Deep Shit | Tokyo Revengers

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    Ep 8: Mikey and Draken are in deep shit with Takemichi! Watch Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 8 here!

      1. PhantomElite

        Nah because you have ads I’m not paying money to watch anime there’s a bunch of others XD bye have a great day ezzzzz

      2. Errupt

        Aight bet

    2. SilverReaps

      Never expected a curse word in a crunchyroll title

    3. Sylvia Barboza

      Crunchyroll going crazy

    4. Asra Fatima

      This anime could be called “Saving people by crying in the past.”

    5. Virtual Rinnegan

      Who else’s favourite character is draken?

    6. MyMelody5

      Lols, you can see the 💩 on his hair at 1:25.

      1. Just Korbii


      2. MyMelody5

        Actually, at around 1:20. Lols.

    7. GranMaster _Goku

      They should really act their age....*realizing they’re only in middle school*

    8. Chezz Nuggr

      We need titles like this

    9. Mo Does Stuff

      Pog title no 🧢

    10. Aaden King

      I call this a certified hood classic

    11. MGhammer123

      Buddy was not about it 💀

    12. Meredith Kim

      damn, sometimes i forget how wholesome the beginning of tokyo revenges was

    13. ShiRo

      I didn't expect Crunchyroll to put such title 😂😂😂

    14. SASTAC


    15. Someone Lucky

      Ayo Crunchyroll moving mad

    16. Esther Aleman

      Yo thats sum bad words, reporting

    17. 15k. SUPREME

      Give somebody a higher raise for whoever came up with these titles 🔥🔥

    18. Yung_Amr


    19. Chunkalunkin

      Crunchyroll to Edgyroll

    20. L.U.I.S ._.

      Quick reminder these are middle schoolers

    21. WA1FU_0R30

      I always forgot they middle schoolers

    22. عبدالله علي 74

      توفي ابوي قبل يومين ادعو له بالرحمه💔

      1. Adnan Dakir

        عندي سؤال، ليش كاتب التعليق هادا في فيديو زي هادا لانك تعرف انو ما في مسلمين كثر هنا

      2. Adnan Dakir

        الله يرحمه

    23. Baka-na-san

      Please give whoever makes these titles a raise they seriously deserve it lol

      1. HOLYbots


    24. TheBattleNetwork

      Me: **sees title** Also me: *Gasp!* "Squidward..!"

    25. Cococrash11

      Awesome Tokyo Revengers Video.

    26. Benjo

      Question: This anime is overly Censored?

      1. The E

        Not Crunchyroll's fault. They can only upload what they've been provided by the Japanese license holder.

    27. Evan

      0:40 that hurt my knees

    28. Hakami

      Ooh boy what a title.

    29. GPkeep

      Whoever is in charge of these titles needs a raze

      1. GPkeep

        @bruh moment Okay..? Well have fun with that.

      2. bruh moment

        @GPkeep nah bruh you ain't making it out of this one with some weak excuse as that

      3. GPkeep

        @bruh moment It was a play on the video, saying that he needs to cut his hair after that. hence "raze".

      4. bruh moment

        @Jacky Boy simultaneous combustion*

      5. Jacky Boy


    30. Lucas Fortes

      very deep

    31. yes i am a dog


    32. FireTypes4Ever108

      Wow this moment right there just takes away the embarrassment cake

    33. Jonathan Chow

      Damn! Takemichi Hanagaki is so mad!

    34. Anime kan

      Coloquem esse código no tiktok lite é K750784296 pra começar com 30 reais

    35. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      Our boy’s life is a rollercoaster that only goes down...

      1. BoboNox

        @account112o plays games idk if you're joking but they're different people

      2. Tetsu Hatano

        It’s has its very brief ups too but mainly just to lead to further spirals

      3. account112o plays games

        cool now You have a mustache

      4. FMLarry


      5. StinkTana IsANoob

        shut up

    36. Bravest Ant

      Crunchyroll said the s word, im telling mommy

    37. AustinLong1639

      Must be someone's first or last day at Crunchyroll 😂😂😂

      1. Mo Does Stuff

        😂 no cap bro my guy already stuffed up his Macca's job

    38. Marcus Porter

      Takemitchy new name is Sherlock.

    39. Jaws

      Ep 9 is going to be a huge mess with all the censure😭 (ik that it isn't Crunchyroll who does the censured version)

    40. Grid

      This title rivals “Ni-no Brakes”

    41. J Bryan


    42. Angel of Hell


    43. kai

      Damn crunchyroll really going for pg13 rating

    44. Belen Alexandra


    45. Seven Gates

      New anime gameshow: Blonde hair or fake?

      1. Just a guy

        Its died I believe.

    46. gyro zeppeli

      Ayo crunchyroll this title ain’t really family friendly

    47. True Static

      Give the title maker a raise

    48. True Static

      Give the title maker a raise

    49. Santiago garcia

      Kisaki a SIMP

    50. Felipe Wadhwani

      I'm gonna check this show out one of these days

      1. Jose Camacho

        @Rylan “in my opinion, watch it my preferred way or don’t watch” hahaha

      2. Rylan

        @Ree dabrat i literally said there’s an uncensored version just crunchy roll is censored

      3. Ree dabrat

        @Rylan for me it’s not consented download the app KATSU I don’t think android has it tho but iPhone has the app . U can watch so many anime’s there and it’s all free without ads

      4. Ree dabrat

        @ALTRU ANXTY I watched the uncensored on KATSU loool

      5. Rylan

        @Stuart McPherran depending on who serializes the western blu rays it could very well still be censored.

    51. Zdzisław Zeraz

      But... It works. They are together

    52. Squid Boi

      Claim your I commented before the man with a mustache card here.

    53. Akximx


    54. Ares

      Damn crunchyroll to n x game mode today

    55. IverUchiha

      dam Crunchyroll went to made for kids to not for kids no cap 😂😂😂😂😅

      1. IverUchiha

        @knicker nah kid

      2. knicker

        @IverUchiha that's what yo girl says to you

      3. Kingo545 _Roblox


      4. IverUchiha

        @Heavyarms55 such a moodkiller

      5. Heavyarms55

        Made for kids? How do you figure that? I would only let a kid watch, maybe, a quarter of the anime on CR at best. Just because so many anime feature young characters doesn't mean they're all for kids. Not remotely.

    56. alexwaddledee

      lol, crunchyroll out here with the "that's a bad word" titles

      1. BoT

        Something is weird

      2. Nate Bond


      3. Floch


      4. MemeMaster5421


      5. Monke


    57. Virginia Miranda


    58. Random Account

      This is why I love Tokyo revengers, scenes like these...

    59. Wynston Lee


    60. Random Account


      1. omaree chin


    61. Just a Random Weeb

      crunchyroll delete comments with cuss words in it, but look at the title

    62. Degenerocity

      Who on Crunchyroll made that title?😳

      1. knicker

        @The nameless god 5693 IKR

      2. The nameless god 5693

        Whoever did it is an absolute legend

      3. omaree chin


    63. Ashley Burns