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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 99 here!

      1. SaJed Faizi

        Hey Crunchyroll give me your top 10 anime list

      2. Wayne Brown

        I have to backlog this show at season 5 to septwmber 2021 fall season. Please and thank for ypur consideration.

      3. Fernando Gonçalves

        :( y no free anime? Ples

      4. GamerKirby- Roblox

        CrunchyRoll: WANNA WATCH? Me: YES PLS CrunchyRoll: pay up buddy

    2. MARMAJE69

      From quirkless to all for one/7 quirks… Midoriya you hacker! Reported!

    3. AbuShakhman Serik

      Anyone know name of the ost?

    4. White Tiger

      1:00 ost name ?

    5. Oz N

      Bruh anyone who knows the sound of the soundtrack?

    6. Kieran Ontong

      Is this a slideshow?

    7. TheGeremy12

      Honestly, if Deku wants a good excuse for his new powers he should try and state that his quirk isn't "super-strength" and is actually just energy. And that it's been looking like super-strength since he's just been releasing it with his attacks but it turns out he can manipulate it further than he ever thought hence his new power. I mean, it's better than saying he's got multiple quirks, right?

    8. Squid

      Ost name?

    9. Melvin Mosley

      I'm still wondering what Deku real quirk would be Mom: tellenikes Dad: breathing fire His real : Throwing fire balls

    10. Nicholas J.

      If Shinso could get a hologram support tool, he would be unstoppable.

    11. Thomas Carrion

      People: “DEKU USED HAX TO GET ANOTHER QUIRK” Aizawa: “Yeah Bro I just _learned_ telekinesis”

    12. Brylan Henderson

      To all the people who didn’t understand, now you see why quirks are better than support items and why it wouldn’t make since to have a quirkless hero

    13. Ciro Essmann


      1. Pepsi -

        The Strength of the Man Who Will Become No. 1

    14. BlackSheep

      This dude is the only character that I like in the show

    15. yvngasianboy

      For some reason I’m having crazy deja vu and I’m freaking out

    16. Tonybc

      at this point deku plot armor is way too much

      1. Tonybc

        @Pepsi - yeah, 0 repercusions

      2. Pepsi -

        @Tonybc Yeah the last time he broke his arms was 2 seasons ago, he literally started using his legs to avoid bringing anymore damage to his arms. Literally anime characters get nuked all the time and are fine the next arc, this is nothing new. MHA is a world where literally healing quirks exist.

      3. Tonybc

        @d_ajijola1 not really, dude get his arms broken just to used them as nothin in the next season

      4. d_ajijola1

        Bruh compared to other protagonists he barely has plot armor

    17. brettf45

      I thought it was anti climatic, like it makes sense considering the differences in experience though

    18. kevan te

      eee what is that, green all for one particles

    19. future

      Can my villian academia happen already

      1. Al's account


    20. Stingray

      honestly I think they couldve made black whip look better idk

    21. Lau Bra

      I know it's kind of a wierd thought, but I feel like a better name for the fight is shinso vs deku, this is because most of the fight is intercut with flashbacks of shinso not deku, this is about him, he wants to be a hero. Their first fight at the sports festival was deku vs shinso

    22. Pancrasio Bonafino


    23. Jonathan Charles

      Black whip came in clutch. I'm excited to see Deku use it in the future

    24. Pain 影҉の҉

      Anyone know the OST used here?

      1. Pepsi -

        The Strength of the Man Who Will Become No. 1

    25. Alrongar

      I love how Aizawa is the only person shinzo can have a conversation with because he erases his quirk

    26. Kayster

      Every time Shinsou and deku fight, Shinsou is about to win and deku pulls some new trick. I CALL HACKS

    27. Kovacs

      This isn't related to this 2 future beasts fighting, but I wanted to focus on uraraka a bit because the girl is getting better and better every single season. She put up a good fight against Bakugo, who went on to win the sports festival. She learned martial arts. She was involved in most of the villain incidents, not playing a real major role, but still helping out. She was brave enough to get close to Deku and try to calm him down, even with black whip destroying everything around them, and made Shinso realize this was a chance to help people with his power. And last but not least, she took out 3/4 class b members in this fight. I can't wait to see this girl get an actual 1v1 against a villain.

      1. Sylph

        She beat Toga in a hand to hand fight. The same Toga that stabbed Aizawa

    28. Dat Naughty Boi

      Black Whip fam

    29. Eliseo J S

      0:02 Shinso looks like a cat stuck in yarn 😆

    30. Anony Mous

      I don't give af about Shinso omfg

      1. Al's account

        **Clicks on a Shinso video with his face in the thumbnail**

    31. Teryll Felix

      Anyone know the ost playing at the start?

      1. Teryll Felix

        @Pepsi - thank you so much!

      2. Pepsi -

        The Strength of the Man Who Will Become No. 1

    32. Mike burner

      2 men i got nothing but respect for aizawa and shinzo now thats gonna be 1 lethal team up

    33. Эльвег Насунов

      Really feel like Aizawa and Shinso were a miss with the voices here

    34. Rio Neo

      I cant wait to see Dekus fight with Lady Negant animated.

    35. DarthWrecker328 44

      What is the music in this scene?

      1. Pepsi -

        The Strength of the Man Who Will Become No. 1

    36. Landon Hayes

      Imagine how strong deku would be if he started with all of the quirks

    37. Buttermilk

      Its insane how all of this is happening in one day

    38. KingReacts

      This episode was ELITE!!! I reacted to this fight if anyone is interested 😎😎

    39. IcyGomez

      If anyone wants the ost it is "The Strength of the Man Who'll Become the Number One Hero"

    40. Just Some Guy without a Life

      Midoria: Sorry Shinzo but I’m the MC here

    41. Sergio Chacon

      Naruto levels of flashbacks and cutaways right there. Edit: Nice fight

    42. Code Zalo

      Deku maintaining Total Concentration Breathing Constant with One For All now 😅

    43. Peter Feliciano

      Now that I think about it one for all is a combination of multiple quirk and was past down through several people, unless they pass it down to worthy quirkless people then there's that extra power

    44. toaji

      -blackwhip -fa jin (basically black panthers suit, convert kinetic energy to power and speed) -danger sense (spidey senses) -float -smokescreen(generate a thick cloud of smoke from their body)

      1. Al's account

        Could you put a spoiler warning

      2. toaji

        @Agustín Conde i think the next few chapter will reveal the last one

      3. Agustín Conde

        Spoiler Don't forget One For All and his power accumulation. Technically right now he has 6 quirks developed. There's only one left

    45. D'Andre Mathis

      Imagine how op Shinso would be if he’d been the main character

    46. Tyler Nelson 310

      Shinso: *has a big moment* Deku: 'not trying to steal your moment' *steals moment*

    47. Michael Bockman

      I kinda wished shinso did something while deku was distracted instead he retreated. He could have done hand to hand combat and have put up a decent fight

      1. Michael Bockman

        @animedude8712 i know its just that I was expecting more because I had high hopes for shinso since we haven't seen him since season 2

      2. animedude8712

        True, but Deku still beats him in power. Plus, Shinso is still pretty new.

    48. Haris Hussain

      if u use those binding cloths u basically have another quirk lol

    49. Mugiwara no Elijah

      Fight was amazing

    50. Adrian Yu

      We need Crunchyroll to make it English although, I don't watch MHA In JP.

    51. TheNameXtrace

      I thought he was not gonna use it because it will hurt his friend like naruto did but YESSIR

    52. Therry Douyou

      ᴺʸ ᵈʳᵉᵃᶰ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᶤˢ 1k ᵂᶤˡˡ ʸᵒᵘ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉᶰ🥰😍😍

    53. Black Broly

      Unpopular opinion but deku is pure garrr bageeee

    54. Galactic Eagle

      There's alot of slow motion flashback scenes in MHA isn't there...

      1. animedude8712

        So do a bunch of other anime.

    55. Tokyo Shooter

      He needs a tech girl who has a crush on him to be on his side

    56. Blaring Candy


    57. Pablo Escobar

      I wonder when his quirk becomes more powerful if he will be able to stop people by the sound they make instead of speaking

      1. BT - 08DS 731899 Tomken Road MS

        Isn’t that his quirk? He needs a verbal response right? I also don’t think that is how quirk awakening works. For example when togas quirk evolved she still needed blood to transform. Same with geten who can control ice, but can’t create ice. So I think activation requirements stay the same.

    58. Majesty Savage

      One for All’s flame is getting bigger by the minute!

    59. Béryl Nguyên

      I was so impatiente for this 5th round: black whip and Deku vs Shinsou!

    60. ShiratorizawaSimp

      Oh my. Aizawa with his hair up🖤

    61. Dumb Anime Nerd

      We gonna talk about the parts of the episodes when Shinso and Midoriya were just static pngs sliding around not animated at all ontop of a still background?

    62. karlos L

      Wena po crunchirol

    63. RegoBing

      I really want to know how Midoriya and All Might wanna cover this up. In One For All‘s Case it was easy, 2 Superpower Quirks. But now he litterally has Multiple Quirks which dont are alike at all so he cant say that its one Quirk with different Uses

    64. SunFlower


    65. Alex alex

      The predecessor's voice of black whip is so inspiring

    66. Dani Decaux

      Goku les gana 😎👍🏻

    67. South

      I- I'm breathless- 0:16

    68. JunJun

      Things are getting gooood

    69. rjay

      Shinso’s flashback was so long and yet he still didn’t win. This anime is breaking the rules...

      1. GD Magic Gaming

        Deku’s quirk is still beating people after flashbacks, Overhaul got his arms ripped off shortly after his

    70. ホールJeremy

      I believe Shinso can be a great hero, just like Aizawa who also doesn't have supernatural strength or speed

    71. Fresh Nelson

      Deku is such a cheat code man

      1. BT - 08DS 731899 Tomken Road MS

        Then what the hell is all for one

    72. Steampunk

      The most bulls**** fight of Deku. The OfA is so OP even outside of his field (strength), he can't be mindcontroled and with Monoma (spoiler...) we know that you cant even recreate the same amount of power of OfA.

      1. Alejandro Rodriguez Espinosa

        Technically Monoma couldn't do that because PFA accumulate strength, so it started weak and become stronger with time.

      2. Steph03 Tyna

        @Lucas nah they wouldn't

      3. Lucas

        Yeah but I think Class B would've won If OfA didnt explode, since it ruined Shinso's stealth right away

    73. CrazyTracey 2

      Imagine trying to become a hero with a non-phsyical quirk that everyone knows, so you have to fight a bunch of already trained heros to get into the team, and you get in a 1v1 with the only multiquirk person in the world (besides AFO).

      1. CrazyTracey 2

        @Hecobeco 2 oh yeah, I forgot about him.

      2. Hecobeco 2

        Spoiler Also shigaraki is also multiquirk

      3. Hecobeco 2

        Todoroki is a multiquirk too

      4. the uh

        i honestly felt so sorry for shinso, hes fighting so hard to be a hero with just some cloth and he ends up facing off against all mights successor who can use blackwhip and up to 20% full cowling, they really shouldve put him the hero course from the get go

    74. Lakhyee

      I think eraser head will die in the future

    75. Karuiko

      Part of me wonders just how long MHA would be if it didn't have any character thought/flashback scenes in the middle of a situation.

    76. Anonymous

      Ngl this part has been quite boring

    77. Anderson Chemey


    78. Marc hshdudb Lopez Santiago

      Only good thing that this fight is the OST

      1. Pepsi -

        @Pain 影҉の҉ The Strength of the Man Who Will Become No. 1

      2. Pain 影҉の҉

        What is the name if this OST bro?

    79. cosmicat

      At this point I’m rooting for Shinso more than for Deku. It just seems like Midoriya isn’t gonna have any trouble succeeding while Shinso’s path is far more uncertain, he’s been cast aside by everyone in a way.

      1. BT - 08DS 731899 Tomken Road MS

        Deku has to fight all for one so Deku might have some trouble succeeding

    80. Spyer

      I wish Monoma was smarter with his quirk. Like imagine if he copied Aizawa's quirk before the battle started?? That'd be OP and no one would expect it. These team fights have a time limit of 20 mins and he can copy for 10 mins so it's enough time to make 1A quirkless and caught off guard for a quick win

      1. Spyer

        @dart vader he wouldn't know. Also they bring in their support gear, Monoma is allowed to use his quirk

      2. dart vader

        Aizawa probably wouldn't allow that.

      3. Spyer

        @animedude8712 Aizawa isn't going to see Monoma as a threat?? Monoma could just go for a friendly pat on the back while asking a fake question Also all he has to do is open his eyes and look at class 1A

      4. animedude8712

        He would have to get close to him, and I don’t think would let that happen. Not to mention, he’s not trained with it.

      5. w89 09

        But how long can he keep his eyes open?

    81. Iván Sáez

      My flashback academia

      1. ꧁Omni Gito꧂

        Whole series is a flashback

    82. Ricardo Kelly

      One For All? NNNAAAAHHH All Of Us? HELLL YEAH

    83. preston affleck

      ladies and gentlemen welcome the new number 1 hero who has multiple quirks and mastered them all i give you deku!

    84. Lucas Fortes


    85. SevereArtisan

      Aizawa and Shinso. Basically Tired Dad and Tired Son.

    86. Dkbobcats

      The music in these past few episodes has on point.

    87. Cococrash11

      Awesome My Hero Academia Video.

    88. PlantBasedIsBetter

      This fight sucked. Monoma hardly did anything. Shinso is able to pull apart more than likely iron or steel bolted down pipes and Deku gains control of black whip for a short period when he didn’t even know he had it 1 episode prior?

      1. PlantBasedIsBetter

        @Pepsi - shinso never pulled apart steel pipes with cloth in previous seasons? Deku gains control of an ability he didn’t even knew he had when in the previous episode it went out of control and the teachers were even thinking of stepping in to stop him?

      2. Pepsi -

        So basically Shinso is able to do what he's already been shown capable to do, Deku gains control enough to literally just stop 2 pipes from falling. So crazy

    89. Mizel Star

      Shinso and Deku: Fights Also Shinso and Deku: Calls back the memories

    90. Jayden Terrell

      shinso deserves some more screen time

    91. vjm3

      So does Deku not only get One For All, but does he inherit the quirks of every person who in the past had One For All, including their original quirk? Does this mean All Might had multiple quirks but only used one?

      1. Hecobeco 2

        @vjm3 no all might does not have all the quirks of the previous users because one for all wasn’t strong enough at the time (that’s why the first user say something about the singularity)

      2. vjm3

        @Hecobeco 2 No, because I don't watch anime religiously, unless it's god damn Monster Musume because I'm a degenerate. Would you kindly explain it since you know it so well? Hmm?

      3. Hecobeco 2

        Did you pay attention to ep 10? They literally explain it

      4. Eliran Barel

        One for all wasnt ready for multiple quirks in all mights time

    92. 4theconz 08

      Beautiful fight Shinzo has potential.

    93. T H I C C A T R O N


    94. VoidTheWeeb

      Aizawa best girl and best dad by a mile

    95. Slice Cast


      1. Pepsi -

        The Strength of the Man Who Will Become No. 1

      2. Pain 影҉の҉

        I'm trying to find out too

    96. Brylan Henderson

      Honestly, y’all dryhumping Shinso too much if y’all say he should’ve won or if you say he’s a top 10 MHA character. Dude has no skill and although I appreciate that he’s trying somewhat to be a hero, he hasn’t shown an incredible amount of effort

      1. Hi I'm Paul

        Shinso has put in a lot of effort, it’s just that Class 1-A and 1-B are much further ahead than him.

    97. Tokoyami

      Revelry in the dark.

    98. Zeph

      Didn't Deku lower his percentage during this whole fight?

      1. Pepsi -

        He was just staying at 8%

    99. HQ

      Shinsou and Aizawa are dad and son. You can't change my mind. I love them

    100. Pablo Martinez

      If Deku is All Might's Successor, then Shinso shall be Aizawa's!