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    Ep 9: Nagatoro started watching Ippo! Watch DON'T TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here!

      1. Hatiroth


      2. Wayne Brown

        I have to backlog this show dont mess with me miss nagato to september 2021 fall season. Please and thank for your consideration.

      3. YamilYT

        Yeah man

    2. Zenos Hitomora

      Everyone must fear the Noodle Arm Style!!!

    3. Mph16 51999

      This show is Deku and Toga if they became a couple 😂😂😂

    4. joey fingahs

      Love that anime has got to the point to where they can reference other older anime

    5. Cally Q

      If Nagatoro Had A Stand , All Hope Would Fall Into Despair Lol.

    6. name

      1:21 Logan Paul vs Floyd Maywheather

    7. Angry Panda

      Mean girls in anime always end up being power bottoms.

    8. Robot Boy

      Imagine if she had seen Baki? Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if she watched Baki.

    9. Ariel Sena

      identica a Ryo Mashiba y su estilo Hitman😂😂 de Hajime no ippo xD

    10. TheAzureNightmare

      What, no Ashita no Joe?

    11. Luciano Bradley

      Nagatoro vs Sawamura when?

    12. The_Tonatiuh

      Nagatoro's arm movement reminds me of Conor McGregor when he does his arm swinging warm ups.

    13. Arthur Araújo

      Ijiranaide Mashiba-san

    14. The Goofy Gouf

      Fear the noodle boxing

    15. 3 bears

      💜🏾 ship

    16. A f**king cat (william1east)

      Your dead if you hear se-n-pa-i

    17. Ahmet Göktuğ Göver

      Seeing Hajime no Ippo like this makes me happy nice reference :D

    18. mechwarrior52

      Is she mastering the hyakuretsuken ? :o

    19. Julius Kresnik

      How have I only just noticed that he's the same VA as Deku's

      1. Kid Eazy

        does he? i knew he sounded familiar

    20. Ugly Sirmaurice

      POV you called Nagtoro black

    21. ILikeThingsItsTrue

      Pure maiden Nagatoro is where it's at. All about that gap moe man

    22. Len Engquist

      Thing I like about the anime is that it feels consistent in growing their relationship and development.

    23. Dylan Beauchamp

      That stance is very similar to Majima's from Yakuza, must be some kind of trope seems like it's the standard for lots of characters in japanese media.

    24. PerryMcCall18

      We SOO need more Ippo in our lives and this anime proves it!! XD👊🤛🤜💪🥊

    25. Noir Angel

      Where is that Hajime No Ippo Season 4?!

    26. UPTMR

      Who holds a pencil like that?

    27. Crazywazytazy Nazy


    28. Hancocks slave jhelp me

      critical dmg WINNER IS SENPAI

    29. omega native

      Akoi: HOW DO EVEN FIGHT LIKE THAT Me: thats what im saying 😭

    30. MajinObama

      Noodlearm/Noodletoro boxing, finally Pog !

    31. August W.

      Logan and May weather fight be like.

    32. SPLEEN

      0:30 §Ē Ň PÅÏ Ə

    33. boo boo cha cha

      Next time let's practice jujitsu senpai~~~😀 😀

    34. Nameless

      Better than Logan Paul and May Weather

    35. Jorefad130

      Ashita no joe is better in my opinion

    36. Luca Van de Linde

      VN Players: *vietnam flashbacks intensifies*

    37. Antonio Velez

      I hope this anime is popular enough for a s2!!!!

    38. Jdhd Kehev

      It just had to be this boxing style I tried it one time beating someone like that is the funniest thing ever

    39. Tin Watchman

      So I'll admit I haven't seen Ippo. Why is her arm down low like that? I thought boxers usually keep their hands up?

      1. stoned luffy

        Hitman style

      2. Atomica

        There are different styles and stances in boxing each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There is a basic boxing stance that everyone learns where your hands are up in front to protect your head and chin. Nagatoro's stance in reality is called Detroit style and was used by real life champion boxers like Thomas "Hitman" Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard. While in this stance they could throw unexpected and unorthodox jabs while using their shoulder to shrug/roll off any punches aimed at their head/chin. In Hajime no Ippo, the main character Ippo is a short stocky guy who fights using a "Peek-a-boo" style (like Mike Tyson) and fights against many other colorful boxers like the tall lanky Mashima and his "Hitman" style.

    40. Antonio Lopes

      she got the hitman style of mashiba well

    41. Shisrox Dreada

      If you think that's scary just wait until she uses the hakai technique

    42. Roycardo Williams

      Hey wats the name of this show

    43. Kantean Nightmare

      She has good taste.

    44. Darnell Nesbith

      Ngl I wanted to see him dive in and start the Dempsey roll

    45. d perez

      Can we also appreciate how the mid show cuts is Senpai doing the Dempsey Roll and Nagatoro using the Corkscrew Punch

    46. Jayden Terrell

      hajime no ippo lookin a lil different

    47. ???

      Hajiame no ippo!!!!!!

    48. MarioMan200

      Nagatoro is genderbent Rocky Balboa.

    49. Jose Hernandez

      1:23 Un gancho al corazon! Like every latino if they understand the reference xD

    50. El Diegu Lobos sas ses sis sos sus

      Nagatoro Gaolang Nagatoro Gaolang

    51. Ceece

      Wrong, Nagatoro is a wrestling anime

    52. Med Aziz Abouda


    53. Jose Miguel Quesada Fonseca

      Nagatoro daughter of Gaolang Wongsawat Confirmed The Kengan Verse expands

    54. mariorobledo38

      What if senpai did the Dempsey roll.

    55. DaniMaxter

      What ep is that?

    56. Chris Ijadele

      I don't see Nagatoro.... I see Baki

      1. stoned luffy

        Baki is trash also it's hajime no ippo

    57. Kazuto Uschiha

      Training with Gaolang from Kengan

    58. SP14TT3R

      My man used the wrong equation and somehow got the right answer.

    59. Jayden

      When nagotoro asked sempai if he would be her boxing partner sempai was me and nagotoro was my brother lol

    60. kryteria.mp4

      Mayweather vs Logan Paul in a nutshell

    61. Deucalion Ray


    62. maxcady360

      Seriously? A clinch is enough to get you flustered, Miss Nagatoro?

    63. Lord Twinkie

      I'm getting unwelcome slap boxing flashbacks from high school. "Ush, ush, ush!!!"

    64. Huge Shalaw

      Wait a minute I'm white

    65. Made darion

      0:08 nagatoro is rock Lee 😂

    66. Long Shot

      Yes ippo in this show. Next please be yu yu hakusho

    67. Eyesore

      Imagine if senpai really just suckered punch nagatoro

    68. Osama bin Diesel

      If anyone’s out of the loop, this is a reference to an actual boxing anime “Hajime no Ippo” and it’s damn good. Highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t watched it, boxing fan or not

    69. Rampage Phoenix

      I like the sound she makes when she shadow boxes.

    70. Paralaxitives

      I’m watching hajime no ippo atm and finished the mashiba fight last week y’all have no idea how hyped I was to see a reference

    71. Michael Challis

      Still better than Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather.

    72. ttt drr

      They are going to have one crazy family later on. 😁

    73. brow7549

      The hitman's style... I love it😃

    74. Matheus Soares de Souza

      Hug or clinch?

    75. cool dude

      well to be fair a clinch is a pretty good way to make an out boxer lose his rythem

    76. Verax 0

      Bro, a girl that gets into an anime, you recommended, is awesome. Also senpai should've also recommended saint seiya, first of north star, and jojo bizzare adventures, so we get references to those classics too!

    77. Grace Errett

      "Sen-pa-i" ... *Tan-ji-ro-u?*

    78. Montesama314

      Physical contact with your crush. A powerful attack.

    79. Mr Silent

      Ippo after seeing Nagatoro's flickers : "She's strong, how am I supposed to get in close when she keeps firing away like that?" Nagatoro: "Your fists...they're light."

    80. MrZahsome

      Paisen pulled a Mayweather to win the match.

    81. Cid Aulstyne

      0:46 (playback speed 0.5) That's definitely not a cat!

    82. Marwin C Santos

      It is funnier to play fight with your girlfriend and let her win.

    83. Bobby Burgess

      She learned her rapid punching technique from Star Platinum

    84. Emanuel Henrique

      Nagatoro is that character who can defeat Goku and Saitama together with 2% of her power

    85. Pluto_is_not_a_planet

      Look at how they massacred my boy.

    86. AutumnOnFire

      Finally, someone who's even heard of Hajime no Ippo! Can't even find a person in real life smh

    87. Ariel S. R.

      Loved the Ippo reference

    88. you a Q T

      where dubbed at?

      1. stoned luffy

        If you still are listening to dubs just stop watching anime you fraud

    89. Alvin Boone

      I was NOT expecting a Hajime no Ippo reference in this series. BLESS THIS ANIME!

    90. Idan Goldberg

      0:08 why she reminds me ryu from street fighter lol

    91. Lukas Krejci

      So sempai can start boxing nagatoro right why he not do that?

    92. Marcus Porter

      Dempsey Roll!

    93. Ritsu-chan 33

      I wish we could see more of Nagatoros noodle arms lol

    94. tom massard

      Everyone is gangsta til’ nagatoro knockout Bryan Hawks because he insult Senpaï

    95. Pedro

      LOL this episode was all about testing Nagatoro's limits 😂

    96. Eeveelover133 •

      Oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraora- Hyahyayayyayayayayayayayayayayaya- Damudamudamudamudamudamudam-

    97. Cassian SN

      That hand movement 1:40 .. kinda sus

    98. MGhammer123

      Shadow box me. Put me in a PACK, Nagatoro-

    99. SoberVision

      They used the word "sus" for the third time in this show now 😞

    100. Nom nom

      Oh yea