Azusa Beelzebub Rematch! | I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

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    Ep 9: Beelzebub wants a rematch with Azusa! Watch I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level on Crunchyroll!

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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 9 here!

    2. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here....

    3. Neppedupplayer


    4. Jonathan Highsmith

      Am i watching fairy tale? Lol

    5. FlyinSløths

      poor beelzie

    6. Tullius

      Awe, the best part was after when she carries Beezlebub

    7. Caenem

      One Punch Woman basically

    8. ragnorock cookie

      This fight seems sucked I give it a one out of 10 .

    9. Tait Samansky

      So I haven't watched tjis anime, but from what I can tell involving side characters. 1 maybe 2 dragon maids, a ghost, and possibly twin slime characters sense one talked about being a slime and watching her.

    10. Kelvin Zevallos

      Azusa used Palm Strike! It's super effective! Critical Hit! Beelzebub has fainted!

    11. fawaz sh

      Fantastic fight

    12. Anderson Chemey


    13. Jasiel López

      The animation of the fight was actually pretty good, better than the bunch of generic isekais all over

    14. David Rodriguez

      Rimuru: ay yo, what's up with this title?!?!

    15. Death BB

      She literally clapped them cheeks

    16. Gnaeus Sergius Fidenas

      2:17 time to throw that pokeball.

    17. Asheveillance


    18. Zionheart -001

      Daughter cheers on: (Active effect) All stats increased Maximum level increased Chances of Demon getting a## handed to increased by 100%

    19. Ioan Filip

      2:07 Azusa:"Oy, Beelzebub, ever heard about the Ultra Instinct technique? "

    20. TheGoodGuy

      the comedy in this show is dry

    21. Lord_of_Lords

      i so ship Beelzebub and Azusa :D

    22. Midnight Flare

      Belzebubu nanoja!

    23. Hayato

      Embarrassed Beelzebub in Azusa's princess hold is one of my favourite moments from the episode, it really warms my heart ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

    24. Geert-Jan Baktawar

      i mean this is pretty impressing but she beat the demon lord how did beelzebub expect this to go

    25. Princeof Darkness

      Anyone else think the witch of the highlands went ultra instinct on that last move just saying maybe she learned from the best

    26. Gonzalo Sánchez

      Goku defeat her

    27. Michael Pitter


    28. BrawlingBrother

      What I want to know is where did Azusa learn to fight. She never had any sort of training. All she did was flick a few slimes. That may have giver her the strength she shows but it shouldn’t have given her any martial arts abilities. Sorry for going on a mini rant about an anime like this one

      1. Watcher weatherly23

        That's the thing, she DOESN'T have any martial arts skill. She just wildly fails her hands around, both open-palmed and closed-fist, without any actual technique. She's just so fast, strong, and tough that lack of any skill is irrelevant.

      2. Mirality

        Many RPGs have you learn skills automatically as you level up.

    29. Enchantress_of_Oshun

      What’s the name of this anime?

    30. Gonzalo Delgadillo

      And thats how a blonde won the pokemon league

    31. MGhammer123

      This Azusa/Beelzebub clash is something ELSE 😮

    32. Naruto And Karuma

      Literally so badass Coming from the strongest with alive

    33. PieCrust Productionz

      Why wasn't Halkara (the elf girl) shown much in this scene? She didn't even say anything either. She wasn't there when Azusa's family was being blown away by Azusa and Beelzebub's fight.

    34. Heavyarms55

      This is the best Dragon Ball Z/Super episode yet! So nice to see SS3 Goku again! She's much cuter than I recall!

    35. Mark Vang

      Funny enough, due to her overwhelming stats, Asusa actually uses magic for battle less as the story goes on, despite eing a witch.😂😂

      1. Solari Draconi

        @VanLifeCrisis Well, you see, the issue is that if she did use magic, she would hit a bit too hard. ...Also, what did you expect when most of her combat experience is flicking slimes hard enough that they explode?

      2. VanLifeCrisis

        Kinda dumb honestly.

    36. Emanuel Henrique

      Demon Officer: Its so bizarre that a humam can be able to fight me! Thats it, bois. Azusa is a confirmed stand user.

    37. Immafashon Killa

      These anime titles are getting less effect nowadays

    38. doctor leak

      Well she did beat belzs boss so..

    39. M12GProductions

      Lover's quarrel?

    40. FamousKI

      And just like that, Azusa became the bigger sister.

      1. CryAndBye

        the stronger yes but not the bigger. azuza's age is in hundreds but belzebub's age is in thousands

    41. Andres Marrero

      She is supposed to be a witch right?

    42. Uneven

      not gonna lie that last attack was pretty cool

    43. ÃŇĮϻẸ Ԃαɯɳ ༺ΑⱮƲ༻

      Huhu 0:14 0:34 When I saw the blast, I thought he had happened something big but was still wonderful how they were fighting

    44. FunnyBones

      you know if someone is op if she is just having a casual conversation mid battle and is getting bored all while smiling

      1. Ryan Pettit

        its just the kirito high level meme.

    45. Burn By Moonlight

      Further proof that Azusa is actually Tachibana Hibiki

    46. Diekaiser

      la agarraron de los cachetitos XD

    47. Trae Giggers

      I still don’t think we’ve seen Asu at her max power, and because of that (even though I think she would still loose) I would love a crossover between her, Remiru( TTIWRIS) and Komuko(SWIAS) at their max levels in 1v1 matches. Without a doubt everything would have to be slowed down for us.

    48. 발리푸르

      Бог средней школы

    49. Allan Noe Muñoz

      Azusa 💪👊

    50. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

      Being defeated with the first move they teach you in self-defense classes when you're a demon lord, though...

      1. Ryan Pettit

        i mean this is more of a slice of life anime, we cant have main characters taking damage.

      2. Dag


      3. conor davis

        not that everyone listens

    51. David Vilca

      These anime names nowadays...

    52. main account


    53. KSI’S fat forehead 69

      Anyone want a free site to watch any anime?

    54. Wayne Brown

      Alright. Not once but twice Azusa lost. She has to fall down and sumit her alliance to the *witch of the highlands*. Before anything else above all fauchets of life decisions thought processes outward and inward convulting actions. Azusa must *summit* to the "witch of the highland" every command and whim. This contract must be carried through non in void without loopholes or bleach in breaking this contract . Make the deal.

      1. James McDavid

        Um...Azusa IS the Witch of the Highlands. I think you're talking about Beelzebub.

    55. The Otaku Dragon Slayer

      Well that was kind of anti-climatic X-D

    56. Jinan Khan

      When the dominator in your lesbian harem rebels, this is how you show them who's really in charge.

    57. Fanficlover

      The fight was kind of pathetic if all it took was one punch to take her down...wasn't she supposed to be a rival or something?

      1. Fanficlover

        @George Smith oh I know that, but authors usually make the fight interesting and be a spectacle by how hard the weaker enemy fights or the hero and enemy are roughly equal enough to have an interesting fight.

      2. George Smith

        isekai protags get stupid late game scaling.

    58. AGN

      I don't see tremendous fight animation from Goku vs Jiren

    59. Marcos Vinicius

      You know the One Punch Man Now get ready for: The One Slap Mom(or witch, whatever)

    60. Miłosz Skowroński

      Whoa, didn't know multiclassing into Mother gives you Uncanny Dodge. Will keep that in mind for my next D&D build.

    61. Cococrash11

      Awesome I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Video.

    62. Buphido

      I love that Azusa slapped Beelzebub in midair like you would a fly xD

    63. Quinn Waloch

      Ok the she is a strong woman with skills

    64. Orvex

      This has more frames than Escanor vs Meliodas

      1. Haxe ハクセー

        the bar is too low, even berserk had more frames

      2. Gucci Hat Luffy

        @Shayne you mean that had more detail not frames lol

      3. Shayne

        @legendarygame426 bruh her face being squeezed had more

      4. legendarygame426


    65. Snagsz Glizzy

      Jesus loves you

    66. Hatsune Curado

      Waiting for someone to throw Kamehameha.....

    67. Snagsz Glizzy

      Jesus loves you so much he died on the cross for you

    68. Aschente

      cant wait to see some doujins of these 2

    69. The Duke Of Dorks

      I swear this is a DBZ episode

    70. Ali Boom

      They should make better ost background This background ost was so lame when they fight 😐

    71. Blair M

      2:19 "Pikachu is unable to continue! The winner is Gary!"

      1. Allan Noe Muñoz

        Azuse 👊

    72. Daren Fliflet

      It should be an official Anime Law: When a character has a daughter (adoptive or otherwise) root force the main character, the parental energies causes the character to increase their power level 2-3x.

      1. Donan The Barbarian

        @Skebaba I'm both mad at myself for not thinking of your spoiler warning being a LN spoiler instead of a season finale spoiler that's no longer relevant and thus spoiling things for me, and glad I read it because that explains a lot and I suspect even if they cover every plot arc in the LN they'll miss the details like that in the end.

      2. Rupom

        @Skebaba I have watched the anime and i know about those spoilers from the LN. Anos is too OP

      3. Skebaba

        @Rupom TFW Anos killed OG Sasha and morphed her corpse into Delsgade (the Demon King's castle, for those who forgot). OG Sasha being Aberneiya, the God of Destruction (as opposed to Militia, the God of Creation, who you might have seen as a the flattie next to Kanon, representing the God race, and to green-haired one who was the Great Spirit Reno, representing the Spirit race. Oh and Militia reincarnated as Misha, in case their sibling duality theme wasn't apparent enough), it can be said that it's kinda hot that Sasha was technically inside herself in Episode 3.

      4. Hmm Doh

        AKA main character halo boost main characters ability power points to a broken stage and nerf opponent intellect n power to weak sauce XD

      5. Rupom

        @Václav Pastušek Bro, Anos was already a GOD-Killer

    73. Eduardo Bugarin

      This remember me Dragon Ball

    74. Seth Tone

      sooo this anime is one pu.........slime max lady?!

    75. Jayden Terrell

      yall remember that beelzebub anime, if not check it out its a cool anime that nobody knows

      1. Watcher weatherly23

        Which one, because there's at least two Beelzebub anime. The badass shonen simply called "Beelzebub" and the fluffy wholesome slice-of-life called "As Miss Beelzebub Likes".

      2. Matthew Miller

        As Miss Beelzebub Likes It. But I wonder what if someone tried watching that while high?

    76. Manuel Kauss


      1. Shado7


    77. R S

      Pokemon reference???

    78. Camelot Assemble

      The face squeeze was a welcome surprise.

      1. warr malaski

        Azusa is sweet on Beelzebub. But Beelzebub just wants to prove herself ageist her. In the eyes of the demon lord.

    79. 傭兵Cloud

      Shaggy: Interesting. Maybe I should pay her a visit someday.

    80. blacksage

      Cute Girls Doing Dragon Ball Things.

    81. Gavin James

      Better animated than seven deadly sins season 3

    82. 『ɪᴢᴀɴᴀ 乡 ᴋᴜʀᴏᴋᴀᴡᴀ』

      Beelzebub: I am Strong Azusa: No Problem Edit: Beelzebub is very very beautiful I hope I have a second season :)

      1. Mirality

        It's not finished streaming this season yet...

    83. Mateo Colegial


    84. YuckaMountain

      I’m shipping them. In 0:26 I was like kiss already, oh well I am hopeless… 😌

      1. multiview

        If Azusa and Bellzabub got married than that would make them both Falfa and Shalsa's mothers so that does make me wander why doesn't Bellzabub try to marry Azusa

      2. FamousKI

        Lol i guess it just me when I think everyone reaches with ships in anime just based off blushing. I don’t see ship material and see that moment more as being embarrassed lol

      3. Joseph Butler

        I to also ship them. 😉

      4. warr malaski

        Azusa is sweet on Beelzebub. But Beelzebub just wants to prove herself ageist her. In the eyes of the demon lord.

    85. IverUchiha

      So cute

    86. BOOB_BAST


    87. Karan S'jet

      Beelzebub: Ha! I can already hear the boss music!... wait.. im not supposed to hear boss music!

    88. Ronan Hänni

      The ost is awesome. Does anyone have the name of it

    89. Johan Jiménez

      Better Animation that season 3 of NNT

    90. Grid

      You can tell how powerful Azusa since her witch hat is enormous

      1. Anonymous Suomynona

        but she isn't wearing it here

      2. ATW Studios

        From the great words of Excalibur, “the taller the hat, the greater the chef”

      3. ⦅ Golîαth'z Goldəroy'x Golhαre's ⦆

        Wait all her power is sum up by her witch hat? That's hilarious~

      4. A Lemming

        It gets bigger every volume of the novel. No joke.

      5. Mavco TM

        learned from logan

    91. Chronic Nick

      words cant describe how much i love this anime and reincarnated as a slime. makes me wanna live in their world when i die lol

      1. Sreckmundr

        @Ryan Pettit First episode. Remember the goddess? Her world is basically a pity world, you’re pretty much placed there with potential to be on top.

      2. Ryan Pettit

        @Sreckmundr why are you assuming you would be given demigod status.

      3. Chronic Nick

        @Sreckmundr ok now ur making me choose azusa's world 100% 😂 but if im choosing it that means i have to be able to live in the same house as them

      4. Sreckmundr

        @Chronic Nick True lol. It’s like a strange trade off. Either want an easy world where you’re basically a revered outcast (Azusa’s) or Rimuru’s with great personalities and friends everywhere but with more danger. (Azusa’s world prob guarantees you longevity also)

      5. Chronic Nick

        @Sreckmundr yea ur right, overall azusa's world does seem like it would be better because maybe i could tell the person who's going to reincarnate me what i would want , but then again i like rimuru's world for the sole fact that they have their own country / civilization + the people there seem great to be around

    92. Kelvin Lee

      Not going to happen I'm Not a company

      1. Kelvin Lee

        Ps ty

    93. IV

      itd be funny if she pulled out a giant flyswatter and sent her flying team rocket style

      1. Scott Siefker

        If you look carefully you can see she actually swatted that fly with her hand. Not a fist.

      2. definitelynotabu

        that would be greato-daze

      3. LORD PVT

        LOL yeah

    94. Matthew Miller

      The Witch of the Highlands. Killer of Slimes ... (2:08) And Swatter of Flies. ^^

      1. CarlosCreations

        And double dragon tamer

    95. Just a cute dog!


    96. PlanetNoodle

      This is just Santama vs boros but waifu

      1. Fanficlover

        Yeah, the SvsB fight was way better.

      2. blacksage

        It's really more Goku vs Piccolo but waifu.

      3. joker0323

        Lol Indeed

    97. takeshi kovacs


    98. Arata X


      1. KaitharVideo

        @Rodrigo Bejarano indeed, she is definitely not a completely average and perfectly normal gir-, I mean, isekai protagonist

      2. Cao-Manh Nguyen


      3. AshKirby

        Lol, nice one!😆🤣😂

      4. Antonin Perron

        @Michael Diaz You can't hurt me, Beelz!!!

      5. Michael Diaz

        They harden in response to physical trauma

    99. Epsilon

      Girls throwing hands>>>>>

    100. Morgan Cooper

      is this a slime

      1. Morgan Cooper

        @Frederick Grandison so is it a seaqel

      2. Frederick Grandison

        I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level