescue.

    36. V The G

      This is where dekus real growth starts

    37. Amir B-C

      You forgot grape.

    38. Trinny Wise

      I just think deku is overpowered to much...

      1. kai

        I mean who shounen jump mc isn't?

    39. noam drukman

      whats the ost here?

    40. katamas

      0:51 Honestly that was so badass, I just keep rewatching it, that sudden shift in gears and look of pure determination. Beautiful

    41. Will Steward

      Let’s get to the good stuff already

    42. Scorpionstrike7

      Can’t wait for Uraraka to rematch Toga. I can tell that’s gonna be a good fight.

      1. kai

        They didn't really hit each other in that fight it was mostly dodging That fight was more about emotions and stuff

    43. Jorby

      imagine how strong deku would be with a 100% smash using twin impact after O.o

    44. herolytical

      But Monoma is kinda badass tho 👀

    45. Jen Elli

      Where have I seen a title like this before? Hmmmmm

    46. Bruh my Friend

      Izuku is just so damm cool

    47. The Spammer

      Why no one cares about the scene that appears in the trailer????

    48. Psychronia

      Man. I see Uraraka knock someone out with a single chop to the neck and I think: wouldn't Invisible Girl be so much more competent if she learned to do that?

    49. Brrrios

      Ayo don't forget my boi mineta

      1. Brrrios

        @Nicolas Washington yeah but his attack was helpful for uravity

      2. Nicolas Washington

        He was knocked out at this point

    50. DylanBroDabs YT

      Song name?

    51. itadoroki AMV

      Deku is very cool

    52. Jose Rodrigo Villena

      Deku x uravity spoiler alert

    53. Heavyarms55

      I'm glad they let Uraraka shine a little more in this fight.

    54. Anonymous Rōninja

      pinky so thicc

    55. Lucas Jesse

      Why is noone talking about how it should be illeagal for a imprisoned person to use their quirk? Unless it only appears to be him activating it when he speak about it...?

    56. adolph gracius

      If deku had gone to train with mr gunhead he would be unstoppable, not gonna lie... Lida and the other hero would be dead tho

      1. Quentin Jones

        I would like to see more martial arts used

    57. LeoPlays

      1:06 yes please.

    58. ReDynazty

      There's no fucken way her names pinky

    59. Didier Torres

      shinso was like-NO not again!not like this! deku-ha ha OFA go BRRRR also-ochaco learned kendo's super move: monoma chop

    60. Just a Random Weeb

      it always make me laugh every time i see mina’s hero name as “pinky”

    61. Katashi Yager

      “There are no accidents” - Crunchyroll

    62. JJ Spaidy

      Ja uraraka did more than deku in the combat xd

    63. Artorius

      Mineta was there too.

    64. ItzThaDeadly Gamer

      I see Crunchyroll didn't learn from that *Deku smashes All might* title

    65. Ismael Mahamed

      seems cruchyroll is high today

    66. ColtFPS

      Is this a new season?

    67. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      Mineta realizing his diaper/pants-thing does NOTHING.

      1. Minoru Mineta

        Well it’s called “The Grape Pants” that equipment was designed to have nubs that look like a pattern that were modeled after my grape-like hair and have almost the same stickiness as them. This was so that I could hold small objects on my person. So yeah I didn’t use them already-

      2. Goat Lover

        It’s actually supposed to be a grape bowl.

    68. Hiyoko

      What is this title

    69. Cococrash11

      Awesome My Hero Academia Video.

    70. Donniedrako15 E25

      Really loved this arc reading it and I'm happy the anime gave it justice. This is honestly some of the best strategies and team work in the series and I really hope people realize how strong class 1-b really is despite their lack of experience

      1. Winter.vib3s

        Heh, “justice”

    71. Kevin Sierra

      You know what you did with the title

    72. tang roro

      0:59 Always take out the mages first, always

    73. Hollow Scum

      Deku x uravity x pinky 285981 just gunna leave this here, what you do with this information is in your hands now not mine

    74. Cakeman35

      1:04 hmmm

    75. Harry

      this was such an underwhelming battle. class b gets the upper hand then just loses it and gets completely wrecked like the round before. Class b and shinso should have shined a lot more. This was no rematch for midoria and shinso, shinso just ran away and got caught by midoria. I wish I was part protagonist

    76. Dino_Derpy

      why is pinkys quirk white sticky stuff

    77. Editor

      Mineta in the mud

    78. KnightDark000

      @1:06 Uraraka: I Like That Body of Yours!

    79. Jayden Terrell

      epic title

    80. Mikecisco

      When I saw Deku X Uravity my brain stopped.

    81. Diego Gaviria

      when you realise uraraka became a ninja

    82. DripApollo

      imagine if it didn't say attack bruh the fandom.

    83. Just Raul

      Isn't what Monoma did cheating? Acting after he's been eliminated?

    84. Jachin Choi

      Fanservice 100

    85. •Nicky noodles•

      I read the caption wrong....oopsie.

    86. Just A Random Guy

      Mineta: am i a joke to you?...again?

    87. XXJaviervibezcheckmood Redsmooth

      Damn, the other class got some cute females

    88. Eddy

      That uppercut was the most satisfying part of the episode along with Deku using BW properly for a few seconds

    89. John Michael Recolaso

      1:07 had to be one of the strangest fan-service I’ve ever seen

    90. Buttergolem

      Ashido is damn thicc!

      1. Gojo the clapper

        “My pain is far greater than yours!”

    91. Nicolas Washington

      “I hope I was able to make an opening” MONOMA TIMED THAT HIT OUT OF PURE PREDICTION THIS IS INSANE

    92. victor corona

      Jiki Jiki No Mi?

    93. ThePhantomBlader

      I like how titles are now a meme

    94. Who?


    95. Solarpunk

      minas abilities are kinda 1v9 ngl

    96. Rose紫の

      Lol y’all knew what you were doing when you wrote that title. Wait just an hour more Wattpad is going to be filled with this and fans are gonna say it’s canon

    97. Enrique Galdamez

      For a second I thought they were shipping deku and uraraka like what is up with these titles first we had among us now we got this

    98. The last man STANDING

      This fight was kinda lackluster compared to bakugo’s fight.

    99. CaliPupcorn

      Crunchyroll puts “Deku x Uravity” Izuchaco shipper: I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED

    100. AleRespite

      Mina really likes uppercuts huh?